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My Workout

Lately I’ve been trying to find a good balance when it comes to exercise.

I’m in a phase where I really want to move (in fact, I’d like to start a beach volleyball team if anyone is interested) and even though I love yoga — it’s good for the mind and flexibility, but it’s just not enough — I decided to add in a little Pilates (apparently it’s the best exercise out there for women, and honestly, my abs could really use it) and a little cardio (I’m leaning toward rowing ever since Lauren told us about it, what do you think?)

And at the same time, I don’t have the time to spend an hour and a half at the gym every day.

Every time I ask a trainer for advice, I feel like kind of a loser who never works out enough (I’ll tell you about my session with a trainer soon. Pfff I don’t know if I’m cut out for that kind of thing) so I was wondering how you guys organize your gym schedules.
What kind of sports do you do? Do you mix it up? How many times do you work out per week?

Do you feel like you’ve found a good balance?

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  • Georgina June, 17 2014, 11:57 / Reply

    I work out 4 times a week. Twice in the gym and twice at home doing the fitsugar 10 minute videos, I do 4 or 5 in a row. They are AMAZING!

  • Gabrielle June, 17 2014, 6:33

    I love the Fitsugar videos too! I do 2 or 3 after work and really get a sweat going. I think they are a great alternative to the gym and time-efficient.

  • great info! thank you, girls!! :)


  • Je suis comme toi, avec des phases actives et parfois un peu moins… J’adore courir donc je fais 5km 4 ou 5 fois par semaine, un cours de pilates par semaine et je marche une demi heure pour aller au boulot 2 ou 3 fois par semaine. Pas enorme au final mais bon ca aide a ne pas trop se restreindre au repas apres!

  • Pas énorme ???? :)

  • Barbara June, 18 2014, 8:30

    C’est pas énorme????!!! Mais c’est déjà phénoménal, je trouve!

  • I hate going to the gym! I like to do activities that are convenient and fit into my schedule. In the winter I joined a wall climbing club, it’s a good way to challenge yourself and work muscles you don’t normally work…plus when you get really good, nothing beats out door climbing! Once the weather’s nice I like to run, and I sign up for 10k races through out the summer to keep myself motivated. I try to work out at least 3 times a week, and if I can do more I’m happy :)

  • I actually work out at home, which all my friends thought was impossible for them to do. It does require discipline in the beginning to get into it. My trick is to change into my workout clothes the minute I get home. It’s a matter of habit, I guess. But that gets me in the mood to exercise.

    I start off with 15 mins of cardio with Just Dance on my PlayStation. Then I do weights, abs, lunges, etc. To cool down, I do some yoga to stretch out the muscles and to relax.

    I change the workout every month so I don’t get bored and so my body doesn’t get too used to it.

    I did some ballet-cardio at one point and it was lots of fun! https://www.balletbeautiful.com/

    Have fun working out!


  • I work out about 5 hours a week, I alternate between yoga and pilates for the flexibility, abs and balance, then I do 2 hours a week of TRX, it is very intense but so good and you actually see results very quickly.
    I can only recommend it ;)


  • Et bien moi je mixe power plate (excellent rapport temps/efficacité) et jogging. Idéalement, il faudrait ajouter de la natation mais en bossant à temps plein + 3 kids, c’est compliqué !

  • I have struggled with this since starting my career in crazy NYC, but I do feel that I’ve found a good balance. I do designated cardio workouts (runs or long bike rides) about twice a week, but make sure to incorporate exercise into my day, every day. I commute via bike 15 miles to work round-trip, walk whenever possible, take the stairs to my fifth floor office, etc. It’s amazing how small choices can add up in staying fit!

  • Jennifer Read June, 17 2014, 12:23 / Reply

    I do Ballet Beautiful 5 days a week. Love it

  • I like making exercise part of my day, so there’s a walk with the dog every morning. But that isn’t enough for me, I also swim for 45 minutes, 3 times/ week. It’s essential, especially in the winter. The more I don’t want to go, the more I need to. And on days when it is an especially forced march, I really feel the difference as I walk out of the gym and back to my car — a natural high!

    It is a time sink, which is why I don’t go more often. I use plenty of leave-on conditioner (Moroccan Oil brand), in the morning and I am sure to wet my hair before the swim and keep it under the bathing cap. Then lots of conditioner after the post-swim rinse. My hair is such that I almost never use shampoo and usually regret it when I do.

  • I cycle outside 3 to 4 times a week, play badminton and run, sometimes rollerblade or hike, swim in summer. I don’t like being inside. I also use a bicycle for commuting. Most days I do 1-3 hours of sports a day.

  • I work out twice a week. I find that the most sustainable for me because if I try to go anymore, I feel too stressed out about exercising and won’t want to go at all. I was doing pilates twice a week but decided I needed some cardio. So now I do zumba and pilates, which just happens to work out well since one class is right after the other!

  • Hello Garance,
    Nous avons besoin de sport pour notre corps cheri et aussi pour notre esprit : je suis addicted aux endorphines…
    Perso, j’ai toujours couru, plus intensément ces dernières années, le marathon de Miami quand meme cet hiver, suis trop fière… mais bon c’est pas suffisant pour le corps il faut aussi l’assouplir et renforcer tous les muscles que l’on appelle le core en anglais : ceinture abdominal, fessiers, bas du dos… Du gros boulot auquel je réponds par le yoga, seul sport qui se voit aussi bien a l’extérieur qu’a l’intérieur! J’adore mais il faut que ce soit un peu intense quand meme. Et puis il y a ce défi juste top sur Facebook : “Defi 30 jours”


    Je te le conseille, c’est vraiment sympa et tu n’es pas seule…

    Allez bon sport!

  • Oh la la, moi je fais rien du tout depuis des mois, l’horreur. Résultat, toutes mes fringues deviennent serrées et niveau énergie, zéro. Mon projet pour l’été: reprendre le Pilates (j’ai plusieurs DVD super), retourner à mon cours de remise en forme Bollywood style (super intense et super fun) et manger mieux, c’est à dire moins de mauvais sucre et plus de fruits frais. Tout un programme, mais à bientôt 46 ans c’est maintenant ou jamais pour la remise en forme….et une petite marche dans le parc voisin le matin pour dérouiller le corps, ça prend 20 minutes le matin et fait un bien fou. Courage, le plus dur c’est de commencer. Et je confirme, le Pilates au mojns deux fois par semaine, ça transforme le corps.

  • C’est clair ma sœur s’est mise au Pilates et c’est vraiment incroyable la différence! En plus juste avec un DVD. Je veux vraiment m’y mettre!.! :)

  • Stéphanie June, 18 2014, 6:39

    Pourriez vous transmettre les références des DVD s’il vous plait?

  • Elizabeth June, 17 2014, 12:52 / Reply

    Now that I have a baby tiring me out and a chronic foot problem my “workout” is pretty bare bones but effective: every morning a bunch of sun salutations, 50 sit-ups and 10 push-ups (because at the moment I can’t do any more than that!); some minimal stretching before bed; and walk as much as possible during the day. I used to be crazy for running and would be shocked that I’d ever consider the above exercise, but it keeps me reasonably toned and my back strong, so that’s okay, right? The sit-ups / pushups etc. take less than ten minutes I think.

  • I am sooo down for beach volleyball!

    I do these Stott Pilates workouts (you can get them on itunes) – they’re great!

  • Virginie June, 17 2014, 12:55 / Reply

    40 min de pilates 5/semaine, je me lève 40min plus tôt, (je sais c’est pas trop ton truc de te lever plus tôt pour faire du sport;-) et quand je n’ai pas le temps, je fais juste 200 fentes pendant que les enfants sont dans le bain.

  • Woooo..!! Non mais la question c’est : as tu un corps de déesse ? Je suis sûre que oui!!

  • I recently read an interview with Amy Poehler in which she said her therapist suggested creating refrigerator magnets with priorities written on them. So, a magnet for career, one for kids, one for exercise, etc. Her therapist said to pick three magnets a day and focus on those three things. I’ve kept that in mind, as there are only so many hours in a day. Women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything (cook meals at home, exercise, excel in our careers, be a great mom, spend time with our partner, getting enough sleep, etc). It’s exhausting! We need to be easier on ourselves and reassess what is possible to accomplish in 24 hours.

  • I love what you said and agree whole heartedly. My business coach told me once that in a day you should strive to do 3 things. I first thought he was insane. I did dozens of things a day and thought my life and business would grind to a alt if I followed his advice. But, I have even embracing this recently and am more relaxed, enjoying life more and interestingly more productive! We put way too much pressure on ourselves in this unrealistic ad unobtainable quest for perfection.

  • Totally agree – that’s why I wanted to see how you guys do it, the goal is to stay realistic but still challenge myself a bit.

