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Let’s Talk About Naps

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Let’s Talk About Naps

Ah if only I had known how lucky I was as a little child to have nap time. A nap is something that just brings so much joy into my day. In college, I notoriously would take a nap in the evening, and then just fall asleep and miss all of my plans and send my friends into a tizzy.

But what is the ideal time to nap? Typically, on the weekends or vacation when I can get one, I’ll snooze for 30-45 minutes. Josh on the other hand will nap for no less than 2 hours. I’ve read the best nap is just 15 minutes. You know how it is today, so many opinions about everything…

So what is the ideal nap time to feel refreshed? And is it truly different for each of us? I wonder…


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  • Lorena Q August, 17 2017, 3:42 / Reply

    I love Emily’s posts!

  • Thanks Lorena! x

  • Monica P August, 18 2017, 5:46 / Reply

    Yes, Emily! I grab a nap whenever I can at home, 15 min lying there plus 30-45min of sleep. Secret to good health in my experience.

  • I think about this ALL the time… we didn’t want it now we crave it.

  • Ah, naps are wasted on the young! Naps are one of life’s greatest pleasures! A 25 minute nap leaves me feeling refreshed, though I have been known to take 2 1/2 hour naps. :)

  • Great post! usually a good 30min nap is alright but sometimes you just can’t wake back up!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira August, 18 2017, 3:05 / Reply

    I take naps in the oddest places ! One time, a long time i caught some zzz’s in the subway and guess what ? Back and forth in the green line( Lisbon ) for like… 2 hours or something and from the first stop to the last you take 30 minutes or so . I remember that i was soooooo tired that day !!!Ridiculous !But yeah …i’m all about the naps , sure! 15 ,20 minutes is enough for me!

  • 30 to 45 minutes is the ideal amount of time for me. I don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis so a nap completely helps. The problem is I rarely take naps as I don’t have time.
    It’s also best to nap while you are reading and falling asleep as you are reading. which is how my nap goes all the time.

  • We should be taking some naps at work to increase productivity :)

  • I could use one of those right about now! It’s that 4pm slump! x Emily

  • It’s so true, I loathed naps as a child when my grandma would surveille me to ensure I take my nap but she ended up sleeping instead and I would just stare at the walls. Aaah so funny! Now I realise why she needed one, I wish I could take a nap at work every day. I think our work culture is skewed and really tortuous since we can’t follow what our bodies tell us and force our way through the day against our nature.

    These are important conversations, I think about this quite often because I think there is a historical flaw in the way we live our lives – not much changed in 100 years but the technology has boomed over the past 30.

    Can we also have a post about how people deal with that afternoon slump? I’d be curious, I need to be at work when it happens but my productivity is just low. It’s stupid that just because I need to make act of presence it’s a lose-lose situation.

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