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Magazines on My Mind

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Magazines on My Mind

I’ve been an avid magazine reader since I first stumbled into a newsstand as a teenager in New York.

I typically read a whole range, favorites include Kinfolk, Monster Children, The Great Discontent, The Gentlewoman, and Unconditional – which I’ve just recently discovered / devoured. Sure, they can be expensive (as in, upwards of $20 – yikes) but I always finish reading them having learned something new, feeling creatively recharged. Plus, stack them together and you’ve got yourself a side table. Or make a collage if you’re feeling really crafty.

I just keep thinking how cool it will be to look back at my collection of magazines in 30 years…

Are you a supporter of print magazines? If so, what are some of your favorites?

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  • It’s true that blogs have replaced magazines to an extent in my life. But I still love Elle (French edition), Coté Sud and the New Yorker. I have decades of New Yorkers. They are too good to throw away.

  • J’adore les magazines papiers!jaime les conserver, feuilleter un magazine papier est un de mes moments de détente favori, l’officiel de la Mode est un de mes préférés.

  • So many! Suitcase, Cereal and Darling are my top ones right now.

  • I loooove magazines–there is just something about actually holding them in your hand and reading them. W, Porter, Vogue, Allure, and Elle are my favorites. I also love Elle Decor, even though I have no house/no money to spend re-decorating one–it’s just beautiful.

  • My favourites are Porter Magazine and Suitcase magazine (the best for travel)

  • SELF SERVICE! It’s a gift to myself.

  • I love what Lorraine Candy and her team at Elle UK did with Elle Collections magazine so much every season. I’m not sure why but this seasonal magazine seems to be gone for a while as I can’t find it in my hometown, Bangkok, anymore, I hope they still do it and I would love to collect more of them : )

  • Wouhaaaa it is so funny, I took exactly the same picture of this newsstand during my last trio to NYC fall 15!!! I loved it so much I printed it in big and hung it above my desk for inspiration. All those colorful Vogue covers,artistic Paper cover, irreverent CR fashion mag, devine!!! Xxx

  • I really love printed magazines! They give a totally different experience contrary to web. Unfortunately, they are usually too pricey for me to read as much as I want.
    My favourite ones are The Gentlewoman and LOVE)


  • I grew up reading magazines. Online is all right, but I find that both words and images stick in my mind much more if I see them on a page rather than a screen. I really think that’s how my brain works- I retain the information more.

  • Natalie August, 4 2016, 10:34

    I totally agree! x

  • My life is better because of Lucky Peach.

  • I love magazines! I read VOGUE, ELLE, Glamour, Homes and Gardens, Living etc, Marie Claire… BBC Gardener’s World….

    I read the American snd British versions and sometimes I get the French, Italian, Danish, Swedish or some other versions.
    These magazines are not published in my Estonian languages. But I enjoy reading in other languages.
    I even have a Chinese VOGUE.

    I live for magazines and coffee!! :)

    And I really do read them over and over again and I have learned so much new and interesting. I actually don’t like to read stuff on the internet. I prefer paper.


  • Gretchen Cole August, 7 2016, 9:39 / Reply

    I love magazines and always have! I have a collection of Vogues (British, American, French), Elle (American, French), Town and Country and Vanity Fair(more recent) going back to the early 80’s. I kept the ones with iconic people on the cover (Brook Shields, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, etc.) or with defining fashion trends. Although I live in Colorado, my fave magazine stand has always been in Harvard Square (yes, they almost demolished it, and now it’s been sanitized, but thankfully still exists!).

    Any ideas how to use/display my collection? (which are all currently in a trunk).

  • I love oprah and black hair magazines

  • If I could I would spend a lot of money on magazines! I love them!
    The Great Discontent is a great one, also I very much like Cherry Bombe. I am curious about Aesthetica Magazine, Unpsychology magazine and many many others! Also the Tidal mag has gorgeous photography.

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