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I never wear liquid foundation. I don’t even own it.

It’s a big step for me, after using it religiously for years. And it was hard to let go! I never thought I would get the same even skin tone (yeah, I have a thing about that) from powder, or be able to get the same kind of coverage. But, you do and, although this is quickly becoming a modern-day cliché, my skin breathes so much better.

I also love trying out new products, swapping old favorites for mineral options – sometimes it’s fun to trial something new. Right now, I’m using MAC‘s Mineralize Skinfinish for base but I want to try out mineral options for all beauty products (I’m really getting into it!).

Would love to hear if you have suggestions for good mineral makeup products!!


Add yours
  • Minerals are the best. Bought bare minerals in 2008 on a lark, thinking it would be crap. I still use it every day, but now over dior bb cream.

  • Alima Pure! They are based out of Portland, Oregon. I’ve been using their products for the past 3 years and can’t recommend them enough. Give ’em a try!

  • Colorescience mineral sunscreen est chouette, avec SPF 50 en plus!

  • I have been using W3LL People’s foundation stick. I was a die hard liquid foundation girl because I wanted to cover acne scars. This stick works just as good, feels breathable, is all natural AND less messy. It’s my favorite.

  • I’ve been using mineral powder foundation by Aveda for awhile now. I also apply Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisturizing balm before the powder foundation to minimize looking too powdery. I like the texture of the moisturizing balm, kind of in between a tinted moisturizer and a liquid foundation. A really good option for ladies with dry skin.

  • I’ve worn Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder for ummmm….15 years? My skin loves it and every time I read that “old” skin cannot wear powder I just laugh because the liquid looks so much older on my skin and honestly, the powder has done my skin soooooo many favors! Will never switch!

  • Mineral make is the best in terms of coverage, overall look and also for your skin. I have tried many brands and the best one is the mineral foundation from a german brand called Alienor ( I suggest ordering small boxes to find the right shade!

  • Katarzyna February, 24 2015, 6:00 / Reply

    I had the same story. The natural skin is beautiful, and powder is so much better for a condition of skin.
    For me, the best mineral foundation is Laura Mercier mineral powder. And it lasts for a really long time.

  • Alima pure, Christopher Drummond Beauty, RMS Beauty (jackpot)

  • OMG, this must be the next trend…I have recently dumped my foundations for powder and I could not be happier! I work in skin care and to be honest, I am so much more keen to have great skin than to cover it up. I just bought the new Dior Air Nude Powder in 020. It’s gorgeous. And my skin looks more airbrushed now than ever before. I also use a Dior bronzing powder and Chanel blush…

  • Without a DOUBT the best mineral foundation I have ever tried is an Aussie brand called Nude. Incredible coverage – you look flawless and it lasts all day and all night (if you’re that way inclined!)

  • Becca is the best that I have tried, beautiful finish and non irritating.

  • What brush is that?

  • Je me roule souvent dans la terre (a coté de l’arbre qui gratte gratte), ca me permet de parfaire mon teint minéral.

  • Alima Pure ! Le meilleur maquillage minéral, et j’en ai testé pourtant, mais il bat à plates coutures Bare Minerals, Everyday minerals, Meow, Mac… Leur fond de teint est tout simplement incroyable ! Je leur fait juste des infidélités pour la poudre libre Satin Finishing powder de Lily Lolo, qui apporte un glow incroyable et finit parfaitement le makeup.

  • Hello Neada and the whole GD team!
    I am so happy for reading this article as I’ve been thinking /aka hesitating/ for so long to change my foundation routine. I am not really that ‘let’s-do-some-sudden-changes’ person so it always takes ages to make that very first decision and choose. When it comes to makeup, from my own experience, skin evolves, gets matured so basic needs change too. It’s not that surprising that after years of using one product, the skin actually becomes lazy and resistant to all the benefits. I came this as mine, normally the most amazing, Studio Fix Fluid liquid foundation by MAC slowly has become not that amazing. I just somehow find it too thick, yellowish without that satin silk effect. On top of that, some serious breakouts and acne have come up as I’ve been going through hormonal changes and the layer of a foundation of a liquid consistency does not really help.

    Thank you for those mineral product tips! I should definitely motivate myself and finally make that decision. Especially now when I can already feel spring behind the door it could be beneficial to allow my skin breathe properly. Have you ever tried combine mineral products with some oils to add a touch of glow? Few drops of argan or coconut oil on your cheekbones? I do it on a regular basis but accompanied by mineral products I would be afraid of smudges..

    Thank you!
    Katarina Bradacova

  • Probably have to give the MAC a try! Never found one which gave me the same coverage but with all the Zinc or Titanium, mineral powder does my skin always so good.

  • I use bare minerals and I recommend it! Starter kit is very nice :-) the brushes! I love especially the little one.

  • LaurEss is my favorite! There are 4 options for finish, and as an older woman (56) I use “Ethereal”, which is between a matte and a dewey finish. There are so many shade options, as well. For example, I’m very fair, but often there is only one ivory shade, which sometimes is too yellow or two pink. In the Ethereal line I use “Delicate Ivory” or “Gentle Fawn”, both of which are neutral, and perfect for my coloring. They ship really quickly and offer sample sizes, so you can find that perfect shade and finish. They have a full selection of face colors for eyes, cheeks, lips, etc., as well as highlighters and bronzers. I used to use Everyday Minerals, but they discontinued the finish that I loved and I was heartbroken. Thankfully, I found LaurEss and have been ecstatic ever since!

  • Susan Posnick Colorflo foundation is the ONLY foundation I ever use. Most days I just use a little concealer and light powder (RMS) but occasionally I use my Susan Posnick foundation when I want my skin to look great and still feel clean (I’ve got oily/combination/breakout prone skin), and it does the trick. One thing to note: some people love the applicator, I think it’s a pain so I dump out the product into an old powder container and use it like loose powder. Also, it can be spot used as a concealer.

  • lavinia March, 27 2015, 5:28 / Reply

    The best mineral foundation I ever tried is it works very well for your skin and you will see how it improves its quality! Love it.

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