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M Train by Patti Smith

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M Train by Patti Smith

Dear M Train by Patti Smith,

“How is it that we never completely comprehend our love for someone until they’re gone?” – You said this and I didn’t quite understand until I reached a page in the book that wasn’t filled with content. From one New York cafe to the next, excursion from country to country, I stood by your side for many moments, none of which were dull. My heart was full, transformed… you would say. I picked up on your vocabulary and began to use terms like “antiquated” and “somnambulistic” so that people would know I was somewhat associated to you, even if I had to Google what they meant. I asked friends and even strangers who stared too long at me if they’ve read you, and if they didn’t, 5 minutes of dedicated recap, I’d blab so much about you that they wouldn’t even have to buy a copy.

You said “nothing can be truly replicated” and obviously this is true because I still carry you with me in every tote bag, and sometimes I’ll skip the J or Z, and just wait for the M to arrive (even if it’s late night or a weekend) just to feel a bit closer to you.

Thinking about you always,

Kat the intern.


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  • Love this. Patti visited me in a dream recently. We worked together to assemble a shrine to her lost loves; Robert and Fred. A scrap of blood-red velvet reduced her to tears. I told her of my fears, especially of writing. She said, “You think I didn’t want to quit a thousand times? ‘Cause I did. But you just gotta read the pages and write the pages. Read the pages… and write the pages.”

  • I loved this book too! She is so singular.

  • I just read it and loved it so much!
    For me it’s the kind of book that celebrates time. Time to just sit in a cafe, watch people, think about things… lots of coffee of course… :) Just letting life flow and seeing where it takes you.

    I’ve always loved that!


  • I feel the same way about the book. I love it and don´t want to finish it ever.

    Have you read Just kids? :)

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira January, 19 2017, 3:40 / Reply


  • SUch a beautiful short texte Kat ! Now I want to read the book. Loved her biography too.

  • Can’t believe that I haven’t read M Train yet. I love Patti Smith and her writing. Thanks for the reminder Kat.
    Beautifully written intro into her world too.

  • loved this book too and didn’t want to finish it….i wanted it to go on and on.
    was able to see her on her book tour and she treated us to a concert – it
    was breath-taking – very special evening.

  • I couldn’t agree more. And that particular passage solidified M Train for me too.
    I carry M with me too, on all my journeys. Just for moments of inspiration.

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