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The Lorde Syndrome

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The Lorde Syndrome

You know that thing where you tell your friends, I mean you swear to them, that you’ve found the best new song/album/artist and they have to listen to them?

And your friends sort of nod along and tell you sure and forget about it. Then, voila, 4 months later your sitting around your desks at work and your friend says to you “OMG have you heard of [insert aforementioned artist here]???!?!!”

This is exactly what happened with Lorde at the studio. Of course, when my coworkers brought up Lorde a season or so after I’d sent them her EP/included her on every mix/played her on repeat every day, I was like “Ummmm, hello!!!”

Now, I’m not trying to sound cool — I am usually the last to find out about things (seriously, our intern makes me feel about a thousand years old with her pop culture knowledge… I’m 23). But here’s what I’m wondering: in these instances, how do you gently say “I told ya so” without sounding pretentious?

C’mon, tell me you’ve experienced this in the past? Any early Kings of Leon fans will know what I’m talking about.


By the way, if you’re also behind the curve, you can listen to Lorde’s album here:


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  • Sebastien October, 23 2013, 12:05 / Reply

    This happens all the time with my friends! (But most of the time, I’m the four-months-later one…)
    What about Foster the People?!

  • WELL LIVING BLOG October, 23 2013, 12:23

    It never happened to me ! I am not that cool hihih

    XX Luba

  • thank you for keeping us in the loop, garance! :)

  • En effet, ça m’est déjà arrivé :) Je comprend ce que tu as pu vivre !
    J’aime beaucoup son univers, merci beaucoup pour la découverte !
    Je fais de la musique moi aussi et je serais honorée que vous écoutiez ma reprise de “Radioactive” du groupe Imagine Dragons… la voici :

  • Soooooooo pretty voice !! :)

  • Ca l’est déjà arrivé aussi bien sûr ! En revanche pour Lorde j’ai son album et je ne suis pas si fan que ça…

  • Haha ça m’était arrivé avec Mumford and Sons :)
    En tout cas merci, j’avais entendu un morceau de Lorde qui passe tout le temps a la radio et qui me faisait vraiment penser (sans savoir pourquoi) à la série Luther, et je ne savais pas qui chantait et Shazam ne marchait pas ça me rendait folle !!!! Donc MERCI d’avoir mis un nom sur cette voix :)

  • Hahaha, I totally know what you mean and it’s always soooo frustrating!!! :D


  • OMG I Love her, Royals is my favorite song right now.


  • Je ne suis pas sur qu’il existe une manière complètement pacifiste de faire comprendre aux autres que “tu leur avais bien dit”. Mais en même temps, (je suis dans le même cas que toi) c’est tellement rare de connaître un “bon” groupe avant tout le monde, alors on peut bien se la péter un peu !! :)

  • ben là c’est en train de t’arriver puisque en France elle est passée à Canal Plus il y a plus d’un mois… et que donc on connaît! :-)

  • Çà m’arrive quelque fois mais pour d’autres domaines comme la cuisine par exemple les macarons ça m’a toujours dessus trop petit, pas de craquant bref … je me suis dis que la guimauve par contre ça me botterai bien et un an plus tard on voit de la guimauve partout chez les pâtissiers. Idem pour les rayures dans l’ameublement, ou encore les pulls en laine et il a 4 ou 5 ans. Alors je sais pas si ça vient uniquement de moi ou que je remarque les tendances dans mes lectures ou autres, mais c’est drôle et frustrant à la fois.

  • Je compatis à 200 % moi aussi ça mes arriver, et en effet je n’ose pas trop dire la fameuse phrase ” je vous l’avais dit!!!

  • Marjorie October, 23 2013, 1:07 / Reply

    mais ça fait des semaines et des semaines que j’adore son album et ses cheveux :-)))

  • C’est une situation que je connais bien ! Et Lorde, j’adore :)


  • This happens to me all the time, the most recent being with Lana Del Rey! Admittedly, I was a bit late to Lorde though.

  • Oohhh I know how this goes! ESPECIALLY with Kings of Leon!

  • Pareil, et avec Lorde ausdi! Je me sens moibs seule…Merci!

  • That happen to me with Britney! I got Baby One More Time as a tape (tape!!!) in a goody bag from a shopping mall in Pittsburgh at least 4 months before it was released. Me and my friends played it over and over when getting ready to go out (we were 14 so that meant… back to the mall). I was so chuffed when she became successful but then nobody thanked me for introducing her to them… Pwah.

