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Cleanse, Day 1

8 years ago by

I know that a lot of you have very strong feelings about juice cleanses (By the way, Garance wanted you to know she didn’t even last an hour when she tried one)…

Either you love them or hate them.

I never thought I would try a cleanse (mostly because I love food…and chewing food). I’m not doing this to lose weight (I leave for Paris on Sunday and if you think I won’t be eating my share of cheese and croissants when I arrive…well…). I’m looking at this as more of a detox. I ate a lot of crap last week. When you are on the go and busy, it’s hard to force yourself to sit down and eat a healthy meal. I’m a 99-cent slice of pizza kind of girl when things get busy.

So, today marks day one of my first juice cleanse. I’m doing the Suja 3-Day Cleanse, which came highly recommended from a friend. I’ve already broken one rule (it was more of a suggestion, really…), which was to start cutting out alcohol, caffeine, red meat, sugar and bread products in the days leading up to the cleanse. For dinner last night, which I’ve been calling the last supper, I had a beer and a peanut butter bacon cheeseburger (I know but IT WAS AMAZING OKAY). So I know going into my first day, things might be a little…challenging. I will be sure to keep you updated!

PS: The Suja juices are all organic, raw and cold-pressed.
PPS: It doesn’t help that Emily is sitting next to me eating pizza and cheese cubes…


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  • Hello, ça me tente bien ces petits juice cleanse,
    Est-ce qu’ils sont dispos à Paris?
    bisouuus :)

  • Carrot and orange is a really good blend, you should definitely try it!
    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog
    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • some look yummy, some don’t…


  • Ha, which just reminds me, I really wanted to do some Vegetable or Berry Juices of mine own soon! ;)





  • I don’t think I would ever be able to do a juice cleanse for 3 straight days. I need to eat solid food. But I have tried to only drink juice in the morning until lunch time, and slowly ease into solid foods, like salads, fruits, and veggies.

  • GOOD LUCK, Alex!

    I tried a 3-Day Juice Cleanse last weekend (from Pressed Juicery in LA). I could only last two days. Haha. I felt really good afterward though! Not going to lie…Day One really really sucks…and so does the morning of Day Two. You will probably have a headache from caffeine withdrawals if you like coffee as much as I do…and you will feel fatigued and foggy. At some point, though, your body gets used to the juice and reduced calorie intake and it feels great to give the digestive system a rest. I could have gone all three days but, to be honest, I just couldn’t stomach another third day of all. that. juice!! lol.

    Rooting for ya!


    Austin, Texas

  • hhmmmm… i will definitely be interested to see how this all turns out!!

    january, x

  • Good luck girl!
    I’ve been on diet since 4 weeks and I’m staaaaaarviiiinnngggg!!!!!
    What a girl can do to lose 5 damn kilos o.O


  • I’d like to give it a try but I’m just not ready to leave out coffee and/or alcohol (ok, maybe alcohol for tree days)… I’d like to know how it works out for you! Good luck!

  • Au moment où je te lis tu me donnes faim ! Tiens je vais me servir un petit verre de vin (à ta santé), oui à Paris c’est l’heure de l’apéro. Quoi 18H30 c’est pas l’heure de l’apéro ? :-)

  • I’ve never done this before, but I am curious to hear about how it works out for you and if it makes you feel better.


  • Where did you have the peanut butter bacon cheeseburger? Would love to try it…

  • Hi Katrin, It was SO good (and I plan to eat it again…and again!). I had mine at Harlem Public in NYC– worth a trek uptown! xo Alex

  • I’ve always wanted to try..but I’m pretty scared hahahahah Now I’m going to check out your, maybe I’ll do it! :)


  • I never understood why you would drink juices, which give you energy, but which you can’t chew.
    Why wouldn’t people just eat the actual vegetables and fruit instead, the same amount worth? You would get the same energy, plus added dietary fiber and the ability to chew. Why would that be a bad thing? The fiber would clean the intestines extra good, or not? Or too good, taking out some vital minerals and vitamins along with them?

  • The idea of juice clense is to give your stomach a break from digestion. That’s why you shouldn’t eat vegetables or drink smoothies (not even green smoothies) while on clense, because they contain loads of fiber. Juices are pulp-free, equals less stuff for your stomach to digest.

