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The Style of Kim

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Ok, so here’s what just happened to me:

I came across a photo of Kim Kardashian and I said to myself: “Hmm wait… that outfit’s not bad!”

No, but seriously, I don’t think you can even imagine for a second the significance of this mini-bomb. It means either:

#1 I’ve lost all sense of style and the fashion police are about to get me (possible).
#2 In only a few months, Kim K has finally found a style that looks good on her (possible?).

Plus, I KNOW, because my head is totally full of useless info, that Kanye is her stylist. This has just been confirmed by an SS (a sure source). I don’t actually have anything to say about that, I just wanted to pass along the info.

Okay okay, I know what you’re going to say – it’s not so much Kim’s style as it is her coats!!! Omg the awesomeness of her coats. You know I’m a coatnatic. Sooooo…

Kim Kardashian Photo


The good news is that if Kim becomes a fashion icon (don’t laugh – just think of Victoria Beckham for a second), no matter what we think of her (I think she seems nice, but at the same time, I’ve never watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians) I think it would be good news for fashion.

Finally a girl with curves who is not scared off by the (often intimidating) clothes of designers.

So there you have it, kids. Kim Kardashian as fashion icon – I totally approve. Are you going to send the fashion police after me, or do you see what I mean?

– Garance


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  • I love Kim so much, especially since Kanye is around her. She looks cool and classy. Always love her blonde hair and her camel coats… I feel like she’s really helping these coats to trend

  • i’m not looking up to her…


  • Actually, Kanye is not Kim’s stylist. her stylist is Akeem Smith. he’s been working with Kim for about a couple of months now.

  • Aaaaaargh nooooo my sure source is NOT SO SURE ! He is working on her everyday looks ?

  • Garance, no. just no. and never. Money can buy you coats (and a stylist) but it can’t buy you class. I’m sad she is even featured on this blog.

  • Monica – but people change sometimes ?

  • I absolutely agree. It makes me want so stop reading the blog. I probably won’t, but seriously…I do not think of Victoria Beckham as a fashion icon either.

  • I can see where you are coming from, I like your point about a curvy girl that isn’t afraid of designer clothes, i love every look in the images you featured of her on this post.

    Doesn’t mean i like her as a person though…

  • But, do you know her as a person? It’s so easy for people to bash celebs based off info they get from reality TV and also news, but you’ve never met KK in order to determine whether or not you “LIKE” her as a person,

    I agree, KK can be considered a fashion icon, in some cases.

  • I found her coats amazing lately too, especially those in camel colors. The teddy coat on the far right is something to die for. However, I still wanna see more styles from her before approving her as a fashion icon. But I can see those coats are so your style :)

  • I can’t help but be obsessed with her recent looks, too! And the hair. The hair totally helps. She looks polished, chic and feminine. Regardless of who her stylist is, its working.

  • ouiiiii

  • Mathilde January, 8 2014, 12:23 / Reply

    And you’re right people used to make fun of Victoria Beckam and she’s an icon now.
    I agree it’s a neat improvement… maybe next step is a little more natural in her makeup but she’s getting there!

  • Brooklyn Confidential January, 8 2014, 12:23 / Reply

    Style doesn’t just exist in wearing nice clothes with proper fits (although that helps) but a sense of self when wearing the clothes. I’m sorry to add to the negative bandwagon that KK provokes but she is a puppet to whatever gets her more press. Her pregnancy exemplified that. Here we have a women who can have a pregnancy of every women’s dreams but chose to encase herself in sausage casing just to appeal to her psycho boyfriend and the press that she craves more then breath. Although its my mantra to not feel bad for people in her position, I now pity her. She’s a sad soul and part of a sad world.

    Apologies for the excess existentialism.

  • LaBouyxonne January, 8 2014, 12:26 / Reply


    Évidemment que les gens changent et heureusement sinon on s’ennuierai et la mode n’existerai pas.

    Je trouve que c’est une preuve d’ouverture d’esprit que d’observer le style tout le monde et de garder un œil même sur les gens qui au premier abord semblent être totalement notre opposé.

  • Je prends ton com comme un compliment, merci ;)

  • LaBouyxonne January, 8 2014, 2:25

    Ben tant mieux car s’en est un :)

  • it’s funny that people claim to be so open minded but judge that girl so much and yet her fame keep on rising. Really I don’t hate her, she is just a person and we all make mistakes. As a girl with curves she is a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry for me, her new stylist is KILLING IT. I applaud you Garance for not getting caught in the media drama and give credit where it is due. xoxo

  • Completely agree. And also it’s true that there is a serious lack of normal girls featured in fashion. When you look at streetstyle pictures, you wonder how many of them would be taken, reposted, commented upon if the subjects had a few kilos more…

    Please, more normal girls!


  • I agree with you guys – Ana, this is very true unfortunately.

  • Ana, I don’t agree with your “normal girl” comment. What exactly does a normal girl look like? I’m very sure Kim Kardashian is not a “normal girl.” Also, I’m very sure that “a few kilos more” does not make a normal girl. A girl is a girl whatever her weight is. A skinny girl is a girl. A curvy girl is a girl. There is no such thing as a normal girl. Stop standardizing and objectifying women because we all exist in different shapes and sizes.

  • I hate to admit it, but Kim’s outfit choices have improved dramatically over the last few months. And her style 180 is largely thanks to Kanye. Yes, Kim has a stylist, but Kanye has the final say on anything and everything she wears. Even non-viewers of Keeping up with the Kardashians (myself included) have heard about/seen the clip where Kanye throws out Kim’s entire closet. And the style rebirth afterwards has been breath taking. Kim may not be classy, but she is gaining the respect of the fashion world and her outfits can only get better with time.

  • Oui Garance, le changement est toujours possible mais l’image de Kim semble si factice dans les
    Kardashians. Je suis surprise de la voir dans ton blog comme icone de style peut-etre avec le temps une fois debarrassee des a priori…(desolee pour les accents^^)

  • Certes, elle a un super bon styliste. Certes elle à l’air sympa (après tout une personne peut être terriblement égocentrique et super sympa, j’en connais). Mais icône de mode?? Non, c’est juste pas possible même si on voit bien qu’elle fait beaucoup d’efforts dans l’attitude, mais c’est tellement “forcé”…ça ne passe pas (en tout cas pas chez moi).

  • Moi j’adore le coup du Phoenix qui renait de ses cendres… la bimbo qui devient icone lui donne en plus un atout sympathique “humaine” (nicole richie, victoria beckham…) en plus du coup on est curieux de voir ou cela va la mener, si ça va durer ou si le naturel va revenir au gallop….je n’y aurais pas cru il y a encore quelques mois mais la, je valide!!

