Lips, like you Red about

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Lips, like you Red about

I must have this berry lip color that I saw at the Mansur Gavriel FW16 presentation! Must!!!

It’s Danceteria & Mineshaft Velvet Lip Glide by NARS (of course). I love a strong lip and I am always looking for the perfect shade that works on my skin tone. I’m mixed race so not all reds work on me.

Have you come across that perfect shade of red? If so, want to hear all about it!



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  • Ah le rouge, trouver la couleur qui va parfaitement bien à son teint, qui rend tout plus lumineux! Le mien vient de the Body Shop, un petit rouge un peu brique foncé ^^



  • I’m mixed race as well and I’m still looking for the perfect red! x


  • Haha! I thought the same thing when I saw that presentation! Glad you got the names of the colors :) Thanks!

  • Ruby Woo by MAC ;)

  • Lovvveeee Ruby Woo! Good one Karolina :) Works for so many different skin tones.

  • Red lips is my favorite makeup look! So glamours! xx


  • I love Nars Mandore satin pencil, also Nars lipsticks in Bette for a deep dark red and Audrey with a hint of berry for more everyday. They came out with a new one Banned Red that looks cool and I’m dying to try it.

  • Revlon colorburst matte balm both in 240 and 250 (I think the names are Standout and Striking). Unexpensive, beautiful and long-lasting. Perfect :)

  • Thank you Ludmila! I’m going to try! xx

  • I love True Red by L’Oréal. A classic that can be dabbed over lip balm for a slight tint, or applied directly for a bold, matte lip. It can also replace a blush in an emergency.
    S | French Girl In DC

  • I love that it’s so versatile! Thanks Sophie!

  • Well, YSL of course. And Lancome red no 132.
    I also like Couleur Caramel red no 264.


  • Charikleia February, 17 2016, 3:41 / Reply

    What an issue! I haven’t worked this out yet. I use to wear Dior, a shade worn by Monica Belucci in the ad, can’t remember the name but then, 1-2 years after decided I wanted a more cherry like one. I used Korres, “lust” but it came out too dark. I have a rather light complexion and need to be careful to not come across as too “cheesy”. Any ideas would help me too :-)

  • YES! My favorite red is Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper. It literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I’ve been a girl who couldn’t wear red lipstick because it was such a mess to eat/drink with, plus it smudges, etc. But this lipstick stays on no matter what and you literally forget you’re wearing anything on your lips! These days people always ask me what’s the secret behind my perfect red pout and also tell me they remember me as “the girl with red lips” :D

    PS NARS is now available on Net-a-Porter, yay!

  • Pampaname February, 17 2016, 6:12 / Reply

    Le 999, de Dior, sublime :)

  • To the mixed race girls here: try MAC Ladybug (brick red, not fully opaque) or Ruby Woo, I think those two are gorgeous!

  • Chanel Pirate!

  • Love the full look. Any words on what the name is behind the beautiful clothes they’re wearing?

  • I love a red lip. I used to be so scared to pull it off but now I just go for it! x


  • rougecorail February, 17 2016, 4:51 / Reply

    Le rouge Terrific by Terry bénéficie pour moi du trio gagnant :
    une carnation shocking beautiful
    une hydratation/ texture que les lèvres ont l’impression de dire merci en cœur
    Et une tenue ! Quiet pricy but worth it.

  • Alana Veira February, 17 2016, 8:18 / Reply

    Ruby woo and Russian red by Mac are amazing they now have a ruby woo lip liner but I love Redd lipliner. Cruella, Vesuvio, Carmen and Rita by Nars are really good. As you can tell I looooove red lipstick.

  • I don’t think that being mixed race (mixed between what?) or not determines which shade of red that suits you. :-) It all comes down to your individual, exact skin tone and what basetone your lips have. And then we have the difference between summer and winter skin tone. Some have quite pale lips to pale skin tone, dark lips to dark skin tone and others have a big difference between lips and skin tone – the tone of your lips determine what nuance of the lipstick that will dominate on you. If you have freckles then you usually – but not always – suit in anything because you can get a away with almost bluish red…I envy peple with a lot of freckles… Is your skin tone cold (pink) or warm (orange)? Are your teeth (yes, this is very important!!) a nuance of cold white or warm white? If you put on the wrong type of red you can end up looking like you have really yellow teeth. If you have a certain nuance of pale skin and pale lips, a cold red makes you look like a ghost.
    Not to forget – what quality on the lipstick do you prefer? I have very dry lips so matte lipstick is a nono. I like half transparent or very moisturing/fat lipsticks. That also affects how the lipstick colour appears on the lips.
    I have pale skin but dark hair and brown eyes – I have Mediterranean origin but God somehow forgot to add that pigment that usually goes so well with dark hair and eyes and that most people in that region have… I cannot wear cold, blueish reds or very orange reds (although I have tried one summer in August after really doing my best to get some suntan). I am always looking for the red that goes towards brown. I was recommended NARS Manic and I am very happy with that tone.

  • I understand you all too well as someone who should deffinitely be more Mediterranean, but somehow ended with dark hair, eyes, eyebrows, and ghostly skin :D. No amount of bronzer works, and I do try very hard. I do however enjoy red lipsticks, mostly with bluish undertones. My favorite being now sadly discontinued YSL Rouge pur in venetian rose (that line is also super hidrating), MAC both Ruby woo and Russian Red, Chanel Pirate, but I’d give most of reds at least a try.

  • LOVE the strong lip color. Mascara, lip and a little blush- you are set to go! (oh, and sunscreen). Really want to try the KYLIE jENNER lip colors though, if you want to learn, you have to keep up with the generations.



  • Chanel Gabrielle (#444) is my mainstay. Looks great on everyone.

  • I have a heck of a time finding reds I like. Right now the one I wear the most is Nars Matte in Mascate. It is a brick red that shows up more true red on me. I am olive skinned with pink undertones and most red lipsticks, esp. the drugstore brands, show up way too pink on me. I just looked up all the colors people recommended above and they are all too pink except for the Revlon Colorstay in 250. I will have to try that one. I have tried a couple red-oranges and I like them, but they also turn out super coral, so I wear them mostly in summer. I love a bold lip and usually wear a lot of dark berries and sometimes browns. I love Nars, so I am interested in this new color. I also wear Nars Cruella but it shows up as more of a berry on me.

  • Ana Leonor February, 19 2016, 10:46 / Reply

    I swear by Burberry’s Military Red!

  • Alana Veira February, 20 2016, 9:49

    Is it a blue red or orange red?

  • Tom Ford ‘Ruby Rush’….Amazing!….matte, long lasting & vibrant.

  • Guerlain Le Rouge G in Gala. I love the packaging with the mirror in the case.

  • Aqua lips de make up for ever, Iconic red 8. Créé pour la tournée HardCandy de Madonna, on a la même carnation.

  • I love this red! But I am very fond of Russian red from Mac and also Ravish me red from Revlon!

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