  • Oh my god yes! I’m usually not up on new music but I remember in 2003 I bought Youth and Young Manhood on a whim at Best Buy (ha!) and they were one of my favorites for many years and subsequent albums. Then out of nowhere they absolutely blew up, and Sex on Fire happened, and I was totally perplexed! R.I.P. Early Kings of Leon, ha!

  • Happened with me and Amy Winehouse. I had an overwhelmingly annoying time trying to convince people that Rehab was not even close to her first song. Being right all the time is a burden
    Oh and Lorde is amazing.

  • Je comprends plus qui il y a dans ton studio Garance ! Trop de monde ! Qui est Christiana ?
    Tu devrais créer un site participatif à la Nowness, ça serait génial avec ta touche :)


  • Have your friends listen to KCRW’s music shows (can be streamed on They have broken the best artists over the years; Beck, Nora Jones, Sia, Coldplay and most recently Lorde to name a few. By the time these artists hit mainstream, KCRW has moved on to something else new and great.

    Best response is “I heard that song/artist on KCRW ages ago…..

  • Kimberly October, 23 2013, 5:35 / Reply

    This happened to me with the same exact song. I am 43 and am suddenly feeling very, very hip. Thanks for the ego lift.

  • Everyone in New Zealand feels a little bit like this at the moment: Royals has been playing here forever (in addition to more recent releases from Lorde). However, it’s pretty exciting to watch as the rest of the world discovers this amazing New Zealand artist!

  • Haha,
    Je pense que ça doit arriver à tout le monde effectivement, mais c’est vrai que quand c’est nous qui l’avons découvert avant les autres, on se sent trop fière alors que quand une amie me dit “mais ça fait des mois que je l’écoute ça!”, je pense juste “ben je m’en fous moi je viens juste de le découvrir, qu’est ce que ça peut me faire que tu l’écoutes depuis des mois?” haha bon je lui dirais pas en face hein… Mais bon c’est un peu comme avec les habits finalement: “pfff la cravate avec la chemise blanche? Mais je le faisais avant le défilé Saint Laurent!”, mais le fait de le faire remarquer à ses amis ben… ça va rien changer à leur engouement pour la musique/tenue finalement…
    Il m’est arrivé exactement la même chose pour Fauve, personne voulait m’écouter à l’époque…pfff you idiots :D
    Bisou !

  • Elizabeth October, 23 2013, 5:54 / Reply

    I saw a young man wearing a t-shirt which said “I like bands which don’t even exist yet”…..

  • Ok yes this totally happened to me with both Lorde and Kings of Leon (and more embarrassingly, Blurred Lines). It’s so frustrating, but also a little satisfying.

  • Happens all the time! But I’m stoked to see our New Zealand girl Lorde making it big overseas, I can’t wait to see her and a bunch of other talented up & comers play Laneway Festival in January

  • i think that when one demands respect” ( in a Street way) nobody gives. if u play it suuuuuuuper cool to the max, u will be always followers””, and then, u can drop hints like, this is so what u all are gonna be listening to in months to come…and laugh, people will hate u and follow to death .silly shit about how people act. if u show me sth i end up adoring, i ll thank u forever, but none of my friends do. even if i confront them, they deny that i said that/show them that, etc. silly sad shit

  • Natalie Hale October, 24 2013, 1:14 / Reply

    This happens to me all the time. Literally. I can name a few dozens things that i knew long before it became popular and everyone started loving it, being the song, movie, book or else. I don`t think there is a polite way to say that you were there way before others were, so.. Well, i just pout and make everyone feel guilty haha

  • Happened to me many times, so I know the feeling. Very frustrating some times.
    Btw, this girl has some nice songs. Going to check her out.

  • Ah oui je connais, ça passe tout le temps à la radio mais cloche comme je suis je pensais que c’était Lana Del Rey !! pour te dire !!

  • Well obviously I am late to the game on this one as well because I’d never heard of her. And man, she is cool! Thank you so much! I’ve been craving some good quality pop music lately, and she sounds perfect!

  • I just said “I told you so” and I sound pretentious!
    But then again, most of my friends are not as into music as I am, so they forgive me instantly! :-)
    Xoxo! Cory

  • Oh I made my best friend listen to her songs..and she was like “it’s ok, not my kinda music”..and I promised her it would be like the time I introduced her to Adele and she said “it’s ok, not my kinda music,” but soon after she couldn’t stop listening to her..and Adele became huge soon. this week I heard my best friend listening to Lorde on repeat. hah!