  • Kim qui ?

    Je préférais Brie… A la limite Charlotte, Suzette ou Jésus (de Morteau), mais Kim, non, je ne vois pas …

    C’était pas une marque de clopes dans les années 70 ?

  • Et sa tenue au petit déjeuner du Hollywood reporter cette année était très chouette aussi. Et moi je trouve ça cool qu’elle fasse évoluer son style vers quelque chose de plus élégant (designer ou pas). Elle disait je ne sais plus où que son créateur préféré était Alaia et qu’elle passait beaucoup de temps à essayer de trouver du Alaia vintage sur Ebay alors je me dis qu’elle doit quand même prendre part au choix de ses fringues.C’est ça qui me “gêne” un peu dans cette histoire, c’est l’impression qu’elle est télé guidée par Kanye.
    Et son maquillage a aussi évolué, c’est beaucoup plus léger.

    (j’ai un doctorat en Kardashian…)

  • Je suis d’accord – et avec ce qui se passe côté pop et Miley Cirus en ce moment, ça en fait, c’est plutôt rafraîchissant !

  • I think she looks good (or at least better) lately, though I don’t love the blond hair on her. She is not my favorite Kardashian, but I like her well enough. Could definitely be Yeezus’ influence.

  • She does have some great coats! I don’t think she dresses badly. she has awesome pieces so the only problem is she is too exaggerated sometimes.

  • Georgina January, 8 2014, 12:48 / Reply

    I totally understand where you are coming from because it happened to me! I would usually loathe KK’s style but her coats…simply love them!! Great post!

  • No, no no! Just say no. Please, no. You can’t separate the outside from the inside. Outside, yes, she’s looking good. Fantastic coats. Nice curvy body. But inside, she is no role model. None. Garance, I dare you to have a conversation with her and write an honest blog about it. She is the lowest common denominator of celebrities. There is nothing there. No talent or depth. Her only ambition is to be famous which was accomplished by leaking sex videos. She is a manufactured persona created by reality shows and corporate licensing deals. We can admire her clothes from afar but to feature her on blogs, magazines, TV shows, is only contributing to the dumbing down of our culture. . . not that I have an opinion or anything.

  • Well said!! Totally agree.

  • totally agree!

  • I am with Terry on this

  • Exactly Terry! Garance, I would like MaxMara, Celine or any of those beautiful coats on photos, but I do not feel someone else buys it for me, puts it one me, “hits me on my a**” and says “get out girl – camera is on!”
    Suit does not make the man.

  • Léonore January, 9 2014, 4:23

    Agreed! Elegance is an attittude…

  • My thoughts exactly. You’ve said it all.

  • completely agree with you…

    and we should be complimenting her new stylist and not her, since it’s pretty obvious she has no say in picking her clothes.

    it’s funny that people tend to applaud her “curvy and real” body etc, but face it, she’s less real girl than Barbie.

  • I’ve tried to hate on her but I just can’t. Even with all the fillers in her face, even with the nasal Valley voice, I can’t. I think she’s ok. And her body, let’s be real, is CRAZY. Just stunning.

    As for her new style — honestly, I think it has been more miss than hit. Ever since she started seeing Kanye West on the regular, some of her looks have been huge fails (I am thinking especially of her poor pregnant trotters stuffed into those lucite heels. Youch). I prefer her just before, when she’d wear a sharp blazer, scarf and skinnies with her hair pulled up. I thought she looked more youthful, but certainly more casual.

    As far as the coats are concerned, they are amazing (god bless Max Mara) and while her official stylist and KW will probably be credited for that, I think we can source them directly to the wonderful Miss Carine Roitfeld who styled KK for her last CR Look Book and has been wearing her own version of that fake-fur camel Max Mara coat for a good year now.

  • Honestly, were you paid to post this? I hate when people throw around the word ‘icon’. It’s a slap in the face to the people who actually are icons.

    Kim is the classic example of the girl who lets the clothes wear her. She doesn’t have that innate sense of style- she’s just someone who wears expensive clothes. Anyone can do this whether they are curvy or slim.

  • Amanda : yes Kim payed me ! ;)

  • :-) :-) :-)

  • I love you Garance….and I loved your reply….

  • My thought exactly, Amanda.

  • Future Fashion Icon ? heaven forbid

    The good thing about the long coats is that they hide her abnormally ( and very disturbing ) huge bum , but for the rest ? I mean….open strappy gold stiletto sandals with a fur coat ? skin tight bandage dresses with transparent bra showing through ? some of the times it looks like the Las Vegas hooker look….and the George Condo customized Hermes bag…? seriously ?

    Not aspirational and not suitable and i hope not a fashion role model. Less is more .

    Having style is not just about having loud fashion moments .

  • I have to agree that Kim has become quite stylish; the girl looks good.

  • Her style has greatly improved, but I also love that she embraces her curves, it is refreshing to see a woman who appears confident about herself and her body (although she may not be in private).

  • She is sooooo overexposed! Would really love to see you keep this amazing blog a Kardashian-free zone. Enough!!!

  • Quoi qu’on dise, elle declenche les passions (negatives ou positives) !

  • I’m confused. This post doesn’t sound like Garance; different tone, plus there’s no “translated by” as there usually would be. Yet in the comments section is shows Garance replying to comments. Who wrote this post?

  • EJ it’s me, Garance – I understand you’re confused, we’re coming up with a system so that the posts are clearly signed ! It should be up next week. And we forgot to ad the credit for translation, sorry about that.

  • Hi EJ, at first reading I thought like you (lately I’m a little confused with the posts and who wrote them), then I read it again I saw the signature: Garance! ;)

  • Totally agree. Kim is beautiful, but style wise she did not hit the right notes too often. Lately, her post-having-a-baby style has improved for the better.
    LOVE her coats too, especially the Max Mara one.
    Have to admit though, her sister Kourtney has and always will be, my favourite Kardashian. She may be not the classic beauty like her sister but she’s by far, the coolest of all Kardashian girls (the Jenner sisters included)

  • I agree that her coats have been amazing lately, but I just really don’t think that that clothes that she wears under them flatter her shape. I’m an hourglass shape too (in NO WAY comparing my body to hers however!!!!) and so many current styles just aren’t right for the shape. I do think that her casual tshirt/jeans outfits are better. Any time she’s in a dress or skirt I just think she looks a mess- everything just screams “I just had a baby and lost a lot of weight look at me, look at me.” They all look two sizes too small and would just be more flattering if they fit properly.

