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I vividly remember the moment I met Meryl Streep. I was interning for a celebrity stylist and was given the grand task of personally delivering wardrobe to her. Naturally, I was completely freaking the f*** out I quietly accepted because I am a professional. You see, for much of my life, I wanted to be an actress because I love stories and I love watching them come to life so vividly that an audience can’t help but feel something. That is exactly what Meryl Streep does – she transforms, she transcends, and she does so with such empathy and finesse that it evokes a powerful response. When I met her that day I was so nervous I could feel my perpetually clammy hands shaking, and just as Viola Davis said, she stared. But this was a different kind of stare. It wasn’t one of her infamous Miranda Priestley stares, it was as if she was trying to understand or know me, in a way that was almost nurturing. This will forever stick with me.

She (like many celebrities) could have not looked at me at all and ignored my presence because I was only an intern, miles below her on the ladder of importance. But, she didn’t. Although it was only a moment, she chose to present herself with kindness and that is proof enough to me that Meryl Streep practices what she preaches. During her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes this weekend she stated, “And when the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.” And what a true statement that is. So, I would just like to say thank you, Meryl.

Thank you for looking at me with kind eyes. Thank you for choosing to use your platform to voice the opinions that are spoken yet fail to always be heard. And thank you for reminding G and all of us here at the studio to take our broken hearts, and turn them into art.

Bravo, Meryl Streep!


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  • Her speech couldn’t have been more perfect. So much grace. I’m an actress myself and am so grateful that she’s using her platform and influence to try and do some good. <3

  • Une femme lumineuse!

  • Omg.. I just LOVE this woman! So authentic, so beautiful from the inside and out … a great character!


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  • I think she made a fool of herself. The whole pity party of the poor, poor billionaires that are journalists and Hollywood cronies was just too sad. And if Meryl really wants to be such an advocate for disabled rights, how about speaking about the special needs white teenager that was kidnapped and tortured for two days by four black liberals, who screamed F***** white people, and F***** Trump while they cut his head deep enough to show bone, and used the wounds for an ashtray, made him drink urine, and told him to kiss their shoes and to say he loves black people. And yes, they were liberals. I looked on the Facebook page of the instigator, the adorable, innocent looking 18 yr old girl named Brittney Herring, who put a video tape of this disabled boys torture on her Facebook Page to further shame him. There were liberal slogans from BuzzFeed, Black Lives Matter, and MTV all over the place. Tis is what Hollywood and liberals teach people to do. Now compare that to someone treating a disabled reporter just the same as you would treat a able bodied reporter, rather then with kid gloves. I haven’t noticed the “truth perserving” journalists jump on that story. Journaists are getting exactly what they deserve. No one believes a thing they say any longer. If Trump really was racist, or sexist, I would not have voted for him. And NO, I don’t care about some crass remark from 11 years ago, any more then I care about the Obama rallies where Jay Z sings about the joys of being a pimp and beating on women. Those are just words. Its actions like the Trump sup[porters that get attacked by groups of “tolerant liberals” that frighten me.

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