  • A cheeseburger with peanut butter? That sounds so strange, but I’m gonna try it and see if it’s as good as you say.


  • keep us posted!

  • You are doing the best thing for you, believe me from somebody have done master cleanse for several times. I feel it was the best thing I have done to my health and even beauty. The last time was 2 years ago. I am starting a new one tomorrow. Go buddy I’m your back

  • Personnellement, en temps qu’étudiante en médecine, le concept de “détox” me fait bien rire ! C’est purement marketing, tout comme les soit disant jeunes qui servent à “purifier” le corps, tout ce que vous allez réussir à faire c’est user vos reins.
    Le mieux pour éliminer des graisses dans l’organisme, c’est simplement arrêter d’en consommer à outrance et faire du sport, c’est tout ;) (bon je ne dit que c’est facile pour autant soyons honnête !). Dans la vie, tout est une question d’équilibre, si l’on est en bonne santé, une part de pizza de temps à autre n’a jamais fait de mal à personne, et ce n’est pas en se nourrissant de jus de carottes pendant 3 jours que l’on “nettoyer” l’organisme, de toute façon “nettoyer” l’organisme c’est assez fumeux comme concept.

    Tout ça pour dire, Garance s’il te plait continue à écrire des articles légers et drôles dont tu as le secret mais épargnes nous le marketing de produits soit disant “bon pour la santé” qui n’ont aucun fondement scientifique ou médical !

  • Merci Tessa! C’est en effet que du marketing pur et simple … Je suis tout à fait d’accord. Ca sert strictement à rien, à part rendre le corps plus vulnérable quand on reprend une alimentation normale.
    J’habite à NY et consulte une nutritioniste en ce moment qui déconseille fortement les detox aux jus, comme tu l’as dit sans aucun fondement médical.
    tout ca est malheureusement assez pathétique de ce coté de l’atlantique.

  • I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and was put on a fluids only diet for the next couple of days…I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do this voluntarily lol but good luck with your detox.

  • I didnt seen that brand before. Looks interesting but in my country we havent it. Have a great day.


  • It sounds pretty good but unfortunately it may not work in Brazil. The name of the brand, SUJA, it means dirty in portuguese! Such a funny stuff!

  • Three words: Beauty Detox Solution

    By who you ask: Kimberly Snyder

    FYI The title is deceiving, this is not to be mistaken by some detox short term cleanse. Its a way of life.

    Detox’s offer a quick fix but they dont cure the overall problem. Not only that, when anyone tries a temporary detox and goes cold turkey eliminating items they so commonly eat, your body/ mind goes into starvation mode, shock, withdrawal and depravation…. It has to be a SLOW transition to change your eating habits and introduce good quality foods that promote beauty to your body, mind and soul.

    With that being said, often those who do a detox cleanse may notice an immediate spike of positive results because your body is being delivered the nutrients it needs but followed by a downward fall later since its too quick a jolt to your system.

    Juices are good, you’ve made an excellent choice but may I suggest making this a gradual process so you can you really transition and benefit from the results!

    XX all the best on your beauty journey!


  • No to detox February, 20 2013, 4:00

    Cleanses are all about marketing. Have a cup of soup or have a juice pressed at home as a snack instead. But eat real meals the rest of the day. For active and busy people, whole real meals are so important or you’ll be drained. Juice will make you dizzy. Detox by cooking at home. There is no point in detoxing with juice for days. You’ll be weak and imbalanced. And in response to this comment about the Kim Snyder detox business, that is purely marketing too. I wouldn’t follow any of her harmful advice, unless you want to end up underweight in the long run.

  • good luck to you, you’re brave ;-)
    La récompense est en France (tant de gourmandises t’attendent !)

  • Good luck with that!! I have never tried one but I love eating so I will wait for you to share your experience!


  • good luck!

    Many people say their skin just radiates after… i wonder…


  • Ok, je suis pas tout à fait opposée à l’idée, pour être une habituée des micro jeûnes, je sais que ça peut être positif, mais heu… Comment dire ?… 162$ les trois jours de jus de fruits ??? On nous prendraient pas pour des gros crétins là par hasard ?!