  • I spend 2 hours on the water with my rowing team 5 days per week, with the occasional on-land workout of running or rowing machine for the days when the weather isn’t conducive. Great full body workout :)

  • I would love to row! I’m a marathon runner but this would be so much fun too! Our rowing club in town (I live in the South of France) is just filled with grumpy old men that don’t want new people to join!

  • Ah! I have a question – did you bulk on the shoulders? I love rowing but I’ve been a bit worried about that part!

  • I row in the UK a couple of times a week on the water and one land training session. I started Crossfit this year, I absolutely love it and do that twice a week. I have dropped kilos(!) since Jan and am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. I was really skeptical about it at the start given some of the things you read online, but my trainers are really sensible and come up with great workouts that they can adapt depending on what you want to achieve and what you are physically capable of doing.

    As an aside, it is difficult for girls to put on serious muscle unless you train every day and eat with that goal in mind…

  • jaunemoutarde June, 17 2014, 1:00 / Reply

    Pour moi, le sport c’est une aventure, une façon de m’approprier ma ville et un art de vivre. Mon conjoint et moi travaillons moins pour en faire plus.
    J’en fais à tous les jours. Je fais toutes mes courses à vélo, été comme hiver. Je fais un 100km le week end en été. J’ai un coach de fitness privé à chaque semaine pour le haut du corps et je vais au gym 4 fois en plus. Je fais du ski de fond en hiver et du télémark à chaque semaine au moins 2 fois. À partir du printemps, j’accompagne mon conjoint (lui il en fait l’hiver) en surf de rivière le matin et je reviens travailler en bicyclette. Toutes nos vacances sont consacrées au sport. Je pars dans 2 semaines effectuer la traversée des états-unis sur la côte ouest en cyclotourisme et en autonomie complète pendant 2 mois, j’apporte mon surf mat (un matelas pour faire du surf) et un wetsuit de plongée (plus petit) c’est beaucoup moins compliqué que de courir les boutique de surf pour faire des locations. En hiver, on fait des voyages de ski alpin ou des traversée en ski nordique ou en télémark. Et on fait aussi un voyage dans le sud en bicyclette. Pour moi, c’est un style de vie. Et aussi, j’aime ça, car je peux manger à peu près tout ce que je souhaite…

  • Incroyable! Je suis hyper admirative (en même temps ce qui est génial c’est que c’est comme tu dis tout simplement un style de vie, pas un effort)
    Moi je rêve d’une belle randonnée, d’un stage de surf et d’une retraite de yoga. Peut être un jour!

  • I try to do something everyday even if it is just 10mins from a dvd at home. Otherwise my body starts to ache..
    Most mornings i do 10-15 mins pilates at home then either go for a 40 min run (3 times a week )and swim ( 1-2 a week.)

    If i could just choose one sport it would be swimming! You work the entire body and it is so relaxing. I just wet my hair before to avoid tpp much chloride in it.

  • natalie June, 17 2014, 1:07 / Reply

    Bicycling! I’ve just discovered it and can’t get enough of it. 30-40-50-70 miles over both Saturday and Sunday then once or twice during the week. It really clears your mind and is surprisingly social! I meet so many people on the road and usually ride with a group. I’m finding that if you’re committing to pushing yourself you burn so many calories! Plus the outfits can be fun if you really get into it- there are finally good kit designs for women.

  • All those exercises are great! The important thing is always to balance. Core training is as important as stretching and vise versa. Pilates is GREAT bc it incorporates both. Here are some other things that are wonderful to rotate in. Main thing is, never let your body “memorize” your routine… switch it up often, that way your body stays alert, young and fit.

    -weight training (keep the weights challenging but not heavy, so you can gain lean muscles. Also, always stretch and balance with yoga to keep the muscles from bulking up and for them to stay lean)
    -circuit training (you can research a ton online)

    :) main thing… don’t strain yourself, enjoy what your doing and remember to rest!

  • Olivia June, 17 2014, 1:18 / Reply

    Je travaille en freelance donc j’ai la chance d’être souple au niveau des horaires. Je vais à la gym 5 fois par semaine à heure fixe, dans mon esprit et mon calendrier, c’est pas négociable, 2 fois zumba, 3 fois Pure Barre (exercices de musculation à la barre fixe), je ne me pose même plus de questions, ça fait partie de ma routine

  • I heard that variety is the key to getting the most out of your exercise. Something to do with the muscles getting used to certain routines and therefore working harder when you introduce something new. I used to work out 5 days a week but now that I have a toddler I can only manage 3 times a week on my good weeks. I do 1 yoga class which I love. Then the other two days I go to the gym and do 25 minutes of cardio, then spend 15 minutes stretching and doing various ab exercises like crunches. It seems to be working ok. Still wish I had more time for it though!

  • Varying on what’s going on my life at the time, I’m learning to adjust my workout schedule. That’s how I find my balance I think. So I can’t say I have a set schedule in place. I just try to do a workout that I genuinely enjoy. I’m a runner and I like to mountain bike. At night, I routinely do my lunges & squats (great for rear and thighs – I have noticed the difference!), push ups, planks, use small weights and stretching to relax afterward. Sometime I’ll throw in my foam roller to loosen me up. Glad you are trying different things. You’re moving forward in a good direction.

  • Belinda June, 17 2014, 1:24 / Reply

    Oy — I’m 60+ and can’t even begin to tell you the how many different “best” workouts I’ve been through in the past 40 years. But at my age, the best balance I’ve found is yoga twice a week, pilates twice a week and walking the dog 20-40 minutes every day. I know I “should” be doing more cardio — and I swear I’m going to start (pick one) swimming, biking, rowing . . . at my gym (which I belong to but never go to). Everyone here (San Francisco) seems to be doing some variation of barre classes — which are fabulous for toning, cardio, balance, etc. but if not done properly can also lead to injuries (as can anything if not done properly, I guess). But my GP — who’s 40 and GORGEOUS — says her healthiest patients are the ones who walk everyday. So that’s my routine and I’m sticking to it!! xoxo

  • I love that, that’s kind of what I imagine for me. Have you done that type of routine all your life?

  • Yes! and Yoga! all spot on…

    I’m younger than you and am having a terrible moment with too much driving/not enough exercise (boys & sports will do that to ‘ya) But I believe you do have the answer…I might add…carry your own groceries (arm strength) because it is amazing how many people don’t.

  • Yvonne Marie July, 8 2014, 10:58

    I love that too! I am only 37 years young and have been exercising since I was 13…… all I do now is really walk. I love it so much. I walk the dog and take long hour walks. I’m just so overwhelmed with technology, ads, and fads for exercising that a simple walk (without my phone) goes a long way. And 37 is young yes, but I’m seriously tired of running and hard core exercising as it’s just too hard on my body. I have a beautiful body that is all mine to love and take care of and be proud of. I eat well, have great sex with my boyfriend, read, meditate, laugh, sing, dance, create art……basically take pretty good care of myself. So, I know I don’t need a six pack and super toned thighs to enjoy the beach. That’s the beauty of getting older……. you realize how beautiful you are and how the beauty within your heart is infinitely more important than a tight bum. xoxo

  • Dominique June, 17 2014, 1:30 / Reply

    I’ve had found the good balance… But now it is gone and i need to start all over again.


  • Years ago I read an article written by a trainer who trains a lot of celebrities and he found that the women clients would get stuck thinking that they needed an hour or two hours to work out, so his first step with a client is now to always to remind them that with 10 min here, 20 min there, they can be just as effective.

    That resonated with me because I’m freelance, so when I’m working, I’m working long crazy hours so I’ll go to youtube or jessicasmith.tv, or any workout site, to fit in smaller workouts – and it works. 10 min arms, 8 min legs, 15min cardio, etc. I did a Jillian Michaels series that changed my body with a few weeks of 25 min workouts. However, when I’m not working, I try to workout really hard – hikes, dance class, Zumba, etc. Along with weights, yoga, etc.

    Anyone in LA – Groov3 is SUCH a fun dance class – and they have classes all over the city. The creator designed the class so that everyone can keep up and learn the routine each class, and he got all his DJ friends to DJ the classes so it’s really good music that doesn’t stop all class long. I’m so happy and energized every time I leave class. And you can download the DJ mixes linked through the class website. http://www.groov3.com

  • En ce moment, je vais courir tous les jours 5km, mais c’est parce que j’ai le temps d’y aller tous les matins car je suis en vacances (le plaisir d’être étudiant) sinon quand je ne vais pas courir je fais les exercices de l’application Nike Training Club qui sont vraiment géniaux, il y a de tout, du yoga, des étirements, des exercices pour s’affiner, se tonifier ou se muscler. Mais j’ai un peu peur de m’engraisser quand je reprendrai les cours, il faudra que j’essaie d’organiser des petites séances de sport quand j’aurai du temps libre mais c’est pas toujours simple comme tu dis même quand la motivation y est!


