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Love Letter

I still have the first love letter that was ever written to me. We were five and it was from a boy named Lewis who wrote, “Neada, I like you, do you like me too?”.

There’s something special about handwritten letters that (at least for me!) can’t be communicated via text or on social media.

So I love this series, Lettres Grandes, which has actors reading out love letters written by famous creatives of years past. The premise is that these letters, the feelings they carry, are timeless and will live on through the words — so romantic.

Here is one read by Clémence Poésy, written by the poet Paul Éluard to his first wife, Gala, who later left him for Salvador Dali.

Do you think letters still carry a special message? Do you still take the time to write them?


Add yours
  • Yes, I love handwritten letters and think they carry on more than any electronic letter can.
    Isn’t it wierd – in the future there will be no love letters left as all of them will hae been lost in the internet, mobile devices etc…. Sad, I think.

  • I think nothing is more romantic than a letter handwritten…
    XOX, Gap.

  • Some time ago I started to get my stuff from my parents’ (high time!) and I found two shoe boxes full of letters from my loves and my friends… Oh, it brought back so many memories… Love that I kept them and that they are so visible so tangible…


  • Jennifer April, 8 2015, 4:43 / Reply

    I love hand written letters and notes, whether a thank you or just a hello. I miss having my mailbox full of them, well not full, but I miss how few come. Email and social media is great but taking the time to wite a note is wonderful and sadly a lost art.
    My Grandmother always had amazing stationary and I follow that tradition whether it’s a fun chic Garance note or a great card with my name or monogram on it. It’s just important to me.
    Great post!

  • Karolina April, 8 2015, 6:09 / Reply

    In my opinion, letters are much more valueable and I’m always deeply touched by them. Me and my best friend always write letters to each other when we are on vacations or when one of us has a birthday. I think they will be an amazing memory in the future. I love the historical aspect of handwritten letters.

  • I still have the first love letter in Italian that was ever written to me. Maybe one day I will master Italian to understand 4 pages of Italian poetry.

  • Yes! Typeface is universal, but handwriting is individual. I still have a love letter written to me from my first boyfriend, and it’s so special to me. He drew a daffodil on it, because he knew I liked them, and knowing that he held that paper, wrote on it, folded it, put it in his pocket, carried it to me…there’s a connection there that you can’t get through email.

  • I write letters to my niece who s 4 years old, because I live far and want her to know I love her. I could never convey the same feelings through email or skype.

  • It’s fantastic you had the foresight to keep the letter. I wish I still had my first “Lindsay, whatz up? Do you like me? Circle one: yes | no”. Ah those were the days.

    Handwritten letters are definitely a bit of a lost art, but on the upside it makes receiving one so much more valuable. There’s nothing better than receiving beautiful stationary in the mail.


  • nice film

  • How poetic that the director’s name is Klughertz (at least when you just pronounce it) :)

  • Oh c’est beau, je ne connaissais pas cette ‘série’… Je crois que je n’ai jamais reçu de lettres d’amour, il serait peut-être temps d’y remédier !


  • I really love to write a letter, I think that it’s a perfect way to express what we feel, we have the possibility to think what we wolud like to say to the other.
    The Latin’s said: VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTA MANENT (the words fly away, but what we write remains.)
    Isn’t it true?
    Life, Laugh, Love and Lulu

  • Being a kind of old-fashioned person, I miss the time when people wrote letters. I recently found out the existence of flirting cards, used by men to invite woman to go out, even for a stroll, or to ask if they could visit them at home, how romantic!

  • Handwritten letters or notes carry a special meaning for me. Be it a gratitude or love note, it carries an emotional feel and strengthens relationships. I still have one very special letter my late Father wrote to me many years ago. Anytime I read through this piece, I feel a wave of love and admiration from him and I could feel his presence right there with me. But, Social Media has changed all that now. It has robbed us of the personal touch in handwritten notes. It’s no longer the norm to write with pen and paper and post. No. Indeed, that has become a ‘lost art’, stolen by the new era of the Digital Revolution.

  • Handwritten notes or letters carry a special meaning for me. Be it a note of gratitude or love, it carries an emotional feel that strengthens relationships. I still have one special letter from my late father who died many years ago. Every time I read through this piece, I feel his love and admiration. I feel his presence and there is always a reconnection to his life-time. Now, there is no personal touch in written notes. Indeed, it has become a lost art, stolen by the new era of Digital Revolution. Social Medias have replaced the old norm of writing with pen and paper, or buying stamps and going to the post office simply to post a letter to a friend, family or loved one.

  • This is beautiful – being in love with a writer is always a crazy adventure.

    Warm Regards,

  • I framed the first love letter my present boyfriend ever gave me — we’ve been together 9 years now. I was 16, and he was a 17 year old exchange student from Brazil. His letter is in broken English yet speaks so beautifully of the life he envisioned for us both. Here we are, almost a decade later, still together and passionately in love. He’s the reason I believe in soul mates.

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