Modern Romance

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Modern Romance

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the reading I can get done, especially when I’m laying on the beach…

Last weekend I powered through Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance and, seriously, it’s a must read, especially if you’re dating. I watched his stand up special on Netflix and thought it was pretty good, so when I saw the book I figured why not—good summer read for someone who just went through a break up and is trying to navigate the world of online (app) dating. None of this stuff existed the last time I was single, so there’s definitely a little bit of a learning curve, plus what we’re looking for in relationships has changed SO MUCH over the last 50 years.

I like that Aziz (sorry, I just feel like we’re friends now after reading this) took the whole thing seriously enough to do some real research and talk to a lot of experts. Some of the stuff seemed pretty obvious (people are getting married later in life) but some of it was pretty surprising (did you know Japan is having a full blown marriage crisis!?). In all, I’m always up for a little bit of insight into what’s happening in my life since this is the new reality of being single, especially in a city like New York.

Also, maybe I should start talking about my adventures in dating on the blog? The studio already knows way too much about my sex life…(sorry mom!)


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  • Alexia July, 14 2015, 4:19 / Reply

    I am really curious about this book! I think what is happening today in our love digital lives is fascinating!
    I wonder how it will look like in the future. What is good to remembe is that when we really fall in love technology does not matter anymore!!!!

  • Hey why not talk about your adventures dating–as long as your comfortable with that? And I was not aware Japan is having a crisis. But also why is it a crisis if people aren’t getting married? Crisis for divorce attorneys and wedding cake makers perhaps but who else?

  • Hey Sabina,

    It’s a crisis because people are not having babies! It’s fascinating stuff, but basically what they talk about in the book is that the Japanese government is intervening in the dating lives of young Japanese people in hopes of getting the birth rate back up!

    x Emily

  • Are you the new Carry Bradshaw ?

  • Alexandra July, 16 2015, 8:51 / Reply

    Hi Emily,

    I downloaded the Kindle version of the book after reading your post, also because I love his humor and I’m dating at the moment. And I just wanted to say THANK YOU! It’s ridiculously funny (maybe also a bit sad, because those things actually happen in real life)…and helps put things on a lighter note when you’re out there doing the hardwork of (mis)interpreting texts :)

  • I love this recommendation and I can’t wait to read it!

    Check out a few of the books I’ve been checking off of my reading list this summer. http://sarahruthwalters.com/blogs/news

    xx Sarah

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