  • tatite June, 17 2014, 1:32 / Reply

    Je suis comme toi avec les beaux jour, envie de bouger, mais par contre je n’ai envie que de faire des choses qui me font plaisir ! du coup c’est zumba 2 fois par semaine au lieu d’une, et piscine 2 fois par semaine aussi, à mon rythme. Aucune envie de faire mon habituel cours de gym super hardcore en ce moment, malgré la plage qui approche…Je suis déjà en vacances dans ma tête et le stress du bikini blabla, c’est encore un dictat auquel il faut résister les filles ! on trouve un sport qu’on aime, on reste zen et on se chouchoute et voilà :)

  • I try to have 5-6 workouts a week and most of the time I can manage it. I do 20 minutes HIIT (high intensity interval training) first, it’s quite funny when you’re jumping like a crazy in your own living room (poor neighbours…), but it’s totally effective and saves a lot of time since I don’t like running…After that I do exercises for my butt, thighs and abs. I try to do them intensively because I find it more effective than doing it slowly. And I’m done withthe whole thing in 45 minutes. One workout a week is always a bicycle ride, when I’m home for the weekend and I have the time for it. This routine is the best for me! :)

  • I work out 6 days/week and rest 1 day/week. I try and alternate between cardio (HIIT-based are the best because they only last 25 mins and work your a** off) one day, and core yoga with Sadie Nardini (on YouTube) the next. Sometimes I will do the 7-minute workout a couple of times through b/c it is supposedly extremely effective and only takes…7 minutes!

  • Sarah M June, 17 2014, 1:45 / Reply

    Je n’ai pas fait de sport pendant plusieurs années, et puis il y a quelques temps je m’y suis remis. Je me sens incapable d’aller dans un club quel qu’il soit (pas le temps et la flemme) mais tous les soirs je fais 3 séries de 10 squats et 60 abdos (3 types d’abdos différents).
    Ce n’est pas parfait mais c’est mieux que rien et peut être qu’un jour j’aurais le ventre plat et des cuisses fuselées (on a le droit de rêver)

  • I don’t have a schedule, and that is what works for me. I’m a freelance AD so I always failed trying to excersice everyday at the same time. So this is what works for me If I wake up early I do a 10km power walk 45 min. and when back home 15 or 30 min. of fitness vídeos (tracy anderson though i don’t buy her whole thing I found the actual work out fun or tone It up cheesy but fun) If i wake up late I move my workout to the evening and I go for a run, 5km or so, i stretch with some Tara Stiles Yoga. On shooting days I just do what I have energy to usually 15 min of tone It up abs and arms. My motto is to do something everyday. Personal trainers hate me but I’m fit and happy with my messy schedule.

  • Zumba!!! With a great instructor, it is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise! I’ve tried everything and this is by far my favorite cardio workout. Also, the hip movements are great for your midsection.

  • Depuis 2 ans je cours 1 heure 3 fois par semaine ! je me lève plus tôt quand je pars bosser et je ne m’écoute pas si il pleut, il fait froid, chaud etc… c’est inscrit dans ma tête, et niveau motivation ça marche.
    Avant c’était natation, mais à Paris, ce n’est pas facile ! et je fais du gainage chez moi mais par contre là je suis trop irrégulière :( et je marche aussi au minimum 4 klm par jour vu que j’ai la chance de pouvoir aller travailler à pieds, un luxe à Paris !

  • Cecilija June, 17 2014, 2:13 / Reply

    I never have time after work, firstly because I never know when will I finish with it ( I am for sure a strong candidate for the Queen of Appointment Canceling) and secondly – because when I do finish with work I’d much rather have a glass of wine with friends or snuggle on a couch with my guy or almost anything but rush to a gym or a yoga studio stressed to make it on time, already exhausted and hungry.

    So, I found my solution in exercising in the morning and it is either yoga at home with a little help of myyogaonline.com or a short Power Plate session in a studio next to work. I feel great for the rest of the day and have my evenings free for whatever I want. Of course, this wouldn’t work for me if it meant I’d have to get up at 6AM, this works before I can show up at work at about 10ish o clock.

    I guess everyone has to find what works for them. This works for overworking hedonists:)

  • Jasmine June, 17 2014, 2:14 / Reply

    BARRE METHOD is perrrrfect for me, and we have the same body type.

  • I go to dance/fitness classes at least 6 hours per week. Hiphop, zumba, jazz, bollywood, streetdance, ballet, ballet barre, bootcamp… I have been doing it only for a month now (before that… nothing really) and the results are great. I am much fitter, toned and happier. I would love to do it more often actually, but have been recommended to take rest days. (pfff rest days, I want to dance!)

  • varvara June, 17 2014, 2:33 / Reply

    What I have been doing the last 5-6 years and really love is Contemporary Dance lessons twice a week combined with a Pilates class once a week. And on Sundays if I have time I try to for a long walk.
    Dance is possibly the best workout I have ever done, and have tried many (gym , aerobics, weights, yoga, swimming etc). It targets all of your body, you really stretch, you correct your posture, you even exercise your brain! And you never get bored. I only wish I started earlier (I took it up at 34) but as they say better late than never!
    Pilates is also very good for providing strength and support, esp if you have an office job, back problems and/or if you are endowed in the breast department ;-P
    Tip for successful attendance: chose a place very near your house or work!
    You definitely should try the form of dance that speaks to you!!!

  • I like a combination of spinning, rowing, yoga, and swimming – 1 class each a week to mix it up. Row House is a great place to learn rowing. There are beach volley tournaments throughout the summer at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and I believe, at Chelsea Piers. One of the key factors in staying motivated and realizing the most benefit from a fitness routine is eating clean. I tend to find paleo the easiest to stick to and provides the most energy for exercising. You should also check out wellandgood – they have a feature called My Weekly Workout that follows health/beauty/fitness experts on their weekly routines – its a great resource for tryinig something new or mixing it up.

  • Cathrine June, 17 2014, 2:38 / Reply


    Swimming is a great total body workout, it’s gentle and you can build up your own pace . A little faster for a few laps to really push yourself and then slow it down for the endurance.

    Bikram yoga as often as time allows and 1-2 swims a week. Bliss!

    Swimming is also great as it’s a “me time” thing, your mind can wander and it can be rather relaxing.

    I’m sure you’ll find what works for you.

    Good luck!

  • Danielle June, 17 2014, 2:54 / Reply

    Pilates! I get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and do Pilates in my underwear using moves I’ve learned in the past or workouts I find online. I work out about 4-5 times a week and it’s SO GREAT because I can just roll up my mat and hop in the shower, no commute. Having to actually muster the energy to GO somewhere is what always makes me quit and, so far, I’m about 2 months in! I’ve lost that winter softness and feel really toned and fit :)

  • Jennifer June, 17 2014, 3:12 / Reply

    I do Barre Method variation (barre Fusion) twice a week and hot yoga (Vinyasa Flow) at least two, sometimes three times a week. No cardio other than walking dog.

  • Si tu commences en disant “Et en même temps, je n’ai pas le temps de passer une heure et demie par jour dans une salle de gym.”
    il ne vaut mieux pas commencer
    Le sport c’est trouvé du temps que l’on consacre à soi, à sa santé. Il vaut mieux attendre une période dans laquelle tu trouveras justement cette petite heure ;)

  • Alors justement, mon organisation, c’est que je ne m’organise pas. Je regarde ce qu’il y a au programme à la salle quand je peux y aller, si quelque chose me plait j’y vais. Parfois c’est abdos-fessiers, parfois aérobic, parfois step, parfois zumba. Et puis quand je suis chez moi, un peu de gainage en ce moment (tous les jours depuis plus d’un mois) et parfois du yoga ou parfois un entrainement NTC (où je souffre alors que je prends le niveau débutant, mais c’est pas grave).
    Je préfère faire des trucs variés qu’avoir un planning, m’ennuyer et décrocher.
    Voilà !

  • Verdun June, 17 2014, 3:31 / Reply

    Garance! Try blogilates–it’s a youtube channel with actually really great pilates videos. You can do them whenever you want and the lady who does them has free workout calendars to schedule it all for you. It’s my fave!

  • At the moment I’m trying to re discover my balance. I haven’t done anything in the exercise department for way too long with as a result my muscles are weak as hell and so are my lungs after a two time collapsing experiment. I recently started with 1 day cycling, 1 day running and one day training of my upper body muscles. I hope I will pull through this time. I’m tired of asking the husband to open that bottle for me ;) xx


  • Running is a perfect cardio workout, that doesn’t take much time. You don’t have to go to a gym, change,shower etc. All You need are runningshoes and you’re good to go. I’m a big fan and am going to run a marathon in 5 months, something I thought was impossible only a year ago! Ofcourse a marathon is somewhere excessive, Just running 5k won’t even take you half an hour! Enjoy…. Love your open and inspiring blog :)

  • Madeleine June, 17 2014, 4:02 / Reply

    Barre class is a phenomenal all-body workout! It’s a must if you’re looking for some toning. Also, since you like to dance, I’d try to do some sort of dance-fitness. I’ve managed to find THE most amazing Zumba instructor (sorry, not in nyc) and the hour flies by. It’s like having a dance party in your basement when you were a kid. Regardless of what you do, finding the right instructor is the most important factor. Find someone who will inspire you and it won’t be a chore to show up.

