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It’s Electric!

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It’s Electric!

When it comes to choosing toothpaste, it has always been easy for me – Marvis, 100% – my loyalty runs deep.

But when it comes to toothbrushes, I haven’t been able to get excited about one since…well, forever.  Which is crazy, because we spend about an hour brushing our teeth a month (and that’s no small amount of time!).

So I decided it was time to find my toothbrush. I had been contemplating switching to electric for years, but it had always seemed too complicated – outlets, wires, charging docs, replacement heads. What a mess! But I discovered that it doesn’t have to be that way… I searched (the internet) high and low and found ISSA, an electric toothbrush by FOREO, and let’s just say – it’s a match!

ISSA is not only attractive, and Swedish, it’s clever too. To charge? USB. And just one hour of charging gives you six months of power. Can you even imagine? It comes in a range of colors, so that’s fun. I chose cool mint because the name alone makes my breath feel fresher. Truly. It’s technically advanced. I won’t bore you with the details (silicone bristles, PBT polymer, etc.) but it’s hygienic and effective. I’d like to think my dentist would be proud.

Would you believe me if i said that I actually enjoy brushing me teeth now? I mean, that would be a stretch, but I definitely do enjoy it more.

Your turn! Is your toothbrush as cool as mine?

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  • Ok tu m’as complètement convaincue ! Je vais aller voir direct. Moi aussi j’aurais bien aimé une électrique, mais franchement tous ces fils c’est juste impossible.
    En tout cas au concours de la brosse à dent cool, ce n’est pas moi qui gagne, même si la mienne est plutôt efficace. Achetée en pharmacie, je crois que la marque c’est Mun ou un truc du genre. Elle est jaune acidulé, c’est joli.

  • they looks so good they make brushing sound like less of a chore! :)


  • Plastic in your toothbrush and chemicals in your toothpaste. I highly recommend a bamboo toothbrush and coconut oil + baking soda + peppermint essential oil for oral hygiene.
    I swear the toothpaste is super easy to make, it smells insanely good and you’ll feel grrrrreat! A lower impact on the environment and almost only natural products in your mouth (the bristles are not natural, but all the rest is).
    Try it and tell me how it went!


  • I have a very basic simple toothbrush. The only thing I deeply recommend is – it has to be SOFT! The softer the better as I recently learnt that hard toothbrush wears your teeth out!

    But I’ve heard that electric toothbrushes are good. I just don’t like them…


  • Charlotte March, 9 2016, 1:43 / Reply

    Can you tell me more about Marvis? I am a dental care addict but never tried it before. It’s not very common in the Netherlands I believe

  • MissYou March, 9 2016, 4:19 / Reply

    Trop chouette cette ISSA !!! Mais le prix… Euhhh il y a du fashion abus dans ce domaine aussi il semble… A voir sur la longueur les différents avis après craquage influence ;)

  • I actually have reviewed the Foreo Issa a short while ago (http://www.silksofine.com/its-a-toothy-question-foreo-issa-yes-or-no/) and I must say the this toothbrush has its pros and cons. It is surely not for everybody, but a very revolutionary tooth-care concept for the whole family – actually the kids toothbrush is my favourite!

  • I’m going to ask my dentist what he knows about the ISSA. He advised strongly against other well known electric toothbrushes because he had seen more harm than good done by them. With the ISSA having silicon bristles, maybe that makes a difference.

    But really, I’m very happy with my current dental regime, which involves flossing, using toothbrushes recommended by a dentist and vitamin K2 drops as well as eating Gouda and Brie cheese (from Holland and France). There’s a lot of K2 in these cheeses, which is a tough vitamin to get, but is important because it clears calcium/plaque from the surface of teeth and arteries and makes sure it gets into the bones. (NB: Holland has the lowest rate of dental caries in the world and Gouda is the best source in the world other than natto – a food from Japan that a lot of westerners have trouble eating.)

  • Delphine March, 9 2016, 1:07 / Reply

    Hahaha are you sure it is a toothbrush? You have to confess it can lead to confusion.. :)
    In any cases I think it very nice and when my electrical brush will pass away, I might chose this one. Thank you for the tip!

  • J’utilise simplement le Foreo luna mini. C’est un outil parfait pour mon visage. Cependant, concernant ma brosse à dents, je suis asssez simple. J’utilise celles qui sont manuelles, avec un prix très très petit allant jusqu’à gratuit (lorsque je vais chez le dentiste). Je ne suis pas trop high tech quand vient le temps pour les brosses à dents. L’hygiène bucale reste hyper important pour moi. Il me suffit de fils dentaires, de brosette de la marque GUM, une bonne pâte à dents de chez Golgate ou Crest et du rince-bouche Listerine. :)

  • Garance,
    Nous sommes ravis qu’il y ait une belle et jolie histoire entre vous et superbe dentifrice Marvis ! Nous le proposons ainsi qu’une jolie sélection de produits de beauté du monde entier sur notre nouvel e-shop : http://www.itineraire-beaute.com
    Sophie – Itineraire Beauté France

  • Pampaname March, 21 2016, 5:49 / Reply

    Une heure par mois??? c’est pas beaucoup!
    Brossage 3 minutes matin et soir, on s’approche davantage des 3 heures par mois!

  • Isabel April, 1 2016, 5:07 / Reply

    it looks nice but just because it’s Swedish, i will never buy it.

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