  • I love the coats. I love when Kim looks pretty. I think we are all just becoming tired of Kim K stories everyday of the week. Now if these were pics of that gorgeous baby north, i think we would all be pleased.

  • I love her style too nowadays. In Keeping Up With The Kardashians you can see how Kanye & his stylist run through her closet. He’s in charge! (yes, I know, it’s a huge confession: I do watch (and love) Keeping Up With The Kardashians!!)

  • Je suis obligée d’arrêter de bosser mon droit administratif en voyant ce post.

    Depuis des années je défends Kim K. Devant tout le monde. Alors ok, il y a encore peu de temps, côté style c’était pas toujours ça. OK elle a fait (contre sa volonté) un film interdit au moins de 18 ans (mais comme le disait Amy Poehler au Golden Globes 2013 “none of us have plans to do porn”), mais mon dieu qu’elle est sublime maintenant! Ces tons pastels, sa nouvelle coupe (bon on zappe la photo en bikini mini blanc sur instragram of course)… moi j’adore.

    D’autant plus que ça ne fera vraiment pas de mal de voir une femme avec des formes érigée en icône de mode.

    Donc aucune honte à avoir Garance! Au contraire, je suis pro KimK.

  • she gets such irrational amounts of hate and idk why. i don’t get what exactly in her inspires so much redblood brutal HATE in peeps. group mentality or something? cause it’s cool to hate her? i mean, she hasn’t murdered anyone or taken part in genocide or whatever. ?____? so i’ve decided to just go with go kim! your coats make me superduper happy!

  • I don’t really know anything about her (I don’t think I’ve ever as much as seen a video of her). But she’s very, very beautiful!

  • some of these comments on here! jeez! I mean really????…. that whole chick on chick bashing…. just not feeling that at all…Come on ladies….everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of these comments are just plain rude! .Ok so here’s the thing….. (FOR ME…) … fashion is fun its playful, its experimental, or not, its individual, its serious if you want it too be, its functional or not…. its what the wearer of the garment wants it too be… its individual taste and expression…. and if Kim wants too express herself like she does…. what business is it of anyone??.. it is not by force to emulate her… there is no law…. what happened too live and let live?…would I want her closet?… its not me… but it is HER….(actually I take some of that back… She has some really nice pieces that I would style differently for ME) it irritates me when women feel the need to bash other women…. she is an easy target as she is in the public eye… and normally the person with the negative comment?… I wouldn’t want their closet either…. however I would appreciate that its THEIRS and an expression of THEM…. I am no Kim fan… in fact I am not a ‘fan’ of anyone except my kid and my husband!… however I will say this, Kim is a a curvy chick that OWNS her curves and for that I would always salute her. period.


  • I see what you mean, and I also think everyone gets the chance to change their style as they grow. But seriously, that first picture? Those shoes are hideous. What on earth did her ankles ever do to her to deserve that punishment?

  • Moi aussi je pense que le post n’est pas écrit par Garance, je sais pas exactement pourquoi je le pense…

  • My thought exactly – I love her new look and the blonde hair! Her coats are really amazing :D

  • As an educator I am always dealing with serious stuff… this is why I love my Hollywood Gossip and Fashion Blogs. Garance, I think it is okay to feature Kimye. Personally, when I look at her I don’t get clothes envy… so I guess this means its kind of “meh” about her personal style. When I see you, Rashida, Samira (I can go on) I get very envious. I love your features about women who are a bit underrepresented. <3

  • I definitely think her style has improved but I am not a fan of hers.


  • I agree. Also, I am sure Kanye had a positive fashion influence, as weird as he is personally. I’m not into celebrity snobbery, many people take a long time to fully blossom and find themselves on that stage.

  • I think she has some nice pieces of clothing. But style ? No ! Also she only wears these beautiful Max Mara coat to show off she can afford it, no way she needs a coat if the weather is so warm she can walk almost bare-foot. For me winter coat mixed with summer shoes is a big no-no !

  • Même avec le plus beau des vêtements, je trouve qu’elle porte sur elle une sorte de “vulgarité” (attitudes, exhibition de sa personne, physique chirurgiqué à fond qui est selon moi tout sauf classe) qui ne la rendra jamais élégante. Même si elle peut changer de style vestimentaire à sa guise.

  • I’m afraid I have to desagree with you on this one. For someone to become a style icon the personality and the clothes have to go together and doesn’t have to look like your style is imposed to you. You have to own it and for me it just seems like her stylist is just throwing high fashion pieces onto Kim, because if it was for her she still be wearing those awful bandage dresses.

  • The One With The Curves January, 8 2014, 2:50 / Reply

    I do have to agree that she dresses and looks better than ever. But! And this may not have much to do with Kim herself but since Kanye is such a big part of this entire transformation, I feel I need to say it. What I don’t like is her “stylist” Kanye dissing on every big fashion house who doesn’t put everything aside when he calls. We all heard him talking badly about well known fashion brands. On another hand these two are all about expensive designer clothes and accessories and I think that what bothers me more.

    PS; I am all about women with curves and fashion! I will never forget when I was at the NYFW, a well-known street photographer took a picture of me and my outfit and later sent me an email when I asked where I can find it that he couldn’t published it because I am not skinny so it didn’t look that great over all.

  • Zaza of Geneva January, 9 2014, 4:55

    Oh my, what a rude reply!! I thought street photographers would be more daring but it looks they’re just like the others… Indeed, I don’t see many big girls in those fashion blogs, most of the girls look under-nourished.

  • Han han, honey !…

  • E voyant les looks sélectionnés, je comprend tout à fait!


  • Benedicte January, 8 2014, 2:56 / Reply

    C’est vrai qu’elle est en progrès, mais avant que je m’inspire d’un de ses looks, de l’eau passera sous les ponts… Pour moi, ce sont justement ses manteaux le problème. Attention, j’aime bien les manteaux aussi mais pas ceux-là , trop longs, trop larges, trop le fameux Max Mara camel des années… (je ne sais plus) que j’ai toujours détesté. A la limite, son rose n’est pas mal.

  • I loveeeee the look on the left, in particular! I think everyone should be allowed to evolve stylistically, Kim K included!