  • I aim for 3 times a week (although when I am super busy and traveling a lot I am satisfied with 2. My work is not 9-5 so it can be hard sometimes).

    I split my gym time 50-50 between Pilates and high intensity interval training (classes only. I don’t have the self-discipline to go at it alone). The balance works for me – it is effective (I feel myself getting stronger, fitter), but I also don’t feel guilty for not going enough…

  • I recently started rock climbing with my boyfriend twice a week after I saw his body TRANSFORM after just a couple weeks.

    Seriously, it almost feels like cheating.

    Of course rock climbing isn’t for everyone – nor is it the sexiest thing (and your manicures never last longer than a few days) but you don’t feel a THING while you’re doing it.

    Here’s why I think you should try climbing:

    1. It’s challenging – No two days are ever the same when you’re climbing because there’s no singular way to climb a wall.

    2. It burns calories. FAST. – One hour (or close to) of hangin out at the climbing gym can burn over 600 cals. And it works out everything from your triceps to abs and butt (since you’re using every part of your body to climb).

    3. It’s cool. – Rock climbing is an underrated way to get fit because it sounds like something for boys, which is why a lot of girls may shy away from it at first. And that is EXACTLY why you should do it. Start a trend. Start climbing.

    Besides, creatives don’t like repetition. So why would you settle for that at the gym?

  • I think I may have actually commented on my favorite routine on this site before, but I am OBSESSED with Bar Method. Can’t tell you how it’s changed my body in ways that I couldn’t believe. I’ve always been a little concerned with my legs and whether or not they come across as bulky compared to the rest of my frame. But Bar Method changed all that. And gave me great arms. AND a six pack. No, seriously, run don’t walk to the nearest studio (or go online). Don’t be fooled by the imitators, Bar is the way to go!


  • You should try the Body Rolling. I love it, it makes me feel so well that I’ve also started doing jogging twice a week!

  • Princessglee June, 17 2014, 4:21 / Reply

    This takes real commitment from me. My intent is to mix it up with Pilates, yoga and running for cardio. Gyms don’t look like any fun to me so I stay away and try to do my workouts outside, at a studio or on my livingroom/bedroom floor. I keep myself open to different kinds of exercise like biking, hiking, swimming, water aerobics, kayaking, whatever. When I’m at the top of my game, some kind of exercise happens 6 days a week. When I’m slacking, I’ve gone for months without working out. Usually happens in winter. Usually get a little depressed and wonder what’s happening and realize I’ve had no real physical activity. So I’ve learned to keep a regular schedule for Pilates or Barre at a studio twice a week. Regular schedule with Yoga at a studio once a week. Regular schedule with myself twice a week on the bedroom/livingroom floor doing Pilates and or running on the sand for a short mile . In order for this to work it has to be the first thing I do in the morning even before coffee.

  • 3 fois / semaine, des cours en salle, j’alterne, cours de bodyscult, bodybalance, bodytrucmuche :-), abdo-fessiers & co. Du coup, je ne me lasse pas trop.

  • Helen A. June, 17 2014, 4:30 / Reply

    Bellydance and Bollywood dance, vinyasha yoga and bike/rollerblades – great combination for me!

  • Sun Kim June, 17 2014, 4:52 / Reply

    Rowing Tuesday, either Core Training or Pilates Thursday, Yoga Friday and Spin on Sunday for me! I feel like it is a great help to switch workout routines once in couple months.

  • Isabelle June, 17 2014, 5:07 / Reply

    Avant pour moi aussi, le sport, c’était à très petites doses. Et maintenant, j’y ai vraiment pris goût, une vrai drogue ! Cela fait un bien fou ! Mais uniquement à l’extérieur et par tous les temps, je cours 2 à 3 fois par semaine et en été en plus 1 h de tennis.

  • It’s so impressive to read all of this comments and how people training! wowow I use to swim and do yoga ….but after I got 2 kids and start my own new business , I hardly ever manage to exercise. How do mums manage to exercise ? Do they all have nannies to take care of the kids when they go to the fitness ? I can’t imagine they exercise when the kids are in beds ( they are supper tired anyway) ? or do yoga with kids….;-) I need a life change. Thank you Garance for this inspiring topic.

  • I also have two kids… It’s a struggle, but I try and do it with them. Yesterday, we biked. Or, mine are old enough to stay alone for 20 mins (a walk around the neighborhood), but not 90mins (a trip to the gym). I also stretch most days. In the evening when we’re hanging out together or morning. I get up early to get in 15-30 minutes before the rush of the morning.

  • Josephine June, 17 2014, 5:10 / Reply

    Pilates, body balance are good for flexibility and help you to relax but for me exercice means running and lately I’ve discovered Crossfit games. I love the challenge, the fact that it is a small team, that boys and girls can compete together with a lot of fun. This very demanding training increase your self-esteem and that helped me a lot with my work.
    Have a lovely day!

  • Amanda June, 17 2014, 5:14 / Reply

    I used to be a “cardio bunny” running/elliptical/spinning 35-45 minutes a day 6-7 days a week in addition to bar method but I never saw results and stayed “skinny fat.” Now, I lifts weights 6 days a week, legs/glutes 2x a week, shoulders 2x a week, back/abs, and chest/arms with 48 hour recovery between each body group. I incorporate plyo metrics between sets and it takes about 50 minutes. I only do ten minutes of cardio a day which is either hills runs, sprints or HIIT. I have never been happier with my body. I have not gained any weight but I do have sculpted arms, definition to my abs roundness to my behind. Bar method is fun but it can require months of mastery before hitting the muscle groups which a traditional squat or glute raise can do on your first workout. In my opinion, if you want Jessica Biel arms and a cute little booty, get off the treadmill and start lifting :)

  • Angela June, 17 2014, 5:15 / Reply

    I’ve always done some form of exercise, but avoided the gym for the longest time. When I did finally succumb I went for almost a decade, on and off… Then I got wind that the gym was about to close, I decided to walk before the gym closed for good. And I have been walking ever since! When
    I first started walking during (November) I felt muscles that I hadn’t known I had. I walked through Autumn into winter; and when Spring came around I was walking still. I’ve watched the seasons come and go, spelt the blossom in May, welcomed the sun in June and picked blackberries during the last week of August. I love to walk, aged 54, I am stronger and fitter that I’ve been since my early thirties. My body feels and looks the best it has done for decades. My skin glows, as for my wellbeing, this is sky high. I’ve seen the sky change from blue, to purple through to yellow, and save myself the cost of the gym over the past three years. So in answer to your question, walking, I walk because
    I can. Give it a try…..!!!

  • I am really slack compared to most of you guys! I rarely get to more than 1 Pilates session a week (it is 2hrs long though). I’d love to and intend to do more but it just doesn’t happen: I have a small child and my own business and the reality is that they are prioritized. Having said that, I’m 43 and in good shape. I do a lot of incidental exercise: I try and walk rather than drive places, take the stairs rather than lifts and elevators and never refuse a game of catch with my 5yo.
    The great BKS Ivengar said once “it’s more important to do a little dedicated practice everyday rather than a lot infrequently.” I think these are words of wisdom for all aspects of life, not just yoga.

  • Je fais le work out de Jillian Michaels et c’est assez génial. 20 min par jour (si tu souhaites juste entretenir tu fais un jour sur deux) que tu peux faire n’importe ou. Dur mais efficace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pc-NizMgg8

  • I work out 6 times per week. Its just because a I feel so good after my exercises that I need do this every day.

    I work out at gym 3 days, swim 2 days and dance ballet one day. It’s complicated do so many things, but i really try every day and give up some other activities for workout. The better is that my city have a very good traffic and my gym is near to my home.

    Lorena :)

  • Spin and yoga. Great combo.
    Yoga after work and spin first thing.
    An early morning spin class is great cardio, over quickly and you feel energized all day long.

  • Cibele June, 17 2014, 5:59 / Reply

    Since I become mother I try to put some exercise into my life, in a natural way… For example: I go to work by bike, walk to go shopping, and so on… Lately I also add in Pilates two times a week, while my kids are at school. May be is not the healthiest way but I think is working with me.

