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Mane Signature

When it comes to my hair, I am far from experimental.

You won’t find me dyeing my hair neon or chopping it into a pixie. But recently I was thinking about taking my low-key look up a notch by developing, and sticking to, a signature hair look. Why? So many style stars have such iconic hair (Suzy Menkes’ pouf, Anna Wintour’s bob, Taylor Tomasi Hill’s red locks) it makes it easy to recognize them right away. And even in totally different outfits there’s a level of consistency I find comforting. Is that something you would commit to, or find totally boring instead?

By Leslie, intern at the studio


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  • Ohhhh MAN… I’m sticking to one thing here, which is my relationship with my long hair and how it sometimes could be hard to tame, other than that, I go natural most of time with it as for my signature look it’s how long it has been since forever and I think I’m not gonna change it anytime soon, hard to commit? Beyond complicated >> http://www.fashionparadoxes.com/2015/03/12/beyond-complicated/

  • me too! the only thing that varies is the length! :)


  • Whatever color I dye my hair, whatever cut I get I always – ALWAYS – end up with a bun. I can only stand to wear my hair down for a few minutes and then it gets annoying to me. I also think that my hair just doesn’t really look good anyways and the bun is at least somewhat smart and sleek. It got so far, that people I’ve known for years do not recognize me if I (for whatever the reason) make an exception and let my hair down. So I guess I got my signature hair look without even thinking about it :)

  • mariana July, 27 2016, 4:39

    chop it!!! :P

  • I’d prefer signature clothing style. Signature hairstyle… is not my style. :)
    Kate Moss has never been known for her hairdos, I think.
    So if anyone says that my hair is a bit of a mess I say that Kate Moss wears her hair the same. :)


  • It didn’t intend to, but I’ve embraced a signature hairstyle. I started growing it about five years ago with the intention of getting it long enough to donate and then chopping it off in a pixie. But the longer it got, the better it looked. I’ve received more compliments on it now that I ever have in my life, so to my mind, why on earth would I change it?? As long as you still like it, I don’t see any reason why you can’t keep rocking it!

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