  • Your post (which I loved) is about kim’s outfits and her new style not what she did or anything private. It’s funny how people love to engage an argument on tv reality people. I guess that’s why reality tv shows are so popular… But when I look at your other pic on the blog I don’t know the girls behind them, maybe in real they are the worse bitches. Who knows. But we are here to look at fashion, style, and coats!!!
    who cares what she did before? we were commenting on her look and I have to say: She has an awesome style lately.
    At last but not least, when people comment the fact that she does it for the press and pictures, well, when girls outside of fashion shows dress like crazy with 10 brands on their back, they also do it for photographers… just small things to think about…

  • Funny you’d say that – I wanted to say exactly the same thing, sometimes I don’t even know the people I shoot for the blog, who knows who they are ?
    Totally agree with you about the people dressing up to get photographed, I think we just have to accept people love attention and move on ;)

  • THE ONE WITH THE CURVES January, 8 2014, 3:14

    I feel what really got people talking here is the fact that you, G, suggested she may become a fashion icon. If we would be talking amazing coats only, you’d be all good in the hood :))))

  • Caroline Mt January, 8 2014, 3:20 / Reply

    Kim K a le mérite d’être une des seules filles à formes (hyper) généreuses et à porter des vêtements de créateurs de manière absolument époustouflante. Et son visage est très beau.
    Alors oui effectivement, elle s’habillait vraiment comme une pouf avant, elle est souvent maquillée comme une voiture volée dans son show (mais virez moi ce peintre en bâtiment) et on peut critiquer son égocentrisme mais sur leur point de vue mode, c’est impeccable.
    Te souviens-tu de sa tenue avec une longue chemise blanche, un mini-jupe en cuir, et des stilettos bleus? Une perfection.

  • Ahahah le peintre en bâtiment :))))

  • I have the Max Mara teddy bear coat and, sorry, but I have to say it- she totally ruined it for me! She looks like a Beverly HIlls housewife in it, which is something that I DO NOT aspire to.

  • Son manteau camel est canon! Une chance que Kanye est la, sinon ce ne serait pas arrivé!

  • le pire ennemi de la femme, c’est la femme elle-même… et ça c’est moche !

  • I agree.thank you for open talk. Her look ar? feminine,my boyfriend adores her body he encouraged me to buy a few dresses.similar to hers.
    I think that maybe
    Women long for som? truly feminine styles to be present at nowadays fashion,shops,catwalks.at last. It is for sure applicable to me. I am really fed up with androgenic looks. My nose senses also that a big sartoria also knocks the doors. What i mean is a come back of nicely fitted dresses,truly highliting your curves instead of mass volume.outfits available at shops.

  • Hahaha! Loved this! Well, I must say that she seems more natural and classy to me now than back when she looked a bit… artificially.. You know what I mean, right? :D Anyways, I LOVE these oversized coats so much! Unfortunately they don’t get on with me :( Bye, bye beautiful trend!


  • I can see it Garance, so you’re definitely not going crazy (or maybe I’ve gone crazy too?)

    Based on the pictures you’ve chosen, she definitely looks like a classy lady. Now, if the behaviour and personality reflect that I’m not sure, as all I know from Keeping up with the Kardashions is from watching it over my laptop as my flatmate watched it intently.

    Time will tell!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • When I saw the title of the post I thought “Noooooooooooo they officially took Garance from us (the French).
    But after reading it, I must admit… I kind of see it.
    Where is the world going?

  • I personally loved her old style. She always looked sharp and put together. I don’t know if it’s related, but ever since she is with Kanye, most of her outfits look as if she had just rolled out of bed and barely had the strength to put her clothes on. Blonde hair also does not suit her – it makes her look tired. And did you see the ugly Hermes bag he gave her? Or should I say the perfectly good Hermes bag that he ruined? I am all for curvy women being fashion icons. My mom is a plus size lady, so I know how hard it is to dress up a curvy figure with today’s limited choices in stores ESPECIALLY in smaller countries like my own.
    I, however, agree on the coats: I am a huge coat lover and oversized coats are trending right now (finally!).

  • Phindile January, 8 2014, 5:08 / Reply

    You know what Garance, I have read your blog religiously for..oh, the past few years and I must say, I love you and even more so for posting this. I have watched keeping up with the kardashians (gasp), mainly for khloe’s style and to get some inspiration for my very African body. I have boobs, a bum and hips and so often in fashion its hard to find inspiration. As someone who subscribes to every magazine on the planet on my ipad, the curve gap has not been dealt with enough (new business venture perhaps? hmmmm). And I agree Kim’s style of late is amazing, its very chic and effortless and celebrates women and all their glory. Sure people judge her but honey you cant hate the player, and Kim has mastered the entertainment game. Plus, isnt “slut” shaming so 2013? Come on, sure she has a sex tape and acts a little like an air head sometimes but she’s earned her place in the entertainment industry, 2 divorces and a baby later…

  • I also think she looks better…but then that Birking bag,,,,OMG!!!! Hhahahhaha but hey , anything can happen !

  • Vanessa la België January, 8 2014, 5:41 / Reply

    Je plussoie ! C est vrai que depuis qu elle est avec Kanye son style s est amélioré. Moins girly, bcp plus femme, sobre et chic. Mais alors depuis qu elle a accouché, une véritable renaissance. D abord les cheveux, puis le maquillage et les vêtements… Bravo à son styliste, peu importe son nom.
    (Les manteaux font tout c est vrai. D ailleurs c est pas un peu ridicule d en avoir de si gros a LA ?!)

  • Ah yes. I am not sure it is you losing your style. It’s because she had a reinvention lately! :-)
    I read a grazia UK article about this very thing just last week. (Grazia UK) is very hard to get in OZ btw… I saw the yellow coat and purple crop top outfit in that mag and I liked it then and I still like it now. Yesterday Sydney Morning Herald’s title was something like Kim photoshops her selfless… I mean who cares really! I think she’s been nailing it lately!

  • Kim K calls for some urgent underthinking.

  • Je survalide la comparaison avec Vic Beckham qui a réussi à se crédibiliser après 10 ans de n’importe quoi stylistique. Et puis Kim, en blonde, elle est sacrément plus douce.
    Baci le studio !

  • Another Nicole Richie along with Victoria Beckham…?

  • Garance, I had to double check that I was reading this post on YOUR site, by YOU. Okay, I can appreciate style when there is style. I guess I just still carry the idea of a person’s image and persona too heavily around when I look at their photos.

    I never have noticed her coats though, so I will give you that! You’re still fabulous, Garance, and certainly NOT a snob… I am an even bigger fan now!

  • Amazing Garance! I’ve been following the style of KK for a while now and as a girl with curves i’ve lately found myself thinking about her looks for reference. Never seen Keeping up with the kardashians either, maybe that helps on the non-judgmental acceptance of the style.
    Love the coats, love the skirts.
    Keeping up with the Dorés for more posts like this one!