  • I agree !
    Spinning and yoga are great together .
    Spinning is very energising and gives you lots of endorphins , feel good hormones .
    Yoga is great for mind and flexibility , ok , but also incredible for strengh if you choose power yoga , believe me ! No need for strengh training when you do side planks , push ups and bunny jumps between sun salutations .
    2 to 3 sessions of each every week .
    Add a bit of cross Country ski in winter and water ski in summer on the week ends .
    45 and never been fitter :)
    It is a life saver as your age . Bon courage !

  • Workout is a very trending topic in my life right now…

    I aim for working out 4 times a week but usually it is 3. I do 2 times per week with my personal trainer, one leg-day and one upper body day. It’s quite intense, lasts 60 minutes and he really make me sweat.. (:

    Than once a week I go to the gym on my own for some cardio. Either I do 40 minutes fast walking with 10% incline, which is really good for the legs and belly (my PT told me so…) or I do HIIT on the treadmill (5 rounds of 1 minute fast running, 2 minutes slower running) followed by 20 minutes elliptical training.

    I wish my 4th workout could be a nice, few kilometers long outdoor running session, but as I travel a lot it does not happen all the time… I knooow, excuses…

    I used to do Pilates as well which I loved and will continue doing so from August in the local yoga studio, but right now I’m living in a different city. Which means once I move back I will have to say goodbye to my PT who I’m gonna miss dearly.

  • I am totally pro the dance classes and the like, they are so fun! I can’t find a good one close to me though, otherwise that would certainly be my cardio.

    I am one of the few here I guess who works out with a trainer. You have to find a trainer that you mesh with, which can take a few tries, but then… it starts to click and you will see results (esp bc they will be there to counsel you on nutrition and stuff. I text my trainer all the time with questions and just to say things like “passed on the cheese plate!” just to get a quick pat on the back).

    Of course, it’s expensive- I go twice a week, but ideally I would go 3x a week (or more!). In between the workouts I jog and I also was doing yoga once a week, but I think I’ll switch that to pilates (better for the core).

    We all know how we are supposed to work out and what we are supposed to do (move more, eat less, eat more veg and less processed food, etc), but having someone guide you through it makes it so much more doable.

    Anyway, for me, a good personal trainer has been indispensable. I started with this one in November and now am at a weight I didn’t think I would ever be able to reach without going on some sort of horrible extreme diet. Bonus: I’m actually able to wear the ubiquitous crop tops this season.

  • I absolutely agree. If it all possible to hire a trainer- go for it. It changes a lot of things and stopes you from getting into a rut.


  • Teresa June, 17 2014, 7:17 / Reply

    Why don’t you add biking to your routine?

    Also have you heard of Barre classes?

  • Le Pilates deux fois par semaine . Très agréable . Renforce les muscles profonds .
    Un peu de marche le week – end , un peu de vélo en vacances .
    Complètement intégré à ma vie , jamais d’arrêt . J’aime bouger !

  • Lauren June, 17 2014, 7:36 / Reply

    Salut Garance! Ah la la, la recette sportive magique! Je suis a peu pres au meme point que toi: j’ai ma p’tite routine – hot power yoga 3-4 fois/semaine (avec Tim a Seattle :-)), et idealement, une ptite course a pied (5-6miles). Mais etant donne que l’ete arrive a grand pas, j’ai decide d’essayer les Pilates pour la premiere fois, histoire de me mettre un peu le feu au popotin! Faudra que tu nous racontes ton experience et vice versa.


  • I am addicted to running outdoors (even in the winter) and was running 30-60k a week (5-6 days a wk) but I pulled my calf muscle on hills training last month so now I’m resting it til it heals. Running leans me out like nothing else and I just love it so much. I miss the cardio (don’t like spinning but I might try it again) so I’m going to swim until my calf heals. Incidentally, I usually finish my daily 10k morning or eve run w some planks, yoga, push-ups, tricep dips and lunges. I have done Pilates in the past too but I think I prefer yoga; I’m new to yoga but love the definition it’s giving me, and I’m thinking of trying barre as well. I also eat clean ( 90% plant based, low sugar, gf) and imo, diet & fitness go hand in hand. I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been in my 38-yr-old life. I’m a slender person but now I have muscle definition and abs despite the fact that I’m carrying an extra ten pounds due to not running as much but that will come off once I’m able to run daily again.

    I spent a year at a gym and hated it. Running on a treadmill bores me. I prefer working out outside. I sometimes run w running clubs in my city as well for the social aspect. I also bike commute as much as possible, even in the winter. And I’ve got two dogs to walk twice a day.

    If you had told me ten years ago that I would one day be a runner I would have laughed in your face. Now I’m that annoying friend who is always trying to get you to give it a try. ;)

  • Nike Training Club (app for your iphone or iPad). You can do the workouts to the music on your device, and even the 15 minute ones will certainly make you sweat! All you need is a yoga mat and a set of weights and the floor in your apartment.

  • Pilates – 2 fois par semaine (une heure chaque fois), Piloxing – 2 fois par semaine (toujours une heure chaque fois) et… pas de permis de conduire (ce qui veut dire marcher au moins 40 km par semaine et, aussi, pédaler un peu pour des déplacements moins routiniers en weekend)…

  • I work out 6 times a week (crazy…I know). But I really love it. Or have grown to love it. That’s two cardio sessions (usually running), two toning sessions (weights or pole fitness), one light exercise session (usually Yoga), and one super saturday session (Kung Fu). Each workout usually goes for about an hour – except for Kung Fu which goes for about two and a half. Sunday is my rest day. I’m pretty shattered by then.

    Reading it back, it looks like quite a bit. But it’s not. I’ve always played sports and have increased the amount of sessions as I’ve gotten older. I find it therapeutic… a good way to let go of all the stress acquired in my corporate job. Kung Fu is especially good for this (and it’s kind of quirky).
    But I’ve tried to learn to listen to my body and take an additional rest day every so often.

    I guess it helps having a partner who is the same. He used to play football semi-professionally so its kind of the only way of life for him. I think we spend more time at the Gym and work then at home. …Hmmmmm….maybe time to find some balance??

  • Go to niamow.com, and find a Nia class. You will
    Love it! I have been doing it for years! It is fun, and
    A fabulous workout for body and mind!

  • Sometimes I really think we might be the same person… haha. I have been having the same struggle! I love yoga, but got bored and started pilates… which I love. But I still try to do both. I put a post up on it last week. If you have some time check it out: http://behindthemirrorbeauty.com/2014/06/11/workout-people-love-lounge-around/

  • Try ballet! It’s all the strength/toning of pilates with some cardio thrown in.

  • Barre3, running & gardening!

  • I’m 39y with two young boys and I go on the treadmill 3 times a week for 25 minutes doing “interval training” and one session of mat pilates a week. It is the perfect combination and right amount of exercise. Your body needs recovery days. I didn’t own a treadmill before having the boys but actually its very handy for making yourself run fast for 3 minutes and slower for 2 which I find hard when running on the streets, around parks. Everyone should do pilates for injury prevention if nothing else.

    Good luck!

  • Ballet Beautiful 3-4 days a week at home, maybe a bike ride with my boyfriend on the weekends, long walks in the city in the park and healthy eating. And lots of stretching. I don’t think exercise needs to cost much money, if anything, and it helps me to break it up and do different exercises everyday. And the Ballet Beautiful dvds or streaming videos are great if you travel a lot for work.

  • blogilates or zeus on youtube! start sweating and panting like crazy. love blogi because you can mix and match your own combi and do it for however long you want.

    but i hate cardio (kind of why i do HIIT. limit to 20-30mins but you get a lot out of it) so i lift at the gym more. one hour a session. RDLs, DLs and squats. i’m lazy so these are my favourite. they work out the whole body and burn the most calories because these use your legs especially (and they’re the biggest muscle group in your body so you burn the most). also, the day after ache in the bum feels good :) hahaha

    however, the best are the social ones you can do with your friends/ family. walking, hiking, biking..

  • i’ve been using the nike+ training club app! it’s free and talks to you, and can even play your own music in the background of the workout. easy to use and nice variety in the workouts (they are mostly mat workouts, with optional use of weights).

    i always use the recumbent bike (the one where you are seated with a backrest) to warm up. starting at level 5, increasing as far as i can go every :30 until i can’t keep the watts above 70, then come back down to 5. this short warm-up doesn’t bother my knees (like running) and is just enough to get my heart rate jumping.

    plus, there are some great videos and fitness blogs. neghar fonooni is awesome, she uses weights and is all about working harder and faster vs longer (http://www.negharfonooni.com/). women always underestimate how good weights are for them–more muscle means more calories burned! plus, it’s important for our bone density as we get older to do weight bearing exercises.

    good luck! finding a schedule and exercises that work for you is a process..i would say be open to changing it up when you feel bored/uninspired. if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it…more things are exercise than people realize (flying trapeze, dance!) :)

  • Moi j’essaye de faire du sport au moins 3 a 4 fois par semaine. Je fais du vélo d’appartement au moins 2 fois par semaine 30 minutes et j’enchaîne sur une séance d’abdos fessiers, et sinon je fais de la natation 2 fois par semaine, je nage 3 km et j’alterne crawl, dos et palmes. La natation est pour moi le meilleur sport tu alternes musculation et étirements et perso a la fin d’une séance je suis autant reposée qu’après un massage.


