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Letting Go

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Letting Go

And if you won’t, this app will make sure you do.

After a breakup, it’s always the small things that pain us, making it twice as hard to move on. Enter Shryne, a new app that catalogues our cyber histories (real term) in personalized archives. It takes our texts, emails, social media and compiles them into individual relationship news feeds. Kind of brilliant, and a little bizarre.

One great thing the app does is look at how we communicate with particular people and give us an overview of our relationship with them. But the best part is that is allows you to “freeze” all content from someone you might not want to see on your social media — it renders them almost invisible so you don’t just stumble across a photo of them having a great time while you’re on a SATC marathon at 11pm on a Saturday…

So what do you think about this approach to letting go? An updated version of the relationship shoeboxes we once kept (that were then stowed under the bed), or a little too much — and a tad creepy?


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  • there literally is an app for everything


  • This is brilliant. Sign me up.

  • You’re right, this is so brilliant and almost creepy. Heck I’ll give it a try. :)

    http://www.dnatheshop.com // http://www.designers-artists.com

  • euh. Flippant. Si on n’est même plus capables de faire ça tout seul… Les appli, c’est très bien pour le GPS ou la météo, mais ça, je ne vois pas l’intérêt :-). Bientôt, y aura une appli “mon cerveau” :-)

  • I deleted all the digital data (e mails, photos, messenger messages) and physical memories (actual pictures, concert tickets, letter, etc) of a former kind of rocky relationship. So I have had no access to anything anymore for the past 15 years. I recently watched G Noé’s film Love in the theatre, and it kind of brought it all back. And I sometimes wish I could look at how I/we were back then. Might be interesting, IDK.

  • For me, the cleanest way to break up, is to erase everything myself and delete the person from my phone and facebook. Although I fully understand that not everyone has the strength of character to do that. I try to be civilised throughout the process. For instance, I “warned” my ex (with whom I’d been in a relationship for years) that I was going to delete every trace of him on my facebook page, after we broke up. Also, when I met someone new, I told him before I told everyone else or before I was making it public on social media so he didn’t have to figure out for himself.

    On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if it’s even healthy at all to just pretend a person has never been in your life, whether it be on social media or elsewhere. Even if things didn’t work out, why not give yourself the time to be at peace with the experience and try to retain the good things and the things you learned, instead of throwing out every single thing.

  • This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finaloy I have
    found something which helped me. Thanks!

  • This is insane, donwloading it rn

  • On one hand it’s great! Who wants to have to manually delete or hide all that stuff!? On the other hand I wonder if it fast tracks a natural process and you don’t actually grieve or whatever else you need to do. Interesting though :)


  • Peut-être pour analyser nos façons de communiquer, prendre du recul dessus et en tirer de l’expérience et un discours plus proche de soi oui. Après, il y a tout de même une forme d’intrusion de la technologie et de notre part, un don de notre vie privée à une machine… A méditer alors !

  • A terrifying way of giving away your most intimate details to marketeers. Shudder.

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