  • ok, she’s doing better (but that wasnt hard was it?) but when i read people find her “classy”?!!! she’s wearing priceless designer cloths but still i can find a lot of people in the street who are not that rich but look smarter and classier than her. i love the cloths, i love her curves, but it’s like she’s not “living in them” you know what i mean?

  • Been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on and off, but still she doesn’t strike me as a fashion icon… But i am watching it in Portugal, so i am not sure about the delay i am getting here…
    But the other day she was really worried about her style because people were claiming that she had none and Kanye dresses her ( well, something like it)…
    But she looks really great in this coats… So i am getting a bit of coat-jealousy…

  • I also love the oversize coats but don’t like her style at all – a tad OTT!

  • Alors Kim K sur ton blog, fallait que ça arrive tôt ou tard!!Manquait que toi …
    Elle a une très bonne équipe derrière : bon coiffeur/maquilleur qui il est vrai la maquille et coiffe hyper bien… un très styliste (kayne ou pas) qui a réussi a tout changer… un très bon publiciste qui a bien réussi a remodeler son image de tepu…la preuve on parle d’elle la maintenant sur un vrai blog de mode…

    Jadore KK, je suis ses délires dans la série et tout le tralala mais non Garance, icône de mode??!! tu exagères un peu la….
    Et Victoria Beckam non plus by the way… en tout cas pas a mon sens…
    Les 2 ne font que mettre des pièces de designer hyper chers et le dernier IT bag en vogue…De la a les appeler icône de mode !!!
    Je crois que le froid glacial te faire perdre la tête ma chère Garance…

  • *Marie* January, 9 2014, 3:43

    Quand Voctoria Beckham reçoit des prix aix fashion british award ça veut bien dire qu’elle a sa place dans le milieu de la mode qu’on aime ou pas son style ou ses créations on ne peut pas lui enlever qu’elle bosse dur et qu’elle est créative ^_^

    Quant à Kim, je la trouve assez ravissante et surtout cela fait plaisir une fille avec des formes ^_^

  • To separate her (the person, as far as we know); her style; her body; and the clothes for a moment…I think people would find her look a lot “classier” and like the clothes better if the clothes were on a different body. Those shoes in the first photo, the white ones–they could easily be worn by one of the fashion darlings that are always on this site, only those women do not have that figure, so even with that dress it would read rather differently. And they probably wouldn’t have paired the shoes with that dress.

    Similarly I think a pencil skirt and top showing a sliver of skin would read very differently on a super slim or super straight body. And I think that a lot of the judgement offered by commenters here is about how the clothes stretch over her curves.

    Which reminds me, Garance, of your posts about dressing differently after a haircut: every little thing changes every little thing. New hair, new style. New booty, new style.

    We seem to have one idea of what classy is, and if we see a big round butt, we think “trashy” not “classy.” Now, other people think “sexy” or “womanly” or “godyesplease.” But high fashion thinks “trash.” (I’m generalising, here.) The body somehow translates into a level of sophistication or lack thereof. If you clothe it in something skintight to show it, you lower yourself.

    But that can’t be right. That’s a judgement on women’s bodies, not on class or style. And yet we’ve meshed them together.

    As to the comments about not being able to separate the person, or at the very least the self chosen persona, from the idea of style or icon–I think that’s legitimate. If style is self-expression, and the person expresses themselves one way through their work and another way through their clothes, and those are out of synch, well, it’s natural that the discord isn’t so pleasing.

  • Hello! J’aime de plus en plus régulièrement ses looks également depuis qu’elle fait montre de plus d’épure justement. Less is more comme on dit…

  • I don’t watch her show, but I seem to read enough snipits of information here and there to get a pretty clear picture of her public persona… which doesn’t inspire me much. However, I will say, she is a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

  • I agree she’s been more classy (fashionly) lately, but I don’t think it’s something so big. And fashion icon? Jackie Onassis was an icon. Audrey Hepburn. Brigitte Bardot. Jane Birkin. Kate moss. This woman only has money to buy good stuff and someone to tell her what to wear. (in my opinion). Sorry about my “rudiness”, but i’ve just seen this kanye’s music video where they’re practically f*$#^& on a motocycle. Not classy at all.

  • Oksana Domnina January, 9 2014, 12:39 / Reply

    CAITLIN , your opinion is very close to mine, but its realy hard for woman with little child to admit her body after childbirth and if she choose clothes that “flatter her shope” as you say, it means she fells timidly. I was in the same situation two years ago, but i didnt get a brainwave to wear coats!
    GARANCE, absolutely agree with you, Kim a real icon just now in this short moment she looks soft, womanly, brilliant! It doesnt meter that we couldnt admit it a year ago, everithing changes.

  • outre les choses que l’on entend sur elle, il faut quand même avouer ( je suis d’accord avec toi) qu’elle a des manteaux et des vêtements qui tuent, on a juste envie de lui arracher ses vêtements, comme j’ai lu dans l’un des commentaire on est pas la pour juger la personne mais le style de la personne

  • A smile would help though! am I right or what?!

  • You’re right Anita ;)

  • First of all, I’m one of those who don’t like her as a person, because I’ve always disliked people who use their private life to gain money and success, it’s creepy. I really don’t understand all the fuss about Kanye, he should hire a good publicist. I’m not a religious person but it bothers me the fact that he proclaims himself a new Jesus. Now, for what concerns fashion, yes, she has beautiful coats. I think she has a cute face, she seems to be a sweet girl and since she’s been with Kanye West fashion business accepted her. I don’t think that this would have happened without him.
    And I hope she’s not going to be regularly featured on your blog, Garance. A couple of months ago I’ve been rudely attacked on a social because I wrote these things. People told I’m an hater and that of course I must be envious. Well, I recognize the beauty and the class of women like Olivia Palermo, Diane Kruger and many others. It’s creepy that people worship other people and are so hateful towards others that have different concepts of style, class and talent.

  • Je propose un nouveau billet : Nabilla interviewée par Simone de Beauvoir …

  • Léonore January, 9 2014, 6:29 / Reply

    Je ne pense pas vraiment qu’on puisse comparer KK à Victoria Beckham…

  • je “culpabilisais” ces derniers temps de KIFFER GRAVE… les tenues de Kim et puis j’ai fini par assumer totalement car elle a fini par me bluffer jour après jour et puis je tiens à l’avouer… cette fille me fascine (pas forcément dans le bon sens du terme). J’ai peut-être un fond trop gentil, trop naïf mais j’éprouve de la sympathie pour cette femme. même si apparemment rien de vient d’elle et qu’elle passe 3h entourée d’une “beauty squad” ou je ne sais quoi, bah moi je me fais duper et je la trouve CANON.
    Et maintenant j’ai un nouvel argument grâce à toi Garance : Kim est la “nouvelle” Victoria Beckham !!!! ahah.