  • natation, 1km 3 fois par semaine (enfin , j’essaie de m’y tenir) dans une piscine plein air (y compris l’hiver).

  • Ms Jane June, 18 2014, 2:58 / Reply

    GD I’m 48 and in the best shape of my life. I do two functional fitness classes a week (45 mins duration) and one yoga class. I’ve lost weight, gained some muscle and can see my abs!!! FF is a great workout cos you do everything: cardio, strength, abs and mobility. Give it a go!!

  • Nike Training Club app and Tracy Anderson + yoga, walking, cycling and running. Weights are essential as you get older, but you need to keep flexible too. Keep to a set series of exercises for a couple of weeks and then mix them up as this keeps the body on it’s toes as repetition is not good long term.

  • J’organise toujours beaucoup d’activité sportive quand je confectionne mon emploi du temps en chaque début de semaine. Et la plupart du temps je n’est pas la motivation, le temps ou la foie d’en faire la moitié…
    Bise !


  • Salut !

    Pour moi c’est gym suédoise 1 à 2 fois par semaine pour le cardio. La gym suédoise c’est super, c’est ludique, pas cher, et y’en a tous les jours à deux pas de chez moi. Ensuite, j’essaie de faire un cours de yoga en salle une fois par semaine et yoga à la maison les jours restants.
    Ca fait deux ans que je carbure à ce rythme donc je pense qu’on peut parler d’un équilibre !

  • Hi, Garance! First I really love your blog!!
    About the exercise I run for about 30-35 minutes (I have a circuit) every two days. Before going out for the run, I do 60 abs, 50 side abs for each side, and also 50 pushups for the arms.
    You don’t really have to run fast, if you can at first you can walk at a fast pace or run very slowly or combine running with walking and slowly eliminate the walk. If you like you can sign up to a running group. I really prefer running alone; I tried it with a friend but having to talk with someone it’s not as relaxing as doing on my own.
    First I started doing static bicycle at home, while doing stuff on my computer, but I needed something different and running, although a lot of people think is impossible, it relaxes me. I started our exercising about 3-4 years ago and I reached this point little by little.

  • I practice bikram yoga two or three times a week and I go for 5-10KM runs about three times a week. If I don’t have time for either I’ll do a couple of fitness blender videos at home.

  • one thing that is important is to remember that the older you get (eg. 34 plus) you lose muscle unless you actively work out to keep/gain more muscle mass. old style eastern european functional excercise with body weight progressing to weights /weighted balls is fast, effective and will get you toned up faster than yoga/pilates. I’ve progressed to now learning the olympic weightlifting moves (clean, jerk etc) and I swear to god, that really gets your body going. give it a go too – yoga /pilates is great if you have tons of time to take 3 classes a week but it won’t provide radical change and /or upkeep if that is what you need

  • I work out between 2 (I am only human) and 5 (cake) times a week. I do gym, Pilates and running. Although Pilates is INCREDIBLE, it does require a certain commitment to the timetable. It also does not work if you need to loos weight. Running is the cheapest, simplest and easiest way to get a little cardio in. You can do it anytime and anyplace.
    I think the best thing to do is to combine different types of exercise and try a bit of everything until you find your thing. x


  • Harmony June, 18 2014, 4:26 / Reply

    Perso, je n’ai pas le temps de faire du sport tous les jours mais j’en rêve. Je préfère suivre un cours plutot que de faire du sport toute seule à la maison, mais suite à un petit souci au genou, je vais devoir m’y mettre.
    Actuellement, je fais un cours de danse classique deux fois par semaine, ainsi qu’un cours de tango le week-end. Le tango, c’est fun et puis, oui, oui, ca fait bosser les muscles : la posture renforce les abdos, et comme la fille passe son temps à faire marche arrière, ca fait bosser les fesses et l’arrière des cuisses ;-)

  • Idem, quand je vois un trainer je me sens nulle. MAIS j’ai trouvé un truc qui fonctionne vraiment bien, je cours 3 fois par semaine (ça prend pas longtemps, juste le temps d’enfiler tes baskets) +- 40 minutes et 2 fois par semaine je fais un peu de “musculation” en salle de sport pour raffermir le tout.

    Réel changement en 6 mois, donc même si le trainer trouve que je n’en fait pas assez, moi je suis contente! J’ai perdu du poids, je n’ai presque plus de cellulite et on commence à voir mes abdos :-) ET le meilleur dans tout ça, je me sens bien! Courir ça vide la tête et ça fait un bien fou au moral!!


  • Valeria June, 18 2014, 4:38 / Reply

    Hi Garance,
    I have 2 young children and I’ve just started to work out again.
    I have about 30/50 min. Vyniasa yoga every night, (thanks!) (Yes, when kids sleep, not before 11 Pm.), them i go swimming 2 a week and bike almost everyday on the way to schools and back!
    I feel better, this is the only schedule I can afford now…

  • Caroline June, 18 2014, 4:40 / Reply

    C’est incroyable, en lisant les témoignages, de voir la pression qu’on se met toutes! Garance, les filles qui te lisent doivent toutes avoir des corps de rêve à ce compte-là!
    Perso, je vais à un super cours de yoga tous les samedis, j’aimerais en faire un deuxième dans la semaine et j’essaye de bouger aussi, d’être active la journée (en marchant beaucoup, grimpant plein de marches, etc.)
    Maintenant qu’il fait beau, j’ai envie de profiter du “outdoor” en allant à la campagne/ montagne/ plage.

  • I used to go to a French boxing club 2 hours sessions, times a week (8pm to 10 pm) plus 1 hour running on saturday morning, but I had a jaw injury, and no boxing anymore.

    Now I run 3 times a week 50minutes, after work, whatever the time (for some other people it is before work, but I am no an early person).
    After my run, I do 30 minutes of weight lifting for the upper part of my body, mostly boxing movements that are very efficient.
    Once a week on Saturday or Sunday morning I have la long run about 1 hour 30 before breakfast (begin by 45 minutes with no food if your body is not used to, and then add up time)

    And after any session I try to do 10 minutes stretching.

    To be honest I don’t have kids, so I have time :-)

    And gils don’t be afraid of weight lifting, it is the best way to loos weight, and without hormones you will never look like Serena Williams (who might have very naturally high testosterone levels for a woman)

  • Galina June, 18 2014, 4:49 / Reply

    Hi Garance,

    I am totally hooked on Jillian Michaels, thanks to… YOU! I’ve been doing her short workouts every other day (or even every day if I feel more energetic) ever since you mentioned them here on the blog. I never worked out before but I liked these excersises as they’re only 30 minutes long, I do them at home and they are really offering a good balance between strenght training and cardio. After 6 months or so I feel much better physically AND mentally. I feel happier and calmer!!!

    So, thank you so much for sharing your Jillian experience here some time ago. Why not try it again?


  • MissPimpin June, 18 2014, 4:55 / Reply

    Wouah ! Je me sens vraiment nuuuuulle quand je lis tous ces commentaires !!!!!!
    Je crois que le truc, c’est de trouver une activité physique (pas un sport) qui ne soit pas une contrainte, genre – selon les goûts – natation, running, marche (pour de vrai, hein), et d’avoir un sport qui soit un peu de contrainte, pour générer l’endorphine.
    Perso, je fais du rameur 1 fois par semaine, 15 minutes de corde à sauter par jour. Selon, l’humeur, l’envie (ou la peur du maillot, hein ;-)), je me laisse aller à nager 1 heure le dimanche matin, quand tout le monde dort encore
    J’ai 41 ans, je fais du 34FR, et je mange bien; je bois raisonnablement, bref, j’essaie surtout de pas trop me prendre la tête et d’être bien dans mon corps
    J’ai toujours essayé d’éviter trop de sport, sinon, tu vas être obligée d’en faire de manière intensive jusqu’au bout !!!!

