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Levi’s Ribcage Jeans

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Levi’s Ribcage Jeans

I don’t even want to talk to you about the number of jeans I’ve owned in my life. It’s honestly too shameful. I think I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans since I was ten years old. My mother, bless her heart, likes to remind me of this every time she sees me in a new pair.

As a part of my hunt I like to ask every.single.person which jeans they like wearing. You never know who’s going to give you the intel! Most recently I asked Allison, our friend from ODP. She’s an extremely thoughtful dresser who always has impeccable style, and she tipped me off to the new Levi’s Ribcage style. Obviously I had to try them out.

They call them the ribcage because, well, they hit you at the ribs, meaning they have a suuuuper high waist. For a shorty like me this is perfect because they make the legs look nice and long. Plus, the pocket placement is perfect for giving the butt a little boost and the fabric is stiff but still comfortable. Check, check, check!

If you want to try them out for yourself shop them here!

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  • Awww.. thanks Christina! I am glad you liked them and they look great! Levi’s are such classics and happy to see they are also incorporating more sustainable practices into their company as well. Love love love

  • I have loved the jeans and the combination you have made.

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