  • Hi Marie! Thank you for your comment! I know that doing a cleanse can be costly, but for me, it was the easiest option. I don’t have the proper juicer/blender to make all of these at home, but maybe next time! xo Alex

  • Moi je veux goûter ce burger bacon&peanutbutter!! Où se trouve le fameux resto/dinner? Sinon, faites tourner la recette :)

  • I did a 3-day juice cleanse for the first time ever 2 weeks ago. I made all the juices (which ended up more like smoothies) myself since juice cleanses aren’t really a big thing in Germany. I felt great the first day and so bad the second day that I ate some oats with almond milk in the afternoon, but besides that it was great. Since I did it as a cleanse and not as a crash diet, I didn’t feel like I had to resist eating at all costs. Since then my stomach problems that I had been having are basically gone, I feel healthier, more relaxed, and have continued making the smoothies as meal replacements.

  • Be strong it’s worth it and after all it’s only 3 days
    try to be quiet and don’t go out at night to avoid any temptation ;)
    for those who want to do a juice cleanse in france : detox delight!

  • Hello Alex !!

    Mais tu ne nous dit pas, c’est BON ??!



  • I would love juice cleanses to work. The pretty colours, the easy, convenient grab-and-go bottles, the addictive feeling that you are super clean eating and healthy and all you have to do is just drink juice. But I really don’t think they do much. Worse, I think they set up people to believe they can binge on junk food and then hit up the juice bottles for a few days or so and presto, perfect body + health. Nutrition doesn’t really work like that. As one commenter said, it’s marketing, pure and simple. It’s so American, though, this obsession with juice cleanses. Americans have the oddest extreme approaches to food. You either binge or starve. No happy medium.

  • I completely agree! Piling up junk food and detox won’t make you a healthy person. If you feel like junk food is “poisoning” you and make a detox to cure your body, better think twice before eating a burger or a pizza (which can by the way be healthier than one think if not covered in various meets and cheeses and not made with these awful processed American crust…) because once you’ve eaten it, it is “too late” and no juice cleanse will change it. If the goal of it is to rest your stomach from digesting, well, it makes sense, but choose instead some “soft food” that is not hard to digest. Plus I bet that having nothing in your stomach for three days will result in a higher concentration of digestive acids since your starving and that won’t do any good…

  • Teresa Maria February, 20 2013, 5:34 / Reply

    AHAHAH Ce qui est génial c’est le nom SUJA. Je suis portugaise est en portugais ça veux dire sale :) C’est pour ça que le detox n’a pas marché! Blhéc! A part ça… j’aime bien le blog de Garance, j’adore ! Et bon, on a plein de detox comme ça à Lisbonne, et il faut venir pour les essayer les filles! Au même temps vous pouvez profiter de la plage! Gros Bisous, Teresa*

  • I know this might be worthless in circles where the horoscopes are taken seriously, but: “Experts agree there is no credible science to support claims that detox diets work or that there’s any need for detoxification, lymphatic draining, and frequent bowel cleansing. There are no studies available to document the benefits. Instead, most claims are based on testimonials.” I know the idea that a juice “cleanse” will instantly resolve health problems is appealing, but unfortunately, the only thing that works is a lifelong healthy diet. My personal opinion is that people in that world probably just like spending the money and don’t actually care if it works.


  • Y a t il une marque équivalente en Europe ? J’habite barcelone, si qqn sait oú trouver des jus détox ce serait chouette de m’en faire part !
    Merci bcp
    Bisous Garance, j’adore lire tes articles

  • good luck!

  • courage !
    enfin FORZA ! comme on dit chez garance et moi !

  • Alex, good luck, you brave one :) From my own experience and all I’ve read, remember a couple of things, apple and citrus juice will only make you extra extra hungry, so be gentle with those. Second, fruit is actually not digested in your stomach, but down down the system, so even if you eat an actual fruit, you don’t spoil the result. If you feel dizzy, make yourself a good cup of tee with a spoon of organic honey, will do miracles, and won’t let your metabolism go on overdrive. And last, if you cleanse for 3 days, you should allo yourself at least 2, best 3 days to ease back into solid food. Some veggies on the first day, a whole salad and soup on the second. Otherwise your body will just go insane on the no food – all I can eat food- chain and you’ll have the opposite result. Good luck, you’re doing something great!

