Lift Up

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Lift Up

When I was a kid, I did gymnastics for years. (Not many people know that!)

And now, every Olympics, it’s one of the events that I always tune into… It’s so beautiful the way that the competitors move around the floor, or fly from bar to bar, the (almost terrifying!) flips they do on that beam.

I just think this setting of Los Angeles’ Angels Gate Park is such a beautiful context to showcase such a graceful sport. The women featured are gymnasts currently competing to be a part of the USA’s 2016 Olympic team, and they captured it all in just 3 or 4 takes…

So pretty! So bendy!
And simply beautiful.


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  • Beautiful!
    The music is perfect!

  • I really wanted to do gymnastics when I was young!


  • Wooow, comment ce film dépoussière la GRS!

  • That is beautiful! Great body control and flexibility, but the video is actually of rhythmic gymnasts not artistic gymnastics which you refer to in your post!

  • love it, but i prefer skating :)
    xo xo from Paris

  • Charikleia September, 17 2015, 4:04 / Reply

    I admire gymnasts, all athletes really. The discipline!

  • Stéphanie September, 17 2015, 6:54 / Reply

    Thank you Neada, this is so full of grace.
    I will show this film to my young niece who is so in love with GRS and practice it with passion

  • Waouh! J’ai fait de la gymnastique rythmique pendant 8 ans (j’en ai 17 aujourd’hui) et je dois dire que ça m’a rendue nostalgique! J’adore le côté très dansé de la chorégraphie, pas très numéro de contorsionniste comme on peut le voir parfois, mais au contraire très gracieux. :)

  • gorgeous! I only watch the Olympics for the women’s gymnastics!!

  • I can totally relate Neada, I was a gymnast for 13 years growing up, competed and coached! It is by far my favorite part of the Summer Olympics and I miss it so much in my life! I havent yet but I intend to get class passes to the gymnasium at Pier 35.

    The video is beautiful!

    p.s. it was nice meeting you at the Garance Cafe last week!

  • Quelle belle vidéo ! Par contre il y a confusion, peut-être à cause de la traduction. La gymnastique et la GR n’ont rien à voir. Pas de barres ni de poutres en GR, pas du tout les mêmes muscles travaillés, beaucoup plus de danse classique en GR. Même si on partage nos gymnases, nos disciplines sont totalement différentes et on ne peut pas passer d’un domaine à l’autre sans devoir reprendre toutes les bases ;)

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