    P.S : Par contre je croyais que tu regardais une fois de temps en temps son émission ?? moi je regarde.. et je suis française… oups… c’est mon côté “west coast” je crois.

  • Je suis carrément d’accord! Victoria Beckham est complètement acceptée maintenant! Et pourtant certains de ses anciens looks faisaient quand même peur….. Ensuite je me suis également dit la même chose sur le fait qu’enfin une femme qui était plus en chair que les autres stars, pouvait avoir de supers looks. Sur pas mal de photos une femme mince qui porterait certaines de ces tenues, on trouverait ça élégant mais comme on connait le passé de Kim K, on lui jette la pierre en disant que c’est vulgaire sur elle. Si on essayait juste de mettre sa “carrière” de côté, et qu’on regardait son look sans à priori?

  • I like the way she used to dress a bit better. I know he has his stylist dress her and does a lot as well, but it’s not her she is just dressing for him. Which is NOT what fashion is about. Victoria Beckham knows how to dress well. How can we compare them? I think the thing is that she tries to wear very revealing clothes and they just do not suit her body type well.


  • I’ve been reading and loving your blog for awhile, but today is the day I unsubscribed from it. I have a strict “No Kardashian” policy.

  • jennifer January, 9 2014, 12:19 / Reply

    style comes from within. madame KK does not have one single strain of personal style.

    its one thing to have style – be stylish…go to a shop or your own closet and pick out a great ensemble, have ideas, do your thing. most style icons make their status by being inspirational —different from the rest.

    its quite another to have the money (which you got by whoring yourself out to the world for years) to hire someone to pick out your clothes for you from some editorial in paris vogue. oh, celine is really popular right now? ill take it all.

    sure she might look great – but she’s a manufactured robot.

  • OUI OUI OUI je valide avec graaaaand enthousiasme :)

  • I’m with you Garance! When you talked about her before, I predicted that she would be the next Kate Upton. And see, Carine has paid attention hahahaha!

  • Talldinael January, 9 2014, 4:21 / Reply

    Garance, your blog has been a source or inspiration to me since I came across it a year and a half ago- thank you.

    I don’t think it should be considered ” bashing ” if someone just doesn’t like someone’s taste or the way they present themselves to the world.

    Kim is not my cup of tea when it comes to fashion. I think she always looks cheap- and that has more to do frankly with what comes from the inside than how much makeup one where’s or how tight ones clothes are. If Kim K wears a beautiful coat, it’s like a dog whistle to me. The woman makes the clothes.

  • Now, if this comes true and we witness a time when she actually becomes a fashion icon,we should never question the issue of whether money can buy style!!!

  • I agree that her style has evolved and it is beyond comparison to what it used to be (I find myself thinking for the first time, wow, that is nice), but she simply does not and never will represent class. Class does not come from clothes, it is something you carry within. And ever since Carine Roitfeld embraced her as the Monroe of our time, I knew that she would become a “fashion icon” and sooner or later she would end up on the blogs I love :)

  • I don’t generally keep up with celebrities and reality tv, but I think Kim is beautiful and as a women with a large butt I appreciate the fact that curves have made a comeback. I think it made a difference to me that I grew up in a time when Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were proudly showing off their big wide hips and curves.

  • Garance ! moi il y a un truc que je ne comprends pas : comment peut-on porter ET un manteau bien épais, douillet et compagnie ET des sandales ET avoir les jambes nues ?? ça ne choque que moi ???
    Perso quand je porte un manteau il y a souvent une écharpe, des bottes et un bonnet pas loin….. non ?!
    Je trouve l’association certes jolie mais un peu ridicule….. enfin c’est surtout le contraste dodu du manteau et pieds nus qui me choque. bref, j’attends ton avis avec impatience !!

  • I’m happy to see someone curvaceous here! Most of the women featured–even if they’re not models–tend to be on the skinny side of average and it’s hard to take style cues from them. Kim’s archive of bad choices is too deep to believe that her new look is more than clever image management. I don’t think her change is authentic (whatever that means) but I do appreciate the inspiration.

  • No, Garance….please say it isn’t so. I love your blog because you feature such interesting and truly fashionable people. Your blog is one place I feel secure knowing I won’t see people like K.K. So disappointing……. you can do better!! LOVE YOU!!

  • C’mon Garance, remember the Met Ball? She looked like a sofa! Yes the coats make her look less like a hooker, but she ain’t no icon. And whatever about her curves, she sure isn’t flying the flag for natural beauty. Pretty much all of her is fake. She’s Barbie. No.

  • Actress Catherine O’Hara answered to “who is your favourite hero of fiction?” in Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionaire “Kim Kardasian”. Brilliant answer I thought. Style for me is more than just nice clothes and and gobs of money to “plagerize” others. For me having beauty and style are ALWAYS a combination of a woman’s spirit – her essence coupled with her fashion choices. ANYBODY can be a mannequin for a stylist no matter what her shape is. Yes, her coats are grand. Who could argue? But for me, there isn’t a provocative or interesting woman in them.

  • I must confess I really do not know who this woman is or why she is even on the cover of a certain type of magazines. I don’t follow trash, I have no idea as to who or what is on People.

    Having said so, whenever I’ve seen her, I’ve always thought crass-and-vulgar. And when I see those ‘new’ pictures above I think crass-and-vulgar-trying-to-look-less-crass. Does she succeed? I don’t really think so. It takes more than a couple of nicely cut rags to take vulgarity out of a person. Know what we say in England? You can take a girl out of Essex but not Essex out of a girl (which is the reason why, in many circles, Victoria Beckham isn’t at all a fashion icon, but someone who worked very hard to fashion a different persona for herself. It is not the same as being a fashion icon).

  • Nooooooooo
    The “Style” of Kim – so much wrong in that title
    Sad to see her on this blog and creeping into the fashion industry at any capacity.

    Better clothing in the span of maybe a year doesn’t deserve Icon status

    Killing me Garance!

  • Malgré ses beaux manteaux elle représentera toujours, pour moi, la vulgarité.