  • Good luck! I hope you last longer than Garance ;)

  • The benefits of eating healthy are extensive and thoroughly supported by science and medicine. A 3-day diet of juiced fruits and vegetables does not qualify as eating healthy. Any of us who spent over $50/day on juice would probably have some vested interest in “seeing” results afterward, in the form of glowing skin, improved energy, or relief from indigestion. The marketing here is very clever, but do a little homework before embarking on this so-called cleanse (which if anything, will likely decrease liver function and natural body stores of detoxifying compounds).

    As a side note, the Suja website recommends sticking to only juice for the best results, however “if you’re pregnant, that’s OK!” to cheat and have a snack. Pregnant lady juice cleanse = plain old dangerous.

    (pretty decent article explaining the booming business of juice cleanses)

  • I honestly want to try a juice cleanse. I think I could get through it because thankfully they’re temporary. Referring back to Garance’s post from last year, I agree that health-wise it’s highly questionable for people who want to permanently push out that weight (which is why I would try it…). That’s off topic from this post but I think that if you’re doing it to clean out crappy meals of hours past, it shouldn’t be a horrific idea. I would also suggest green tea as another alternative!

  • Coucou!!

    Stooooooooop à toutes ses folies !!!

    Nous avons tellement de nourriture à profusion que nous ne savons plus quoi faire. Se nourrir tout simplement cela n’existe plus pour nous, qui n’avons aucun souci financier.

    Mangez sainement et en quantité raisonnable ça suffit largement.

    Et ayez juste une petite pensée à tous ces gens normaux qui n’arrivent pas à nourrir leur famille avec une nourriture saine et sans danger. Sans compter ceux qui n’ont rien , mais là est un autre débat.


  • A “peanut butter bacon cheeseburger”?

    Where was the peanut butter? On the patty? Smeared on the bread? Was there cheese involved? Inquiring minds want to know!

    kassia x


  • Hi Kassia! The peanut butter was on the bun and yes, there was cheese– so yummy! I’ll be going back for seconds!

  • Ivy in Seattle February, 21 2013, 3:24 / Reply

    Alex – I fully support your last supper dinner! And… Looking forward to more posts about indulgent eating ;-)

  • Maia Figueroa February, 21 2013, 6:51 / Reply

    Wow! Peanut butter cheeseburger! I’m guessing this gives a sort of satay flavor .. Sounds delicious, I’m going to try making one, maybe tonight for dinner! I live in Australia and most people just don’t understand peanut butter, especially when combined with other things.. When I was 6 my teacher made me sit on the other side of the lunch room from everyone else because she couldn’t stand the smell of my peanut butter sandwich! Ahh well I still love it. Been really enjoying your posts Alex, Cheers!

  • why can’t we have this in Paris??? les p’tits jus delivered to your doortstep…come on!!!moi aussi super envie,je l’ai fait cet été à Miami no problem et avec 3 enfants, ma soeur fresh from NY(onboard avec moi) et ses deux enfants…mais ici? hello?…hellooooooo? delivery????

  • Je n’imagine même pas le résultat sur un appareil digestif fragile ou un colon un peu irritable..
    C’est vraiment une tendance de l’époque! Se purifier, la détox etc….

  • There are many detox diets out there. I feel that any detox diet plan needs to be 100% natural and healthy in order for it to be safe and effective.

  • Monica Waldvogel June, 5 2013, 12:56 / Reply

    What’s funny about this detox program is that in Portuguese (I am in Brazil), Suja means Dirty!

  • Sarah Leonor November, 14 2014, 7:17 / Reply

    I think you should read ‘Bad Science’ by Dr Ben Goldacre. He debunks many, many health myths such as detoxes. If you ate unhealthily for a few days or even weeks, all you need to do is increase your vegetable, fruits, fibre and lean protein consumption (ex. soups, salads with greek yogurt dressing, steamed veggies and salmon). Drinking plenty of water and doing some cardio will also help massively. If you’re healthy, that’s all your body needs to get over unhealthy ‘binges’. No need for overpriced juices and silly pseudoscience.

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