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In Partnership with Leesa Mattresses

About a month ago, I helped moved my little sister into her first “big kid” apartment (i.e. her first apartment after college). The entire day we were yelling “PIVOOTT” at each other like the iconic Friends scene. At first it was a playful “PIVOOTT,” but as the furniture got bigger and we got more tired, it became a hateful “PIVOOTT” much like Ross Geller’s.

The last piece of the puzzle was her mattress. I would have KILLED for her to have a Leesa Mattress — that is, a mattress that is delivered to you compressed in a box, no pivoting needed!

Leesa Atelier Dore

Not only is Leesa a direct-to-consumer online mattress brand made in the USA, but they’re also socially conscious. For every ten mattresses they sell online, they donate one mattress to a shelter, driven by a want to provide “A Better Place To Sleep for Everybody.” So far, they’ve donated over 30,000 mattresses — which I find pretty incredible!

Garance chose to use Leesa mattresses in her guest rooms and has said that every person who has slept on it has walked out into her kitchen the next morning raving about it. We all know Garance is serious about her sleep, saying “it’s one of her life priorities,” so it’s no surprise she also prioritizes her guests’ sleep. And Leesa is a perfect addition to her guest bedrooms because of its patented Universal Adaptive Feel which is specifically designed to accommodate all types of sleepers with its 3 premium foam layers.

What this means in layman’s terms is that you get that targeted pressure relief without completely sinking into the mattress — because nobody likes that sinking feeling.

The cherry on top is that Leesa mattresses are made of all foam, which ensures you are always cool when resting your head.

Alright, all this sleep talk has got me ready for a nap…

Leesa Mattresses

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