  • Michélle January, 10 2014, 6:29 / Reply

    Garance I think that it is fair to say Kim has undergone a transformation ( at the alter of Yeezy) and quite possibly MAY be (or may not…who knows, what is life post-Kanye?!) on her way to getting better and actually learning about s.t.y.l.e to the point one day we can all my eat our words and say “Garance said it first, Kim IS a style icon”.
    However to say that she is one now…oh la la ….too sensitive of a subject hehe
    Anyway, in Paris next week, lunch? ;)

  • This is the very reason I have your blog bookmarked Garance – you are unpretentious, fair and also kind in your blog. Best of luck to Kim, and I have watched her tv show, seen and read her interviews and she never says a bad word about anyone and to me that is a very ‘classy’ and stylish attitude – so perhaps we can all learn from that. Vive la difference .

  • first garance blog entry where the comment section became more interesting than the blog entry itself!
    p.s. garance I love this blog entry – I love how genuine you are and you are not afraid to say what you think. Keep it up! bisous.

  • I love that you are honest!

    Everyone can agree that up until recently, “fashion” has not been a word to associate with Kim Kardashian. But she looks great.

    Everyone can change. Give her a chance. She looks AMAZING in those pictures!

  • Je suis tout à fait d’accord Garance! D’ailleurs, je trouve qu’elle est sympa aussi, et en plus on peut dire ce qu’on veut (sex tape, blabla) c’est une femme d’affaires. je suis désolée, mais on ne se fait pas des millions seulement avec une sex tape, je trouve qu’en général les Kardashians s’en prennent plein la gueule, on dit qu’elles ont pas de talent etc, mais ça demande quand même du savoir faire de transformer son nom en marque comme elles l’ont réussi !

  • Hopefully people change and evolve.
    I also spotted a difference in her style and good for her. The only thing that I’m not sure about is that she is confident about her curves since she wanted to loose so much weight after her pregnancy with all the media pressure around her. They all want to loose their curves Beyoncé…etc…That would be the real deal and change !

  • Mireille January, 10 2014, 5:31 / Reply

    Incroyable le nombre de commentaires que suscite Kim Kardashian…franchement, la rubrique people est sans intérêt. Elle ne m’intéresse pas ni n’excite ma curiosité, ni antipathie, ni sympathie
    Juste le vide intersidéral….

  • Miyo Magalie January, 11 2014, 12:01

    Mais bien sûr que si puisque vous venez de poster un commenter en dessous d’un article parlant d’ELLE

  • Nicole J January, 11 2014, 8:14 / Reply

    Really like this post:)

  • michelle January, 11 2014, 6:29 / Reply

    Really I don’t understand the Kim haters at all. She does not smoke, barely drinks, she works out, wears her heart on her sleeve, seems honest and kind and seems to want to evolve, like all of us do. She is not a horrible role model at all compared to some other 20 and 30 somethings in the spotlight. And she is beautiful and has fun playing with her look, she is so relatable on many levels, if not on others. I really wish her and her new family (baby and Kanye) the best and hope she will rise above all the critics.

  • Kim K is a good role model: Putting aside her Playboy past, although some can see the bikini and underwear photo shoots as empowering rather than sexist, I’m still undecided what my view is. The clothing choices of all the Kardashian family on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ are great. All the girls wear clothing that keeps them covered, lots of jeans and blouses. And I always find it so bizarre that they take their clothes off for a living and wear such skimpy dresses when the go on the red carpet.
    I can’t remember where I read it but… Eating disorders are decreasing in females due to role models such as Kim and Beyonce yet increasing in young men as they turn to protein shakes and weights to increase their muscle mass.

    Style vs. Fashion. Everyone changes, no doubt many people reading this have recovered from a bad haircut or seen a photo of themselves and said “I’m never wearing that again”…. I’m glad I’ve changed and my fashion style has evolved otherwise I would be rocking floral tights with an oversize fluro tee and a hair scrunchie Claudia Kishi style.

  • I agree 100%! KK’s been killing it. Good for her! She’s turning a new leaf and seems happy. I do watch Keeping Up, I think the show has a lot of great lessons but it also proves how shy, loving, and unsure of herself Kim is. She doesn’t deserve to have the same reputation as a Paris Hilton, because she’s a soft-spoken homebody with a big heart.

    AND I love that she’s been wearing Veronique LeRoy too!

  • Bonjour Garance !
    C’est la toute première fois que je laisse un commentaire sur ton blog, pourtant je viens y jeter un petit coût d’oeil tous les jours (même plusieurs fois par jours). Mais la il fallait que je réagisse sur Kim.
    J’adore cette fille, certes sur certaines choses elle n’est pas un modèle, mais depuis quelque temps, notamment depuis qu’elle est avec Kanye West, elle essaye de “redorée” son image, et je trouve que ça lui va plutôt bien, elle re-crédibilise sont sens du style et de la mode, alors OUI pour moi elle peut tout à fait devenir une icone de mode, je valide totalement !! (tout comme victoria beckham, que j’adore aussi) et félicitation pour avoir “oser” faire un petit post sur elle, peut de blogueurs/blogueuses aurais assumés, par peur de décevoir leur lecteurs..
    Donc merci pour cela!
    Bisous de France

  • To me this woman is the epitomy of vulgar! The constant vie-ing for attention is irritating. There has to be a point when her publisicists tell her that she is a celebrity overexposed.

    But…that said. I admire her tremendous effort to dress for her curves. and To not give in to the pencil thin look that designers favour.

    I feel its a trap girls like britney spears fell into. They are curvy, no-one will dress them properly, so they end up looking really really cheap.
    But, say what you will about KimK but she doesnt look ‘cheap’

  • Garance, you certainly know which buttons to push! There once was a time when icon status was bestowed upon individuals with an innate sense of style who find a synergy w a designer/stylist. Now it’s more fabricated. When I see KK, I don’t think synergy and inspiration, I see malleabe and impressionable. There’s a difference. I find it hard to separate the individual from the style, b/c we aren’t hangars. You’ve got to bring yourself into it.

    She just strikes me as someone who is overly absorbed in status and rides the coat-tails (pun intended) of the man she’s currently with. Plus it’s hard for me to separate the woman from the style when she puts so much shallowness out there for consumption and commentary. I have a hard time giving someone dap for craving that much attention. #handpaintedGeorgeCondo

    As for changing the game of fashion by showcasing other sizes and shapes, Garance YOU have a unique opportunity to influence that narrative. So please continue to surprise us with fresh perspectives. That’s what brings many of us to this blog year over year, not this shiny, provocative, pot-stirring stuff. (You know I say all this w respect as a longtime reader)

  • Je pense que KK a encore beacoup a prouver malgre les efforts fashion de ces derniers mois, mais je dirai qu’elle est sur la bonne voie…

  • Way, way back on January 8th someone commented about more “normal girls” featured in blogs and you agreed. I say, more women. Real, mature, fashionable women. As a 50+ woman interested in fashion and looking fashionable, and dealing with sagging parts, wrinkles and thickening waistline, I would like to see some fashionable 50 year old real women featured on blogs, including yours. Your partner does this well. Why is that older men are featured more than older women? I think we know the answer so I ask you to challenge that stereotype and lead the way with some fabulous over 50 women from the real world. I know they are out there!

