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Karley Sciortino

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Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino is known for playing with the theme of sex and its connection to identity. She continues to inform the masses with her docu-series Slutever–as creator and host, she looks to reinvent the word “slut,” but also to accept and learn from the ups and downs of sex and all of its complexities.

This time around though, Sciortino won’t just be on the in front of the camera – she’ll also be behind the scenes. You’ve probably seen the ads for Now Apocalypse around your neighborhood or even sponsored on your Instagram feed, but if you haven’t, it’s a new show on Starz that Sciortino describes as a “Queer Sex in the City meets Twin Peaks with aliens.” If that doesn’t spark your interest, I honestly don’t know what will.

Collaborating with creator Gregg Araki, Sciortino was excited to explore a new medium for herself. She elaborates, “I’ve been writing personal essays and doing journalism for so long that I was a bit sick of myself and writing about my feelings. I love the idea of creating characters and putting words into other people’s mouths.”

Having previously worked together on a project that, unfortunately, didn’t see the light of day, Sciortino and Araki united their perspectives to create a show about that period in your life, specifically your early 20’s, where everything is a question mark. Discussions revolve around trying to figure out one’s sexual identity, and working through what relationships should look/ feel like. Haven’t we all been there?

But Sciortino wants to emphasize that the sex in the show isn’t just filler. “Someone’s sexuality tells you so much about who they are. A lot of the character development that happens in the show is during the sexual moments, and you see a different side of them that you wouldn’t necessarily see in a restaurant scene.”

Although she doesn’t know if a third season of Slutever will happen, she’s looking forward to explore more screenwriting opportunities, both for TV and movies. Every Sunday, get your dose of Sciortino with her witty personality and writings. You can catch up on Season 2 of Slutever (and expect new episodes) on Viceland. And for Now Apocalypse, check it out on Starz!

Written by Samaris Pagan

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