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Making Waves

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Making Waves

You know what they say: if you can’t make it to the ocean, bring the ocean to your hair…
(Ok, so maybe you heard it here first BUT they might start saying that pretty soon.)

On our list of ways to make every day feel like a beach day, or at least a seaside jaunt: eat oysters daily, apply bronzer liberally, browse Slim Aarons images constantly, drink rosé… And perfect that beach hair look. So, in pursuit of this, we came across Verb’s Sea Spray which is super light and smells amazing. Easy breezy, beach vibes every damn day — even when the most adventurous you’ve gotten was a bike ride in lieu of your normal subway dash.

As far as the formula goes, Verb have pretty much just bottled the beach. The contents include actual sea salt (plus a nice moisturizing agent to subdue any roughness the salt might cause).

What are your best ways to get that ideal beach look, hair and all? Do you live the beach life even when you’re stuck far away from the salty seaside?


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  • Bah avec le boulot, je peux pas vraiment laisser ma crinière s’exprimer comme elle le voudrait mais pour les vacances ce produit m’a l’air hyper bien!!

    Christelle (non, je ne suis pas un spam lol)

  • I just got the John Freida ocean waves spray which I love, it smells like coconut! :)

  • Jennifer July, 21 2015, 1:17 / Reply

    This Summer my go to Beachy hair is with Kerastase’s Pret A Porter spray, great sea salt smell easy to use and not crunchy.
    I apply a little of Christophe Robin Moisturizing hair oil with lavender to ends and a little throughout for sun protection, then spray the salt spray and either braid, twist, knot hair and pin or tie back and let dry. After I gentle comb out with my fingers and viola! Beachy waves.
    This works great overnight for amazing slept in beachy waves.

  • I use Rolland Sea salt spray now, its Italian brand, with oils. It smells like oranges, very naturally, make smooth waves on my blonde thin hair, and, big plus-due to various citrus oils in ingridients, it enlighten my hair, so I can skip lemon juice usage)

  • i’m ALWAYS on the hunt for “perfect beachy waves” Too bad my hair is stick-straight :( I commented on one of my co-workers beautiful waves earlier this week, noting that it looked like she had just gotten out of the ocean. She looked at me blankly and said “I did just get out of the ocean”. Yikes. I’m from kansas…now on the West Coast but I still forget that popping over to the beach for a quick morning swim is totally normal here. lol!

  • there is nothing like perfect beachy hair! and I’m pretty sure people will start saying that

  • Mi piacciono molto i consigli di Jennifer e Liza: li seguirò!!! :-)

  • jeanette July, 23 2015, 8:42 / Reply

    On a good hair day my hair does beachy waves of its own accord. (I have a long bob ) and often scrunching my hair and spraying in leave in conditioner is all it needs. On a bad day it does straight, kinked, curly and static all at the same time :( That’s what beanies and ponytails are for!

  • Marianne July, 23 2015, 12:53 / Reply

    Je vais deux mois l’été à la mer (en Bretagne) pour bosser donc pas besoin de produits pour mes cheveux. : )
    Après un bain de mer je laisse sécher mes cheveux au soleil, sans les rincer pour qu’ils s’éclaircissent.

  • Frederique July, 25 2015, 11:43 / Reply

    J’ai essayé le “Spray de la mer” de Dessange … Mais rien à faire je préfére l’eau de Capo di Feno et son petit vent qui me font une couleur et chevelure de surfeuse …

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