  • Garance I love you, please tell me this is a joke, the only one with style here is Kanye, she doesn’t even know what style means, she just pleases Kanye by dressing what he wants her to dress.

  • I think this debate is brilliant, mainly because it makes everyone so uncomfortable! People who have their strong opinions over everything simply don’t know what to make of her, lately. Few people hate more this Kardashian culture like me, but we really need to free our minds and stop being so judgemental. Our “fashion people” motto is to always look for something new and not be prejudiced against anything – everything can be interesting, as Miuccia Prada consistently proves. We always vow never, in a million years, to wear acrylic heels, then someone turns that into something exciting and we’re all over it. My point is – the Kim of the past is as trashy as it gets, she is not a super interesting person per se, but at least she is trying to shed that tacky image and she’s been looking actually sophisticated! Yes, Kanye and her stylist throw these clothes over her, but at least at some point she was open to this positive change – Britney Spears could have any amazing stylist she wanted but she remained awful. At least Kim K is trying, people! Good job Garance, for bringing this up.

  • My two cents. The world of fashion is filled with people who – in their own mind – think are the most fashionable yet most of their looks are laughable. I will be the first to admit, Kim K catches my eye more than Olivia Palermo and her likes simply because she is a striking woman. She is beautiful then your average fashion tot, with beautiful Mediterranean features. I love her mid length skirt styles, and think its unique to her body and look.

    Conformists, and followers are chalk-full in the fashion industry and Kim K shines out as Kim K.

    All in all Kim K can afford clothing that I only dream of, and can pull it off very well. She thrives to look good, clean and sharp, even after giving birth. I say Kudos to her.

    Again, I’m not a huge fashionista but I give credit where its due. For all those Kim K haters…I don’t know you, but I know Kim.

  • I think many people have trouble seeing her as someone with style because she has a questionable past, but she has come a long way. Many are quick to call her trash, someone who is famous for being famous. BUT the girl has talent. She has done a great job marketing her name. And so what if she has a stylist? So many other celebrities do too, and they aren’t being torn down for looking great. I say, go Kim. She looks good and owns it.

  • Oh I LOVE Kim and I love kanye and I love them toget.her and I love seeing her featured on this blog. She looks the best she ever has, it’s true. Kanye seems a wee bit controlling, sure, but they seem so happy together and she looks freakin awesome. She brings hope to the millions of curvaceous women who yearn for crop-tops. I like to believe people can redeem themselves and their narratives, whether in style or in love. That’s why I like kimye so much…I am rooting for them. I wrote a blog post about it here.. http://hiphopocracy.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/loving-kimye-an-exploration-part-i/ Keep me coming, Garance.

  • The girls has money. The girl has great clothes. The girl has great PR. The girl is on twitter constantly. The girl loves attention. And we give it to her through tabloid consumption, twitter comments, posting feedback about her when this blog features her. Some commented here why we hate Kim so much? What’s up with all this Kim bashing? As for me, my reason for disliking her, on top of the fact that she has no real talent but still gets to rub elbows with creative musicians and actors, she has nothing to contribute to society other than fortifying the idea that women are better skinnier. That women can get men and keep men like Kanye, if they’re skinnier (Not at all saying that Kanye is such a catch). She mentioned that when people (strangers to her) called her fat while she was pregnant, she cried and felt depressed. I mean, really? Being fat is depressing and sad, disregarding the fact that you’re carrying your child. That’s the girl we revere so much. So to me, her clothes, the lavish coats and exclusive handbags are all worn to hide her insecurities and lack of self esteem. This is our daughter’s role model. So in conclusion, it’s hard to appreciate the clothes when you can’t appreciate who’s wearing it.

  • With all due respect, I have to disagree with you on this one. Thanks to her relationship with Kanye, Kim now has access to couture labels previously out of her reach. But no matter how expensive the outfits, everything looks cheap on her. Her sister, Kourtney, is the only Kardashian with any sense of personal style and really understands how to mix high/low.

    One a separate note, Garance, has the Kardashian publicity machine gotten to you too? Please tell me you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid…

  • two words…sex tape

  • Je pense que son style s’est LARGEMENT amélioré ! Ca lui va plutôt bien et ca change … J’aime beaucoup je trouve que c’est plus controlé , plus sage (meme côté maquillage , coiffure) . Un peu plus sophistiqué . Mais je trouve toujours aussi hallucinant les gens incapables de s’habiller tout seul :o . Je trouve qu’on devrait remercier le styliste ..

  • Mariana Medeiros January, 16 2014, 12:12 / Reply

    Garance, I agree with you that it really happens a style change.
    But… I still think there’s a long way til the final progress!
    About girl with curves and a lot of style: as a brazilian, I do recommend you take a look on Sabrina Sato. She is a TV presenter, has an awesome body with all those brazilian curves, and a looooot of style.
    Her instagram is @sabrinareal. Just take a look!

  • Mariana Medeiros January, 16 2014, 12:39

    Oh, please, don’t guide your opinion for her instagram. I don’t follow her, and when I took a look right now, I’ve realized that doesn’t make justice for her style. It’s better google her :)

  • I think she (or her stylist) takes a lot of inspiration from Christine Centenera. I see lots of similarities in how they dress and we know Kanye’s a big fan of Christine’s…

  • I think she has great style. All the Kardashians do. I watch their show just to oogle their clothes/hair/makeup.

  • I found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in this subject.

  • Thanks so much for this wonderful website as well as this post.

  • Caroline May, 16 2014, 1:21 / Reply

    Je ne suis ni juge ni partie. cette personne a l’énorme chance de vivre de l’argent de ses parents et de ses télé-réalités, bien pour elle. En somme elle ne me fait ni chaud ni froid. Par contre, je suis en mesure de penser et écrire que la photo d’elle et son mari au début de ce post, en fait, son allure, est juste immonde ! Rien à voir avec son postérieur, mais ce style OMG ! Enfin, je m’autorise à penser (encore !) que la notoriété ne fait ni le style, ni le talent (aka Nabila à qui on a déroulé le tapis rouge au Cours Florent …).

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