  • Rowing is supposed to be an excellent training which I know first handedly, since my boyfriend is rowing Olympic champion. I used to go to his gym and did half an hour on ergometer – the rowing machine. Since than i see people have really started to incorporate rowing in more feminine ways of exercise. I think mixing up what you think is good for your body and mind is very wise. I do combine cardio training that is dance aerobic or running + muscular building exercises. In the mornings i do 20 minutes of yoga. I do exercise whenever i have time. I try to stick to that. But ever since Lauren told us about rowing I’m thinking about going back for some more ;)

  • Garance,

    Je suis exactement comme toi. Je n’ai jamais aimé le sport et je ne suis pas loin de penser que ce n’est pas très bon pour la santé de martyriser ainsi son corps par une activité intensive et trépidante- souvent incompatible avec la pratique de l’apéro festif !
    Je pense que le plus important est de s’en tenir à une activité régulière que l’on peut accomplir jusqu’à la fin de ses jours. Rien de pire que le yoyo
    Donc pour moi
    un peu de marche -je vais à pied faire mon shopping ;) waou exploit-
    j’essaie de monter les escaliers
    et 2h de yoga le dimanche

    Je suis dingue de mon cours de yoga et je pense que tu n’as peut être pas encore trouvé le tien.
    Le yoga est complet – mieux que Pilates- sans esprit de compétition, ni de performance
    et c’est ça que ton corps te rendra ;)

    Mon corps s’est transformé depuis que je pratique ainsi toutes les semaines.

    Je te souhaite vraiment de trouver un cours qui te plaise !

  • I honestly have to say it’s about what you like. I always wanted to try boxing and when I started, I just loved it! Then I tried Muay Thai and I just felt badass so I kept up with it. Tried running, not my thing. Can’t do the body pump classes as it’s too cookie cutter for me. Did some form of Barre but that was never enough. Came to conclusion that a couple of boxing/muay thai classes with one barre class was all I needed.

    I make excuses not to work out so I started going first thing in the morning. It sucked for a couple months but then your body just wakes up at 5:30am and you think “urg. I’m up, I might as well go”. It’s a slow process, but so worth it.

    Good luck!

  • Je fais des pilates depuis 3 ans maintenant et mon corps s’est métamorphosé…j’ai également énormément gagné en souplesse et ça à 30 ans passé je trouve que ce n’est pas du luxe ;)
    Après je complète avec des séances de piscine: 1 à 2 fois par semaine. Je nage 30 minutes le crawl par séance…l’avantage de la piscine s’est que ça ne blesse pas, c’est bon pour le cardio et le dos….il faut juste de la motivation pour se présenter dans le vestiaire mais une fois dans l’eau, quel bonheur!
    Ces 2 sports se complètent assez bien je trouve et surtout ils ne traumatisent pas le corps

  • Aurelia June, 18 2014, 6:56 / Reply

    Je fais 15 min de gym tous les matins weekends inclus (oui oui même le dimanche matin, avec un bad hangover). je commence par des étirements, puis j’ai trouvé mes exercices fétiches après en avoir essayé plusieurs. Je travaille les bras, les abdos, les obliques, les cuisses et les fesses.
    Je pratique cette routine depuis le mois de septembre maintenant ( accompagné d’une légère modification des mes habitudes alimentaires) je suis passée d’un 38 à un 34/36. je me sens enfin bien dans mon corps, et c’est un bon compromis pour la paresseuse anti-sport que je suis ! Pas trop d’efforts, mais suffisamment pour me booster de bon matin !!
    Bon courage à toi !

  • For me yoga, pilates, dance etc don’t do it.

    I need to run.
    It’s a matter of finding a balance both physically and mentally.
    And being a more impulsive person, I need to tire myself out, otherwise I’m restless.

    I go three times during the week, run for 5k each time, and then a longer run on the weekend outdoors.
    That’s totally doable timewise, even for a busy person. It’s about priorities too.
    During the week, usually I’m in the gym, so I add a bit of weight training after the run.

    Having tried other things, they just don’t quite do it. Running it is for me.

  • Bonjour Garance,

    Vos lectrices sont très sérieuses en effet!
    Si vous cherchez une activité facile, ludique et gourmande en énergie… je vous conseille la corde à sauter.
    C’est excellent pour la cardio, l’endurance et le maintien. En plus, c’est l’ennemi juré de la cellulite et des petites veines (vous savez, les vilaines qui se nichent derrière la jambe). Et cerise sur le gâteau, il suffit d’en faire un quart d’heure par jour pour constater des résultats rapides.. A coupler avec une séance de running + quelques séries d’abdo et le tour est joué!
    PS: sans compter la séance nostalgie de ce geste répété si souvent dans la cour de récré!! Pour ma part à chaque fois que j’en fais je pense à Rocky…motivation garantie!

  • Ksenia June, 18 2014, 7:59 / Reply

    I work out 5 times a week, and I also mix activities. Yoga, cardio, jogging (or swimming pool in winter) and exercises for separate groups of muscles, for which I use short videos and do several in a row. I do all that at home (except jogging), because nothing in the world can make me spend time walking or driving to the gym, carrying all the stuff I need with me etc. It’s so much easier to do everything in the morning before going to work!

  • Elizabeth June, 18 2014, 8:14 / Reply

    Really the most important thing is to find something that you love, then you are much more likely to do it & keep doing it.
    I tried so many different things and have settled on ashtanga yoga self practice in the morning (6x per week) with workshops every now & then to stop me getting into bad habits, 4 studio pilates classes & 1 gyrotonics individual class per week: I pre-book, pre-pay & go after work (if I go home I won’t go out again, if it’s an option I’ll leave it for today). I also walk briskly at lunchtime and walk to meetings when I can. People often suggest that I should add other things but I know that I would not run/do aerobics/go the a gym and the real benefit is in doing something, consistently. I’ve been doing yoga since 1995, pilates since 1996 and gyro since 1999, they suit my temperament and have a wide enough repertoire that I never get bored and can adjust the level if I’m under the weather or injured. My dad (never an exerciser) has been doing pilates once a week sine 1996 too & he’s 80 now; when he was 70 he could touch his toes for the first time in his life & he finds it helps him continue with gardening, DIY etc.

    So try lots of things & do what you love

  • Vous êtes tellement sportives !!! Ça me motive à mort!

  • Nicole June, 18 2014, 8:47 / Reply

    Pier 25 has the most amazing Beach Vollyball set up….would be so much fun, I’m in!

  • Oh, you touched my week spot :) I am the biggest lazy person in the world, but when I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, I had to start exercising. Several years later, I have no neck or back pains, and I can’t imagine my life without exercise. I still dread the day when I have a training, though :)

    I exercised high impact aerobics for four years, 3 or 4 times a week, and occasionally, tried yoga and basic pilates, which I found too slow and boring for me. But, this year, I found a great kick fit pilates class 3 times a week, with a lot of push ups, squats and medicine ball exercises, I added plus intense cardio one time per week and it’s great! I can see a big difference in my body, and most important for me, I feel very strong, like I can do anything. Before, I felt all mellow and soft :) I still don’t have a great body, I have lots of weight to lose, but I’m getting there. Also, I bike to work, but because my bike is single speed old school bike that you have to ride slowly, so that doesn’t count as exercise :)

  • Andrea June, 18 2014, 9:46 / Reply

    C’est très simple Garance, quand les top models ont sortis leur cassettes de fitness je les ai toutes achetées: Cindy, Claudia, Elle Mc Pherson. Vu que ces cassettes ont été élaborées avec de vrais profs, je n’ai pas besoin d’un coach (programmes de 30 à 45 min). Je les alterne avec encore des DVD de Katy Ireland. Je viens finalement de remonter mon vélo d’appart qu’il a fallu démonter pour le déménagement et c’était compliqué + j’essaye de courir 2 fois par semaine quand il fait beau (pas pour la performance mais pour muscler les jambes et le côté cardio) + en même temps je saute à la corde.
    A Los Angeles il y a salle de gym et piscine dans l’immeuble alors là c’est plus simple.


  • I hate exercise with a white-hot passion! Yech. I’ve also got a history of injuries – back and knees – so when you factor that in, things like jogging, cycling and high-impact stuff are strictly a no-go for me. I tried yoga but the instructor kept cracking me up with her earth mama murmurings (“give the heaviness of your scapula to the earth. . . “) and some of the “relaxing” that was going on in the yoga studio was definitely unwelcome. I did pilates too but started to get bored pretty quickly. I don’t do well when focusing on myself or trying to do something all on my own. Motivation takes a nose dive and I find about a million other things I’d rather do.

    I find I do better when it’s stuff I like to do – in my case, I keep fit in my garden and working with my horses. It’s way more engaging, fun and hard, heavy work (if you want a cardio workout, try convincing a thousand pounds of no to follow you through heavy snow. That’ll do it – trust). Results? Pretty wicked shoulders and upper body strength, pretty meh midsection! Riding also helps with the back and knees because while you’re using your butt and legs, there’s not really a lot of weight on them. If you sit on a horse like a sack of spuds, you won’t reap any benefits. But if you’re RIDING the horse, you’ll feel it the next day fer sure.

    I recently fell in love – utterly and irrevocably – with surfing. I’ve always been a water baby so surfing has captured my heart in a big way. Because I love it, I am actually looking into personal training so that I can do it better. Fitness for fitness’ sake? Not going to happen. Fitness for surfing’s sake?? I can do that. It’s all about finding your personal motivation, your exercise frequency. Think of it as training. . . I’m doing this so that when I hit the waves, I can get a full day in, love every moment of it and come back for more tomorrow.