  • Alessandra October, 24 2013, 8:45 / Reply

    Oh, oui, ça m’arrive TOUT LE TEMPS. Si souvent que je parle de moins en moins de musique, tiens.
    Mais quand ce dont tu parles m’arrive, je dis, tout simplement “mais oui, nous en avions déjà parlé, tu ne t’en souviens peut-être pas?”.
    Voilà. Et si ça parait prétentieux, et ben tant pis (:
    Merci pour ce moment de partege, Christiana!

  • Justement en parlant de Lorde et Kings of Leon, j’ai entendu à la radio hier une version de “Need Somebody” de Kings of Leon, version acoustique, chantée par Lorde lorsqu’elle avait 12 ans! h C’est vraiment bon!

  • Waouww ! Je me sens tellement concernée par ce post ! Ce genre de chose m’arrive H/ 24 …
    Ce que je dit souvent a mes amies ? ça ressemble à ça :
    ” Heeyyy ,qui c’est qui vous en parler de ce groupe, hein hein hein ?? C’est bibi !”
    Je pense néanmoins qu’il existe des façons plus délicates de le faire remarquer mais bon …
    J’en profite aussi pour vous dire que j’adore vraiment ce que vous faitez, le studio…Et bien évidemment Garance ,qui est un peu ( et qui fait aussi) tout ce que je veut devenir !

    Gros bisous.

  • Yes, I know that feeling! I usually don’t care what’s in the charts anyway- I prefer living in my own musical universe anyway!
    As for Lorde… She reminds me of Lana Del Rey- and that reminds me that this kind of girlie pop music just doesn’t have enough substance for me anymore, sorry!

  • Happens all the time, worst case these days is Once upon a time because i actually stopped watching the show and friends are trying to introduce me to it ^^ but in those cases, i say let’s assume the hipster label for a bit, doesn’t hurt that much and you did told them about it, they should have listen to you as well as Lorde :p

  • I’m quite obsessed with music- I couldn’t live without it. So, it goes without saying that I discover awesome music all the time, which will inevitably reach the radio 2-6 months later. Unfortunately, there is no way to say “I told ya so” nicely :P You just have to smile cheekily as you say it, so it kind of becomes a joke… I remember that I had gotten “Little Talks” as a free song on iTunes in January 2011, and it became popular on the radio in August of 2011, as an example :P

  • If you like Lorde, check out James Blake especially his song “Retrograde”. It slowly builds until it burns. He’s a British singer/producer. Major Lazer’s “Get Free” is really good too.

  • Christiana you have to look at this band : Pentatonix

    This is amazing !! They use one of Lorde’s song (Royals). I love this Band

  • Living in Australia, we had stuff like Lorde’s songs and Gotye’s Somebody that I Used to Know playing on the radio months before America heard about it so yeah total Lord Syndrome going on here :) on the other hand, it takes us Antipodeans a little extra longer before we hear about some other singers not on this side of the world :)

  • Sorry…and just had to add…someone further up in the comments mentioned Major Lazer. How good is the song Jessica??? It totally has me groovin’!!! :)

  • DIANA KR October, 27 2013, 5:22

    Oh my God, “Jessica” is gold! I just love Major Lazer’s whole dancehall inspired music. We should probably give a few shout outs to some awesome Australian acts like Chet Faker, Temper Trap, Flight Facilities…

  • Lorde is pretty, but I hate her voice and this “Royals” song is so….I just immediately change the radio station whenever it comes on for a HUNDREDth time!! I prefer Kat Dahlia!

  • I just love her! So young and talented

  • Ah ah mon lot hebdomadaire !
    Etant une grande fan de musique, je m’étais donné comme mission de mettre au goût du jour tous mes amis en matière musicale. Le résultat, ils n’écoutaient que d’une oreille et j’avais l’impression de parler dans le vide.
    Désormais, j’attends patiemment et publie quelques unes des meilleures sur le mur de ma page sur le célèbre réseau social facebook et parfois, je suis surprise que certains connaissent mes petites trouvailles.
    Maintenant, j’aime garder mes musiques encore inconnues, j’en profite avant qu’on ne puisse plus les supporter à cause de la surécoute. RIP Too Close d’Alex Clare.
    Chacun son rythme dans la vie.

  • You just gotta let it go … ;)

  • yes, yes…this happened to me when I watched Sex and the City for the first time. I told all my girlfriends they just had to watch. I raved about it all the time. Voila, two seasons, later they were having cocktail parties on Sunday while watching the show.

  • Nutritionist” is an unclear term.

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