    Hope you find your thing – whatever it looks like!

  • Catherine Taret June, 18 2014, 10:22 / Reply

    One word : anti-gymnastique !
    A friend recently told me about it and I’ve just read the super inspiring book by Thérèse Bertherat :
    Franchement, je ne suis pas sportive mais à 39 ans, même si j’aime bien la manière dont mon corps s’épanouit, devient plus féminin, je me dis qu’il est temps de commencer à en prendre soin, à avoir plus de muscle, plus d’énergie, en trouvant la façon la plus juste (pour moi). Bref, je pourrai t’en dire plus quand j’aurai commencé, c’est-à-dire … dès la semaine prochaine! Mais rien que la lecture du bouquin est cool:-)
    Good luck !

  • Alice R June, 18 2014, 10:48 / Reply

    Pour le moment c’est encore dans mes rêves … Bientôt j’en ai fini avec les études et les déménagements tous les six mois! Donc dés que je m’installe, j’aimerais faire du sport 3-4 fois par semaine.

    Une combinaison de natation et d’aviron (le vrai hein, pas en salle de gym).
    Et du yoga deux fois par semaine, pour continuer un peu dans la méditation.
    J’aimerai bien dire que je vais me mettre au pilates, mais je pense que je n’aurai pas le temps, ni l’envie, car c’est trop “classes de gym” pour moi.

    A parcourir rapidement les commentaires, je réalise qu’effectivement, se concentrer sur trois choses dans la journée est suffisant.
    Et je suis convaincue que commencer sa journée au petit matin pour aller faire une activité (physique ou non) dans la nature permet de mettre de la distance dans tout ce qu’on fait. Juste aller se balader 30min dans un parc en vélo, pour le plaisir. Ça donne une autre dimension ta journée je pense.

    Courage dans tes nouvelles bonnes résolutions!

  • Caroline June, 18 2014, 11:06 / Reply

    Je fais du hot yoga, mais je suis souvent trop paresseuse pour y aller après le boulot. Depuis 2 semaines, je fais quotidiennement le 7 minute workout et j’aime beaucoup! Trois fois par semaine, je fais du vélo stationnaire dans mon salon environ 30 minutes avec un bon roman. J’ai aussi une petite routine workout où je combine exercices qui ciblent fesses, cuisses, abdo et bras que je fais devant une série télé. Je dois combiner sport et plaisir, sinon ça ne passe pas. J’aimerais aimer le jogging, mais je déteste complètement!

  • Coucou ! Après 3 années de cardio 2h par semaine, j’ai trouvé un nouvel équilibre en troquant 1h du dit cardio pour 1h de yoga. Plus le temps passe, plus cette nouvelle combinaison me fait du bien. Je commence à tester le pilate, je sens qu’à terme je ferai 1h de yoga 1h de pilate en salle et 40 minutes de jogging en exterieur! Avec le temps qui passe, et même si je n’ai que 30 ans, j’ai l’impression que le corps envoie des signaux bip bip bipppp quand tu trouves la bonne combinaison. En tout cas, j’arrête le sport “violence” !

  • Hah ! tricky one…but I think i found my balance sort of thing

    it fluctuates depending on where I am ….if Europe or California but generally :

    3 times a week level 3 yoga , classes are 2 hours long and include about 30 chaturangas….brutal

    3 times a week a big walk at least 1 hour long….with lots of uphills..

    if in the city I walk everywhere anyway….sometimes 3 or 4 hours a day

    In the winter I go to the gym 3 times a week to do 1 hour of treadmill and some light ( 5 pound ) weights

    and I stretch religiously for 10 minutes every morning before I do my transcendental meditation

    i would go to the pool too but I hate public pools


  • Cristiana June, 18 2014, 11:27 / Reply

    Ciao! Cardio + upper body weights twice a week and pilates (Alisa Wyatt) twice a week. Pilates can be boring, but it is incredibly effective and good for the back. I tried everything but I keep going back to it.

  • I’ve been doing the NY Times 7-minute workout! 12 exercises (push ups, squats, triceps dips, sit ups etc…) 30 seconds each (to the max)… 10 seconds rest in between. Pretty intense and it’s over quickly. I built up to doing it twice through. Great app for it on iTunes. Use the blue one with a big 7. Good luck!

  • I work out 4 times a week (Monday – Thursday). Fridays and the weekends are for your muscles to relax and to eat a little more than you normally would on a weekday; it’s the weekend after all, and that’s why we exercise!

    My boyfriend is very against paying for a membership at the gym which is slowly trickling into my belief now. He’d rather spend a one time fee on equipment and exercise in your own home. I’ve always worked out at home (free), go to the track around my house (also free!), bike (free after paying for a bike!), and hike (free, just pay for gas!).

    My workout routine on Monday and Wednesdays are all about glutes and squats. 200 squats total with 20 lb weights (4 sets of 50), and additional glute workouts in between the sets.

    Tuesday and Thursdays are all about toning my arms. My boyfriend has taught and coached me in how to do curls correctly. I do 3 sets of 10 for each workout: overhead extension, bicep curls, triceps extensions, triceps curls, dips, and three additional exercises that I do not know the names of (whoops!).

    I used to agonize over how I’ll fit working out into my schedule, but after I stopped bitching about me needing a membership and actually buying weights, I find time an hour after I eat dinner at night. Make sure your dinners are light and be sure you’ve digested all your food! I no longer feel like I have trouble fitting this in my schedule, I NEED to put this in my everyday schedule or else I’ll feel unaccomplished!

  • LadyLama June, 18 2014, 1:42 / Reply

    Lundi: 1h de body pump
    Mardi: 1h de body attack
    Mercredi: repos
    Jeudi: 1h jumpfit (mélange de boxe et de step)
    Vendredi: 45min trx
    Samedi: 45 min stretching, 1h jumpfit, 1h sophrologie, 30 min abdos fessiers
    Dimanche: 45 min corde à sauter
    Je tiens cette routine depuis septembre dernier et mon corps est transformé :-)
    Je bosse beaucoup, mais je fais une pause à l’heure du sport (vers 19-20h) et je rebosse ensuite, de chez moi.

  • Florence June, 18 2014, 2:46 / Reply

    Je fais du vélo stationnaire chez moi tous les jours… et ça a changé ma vie. J’ai commencé en écoutant Sex and the City pendant que je pédalais. Comme une dingue, tous les jours. Un bon 25 minutes de vélo devant Carrie et New York. Les premiers jours ont été difficiles, mais après peut-être deux/trois semaines d’efforts, et de petits résultats (je ne faisais pratiquement aucun sport avant, oups), j’ai commencé à aimer ça, au point au aujourd’hui, 5 ans après avoir commencé, je ne peux pratiquement pas m’en passer.

    Je ne suis pas très sportive, je ne me conterai pas d’histoires, mais ça me permet d’écouter la télé ou des séries, tout en bougeant (suant surtout) plutôt qu’en me goinfrant affalée sur mon sofa. Depuis, mon métabolisme est devenu ultra rapide, je n’engraisse pas facilement, j’ai de belles jambes musclées et galbées, et je suis accro à l’endorphine que ça me procure. Je combine quelques exercices d’adbos au sol avec ma routine avant ou après mon entrainement sur bicyclette, et voilà, le tour est joué.

    J’ai trouvé ma recette miracle! Plus de cours, plus d’horaire et plus de comparaison avec les autres en classe de gym : le bonheur!

  • Coucou Garance!

    Pour moi le sport est avant tout un style de vie, un bien être, une manière d’être bien dans sa tète et dans son corps! Je vais tous les jours en vélo au travail, qu’il pleuve, qu’il neige, ça fait un bien fou, en une demi heure le matin et le soir on a le temps de faire le point sur sa journée, rêver, organiser sa soirée… sinon j’aime un yoga a l’occasion, toutes les semaines je vais grimper avec les copains et boire quelques bières après, un bon moyen de pratiquer un super sport et de socialiser! L’été comme j’habite près de l’océan, c’est beach volley party, la encore un bon moyen de se défouler et de profiter des amis en même temps! Voila pour les sports quotidiens..sinon le week end, on part souvent dans les montagnes ou profiter de l’océan, et la on a le choix entre une multitude d’activités sportives! Il parait que le pilates est vraiment bien, j’avoue ne pas supporter les salles de sport et l’ides de faire du sport uniquement pour se muscler me rebute un peu!

    Bonne recherche de ton équilibre !

  • It is super tough trying to balance a workout into everyday and everyone has different schedules. I have very recently, found a regimen both eating healthy and fitness that is really working for me. I wanted to loose those last sticky pounds, but in a healthy way and one I can maintain (no juice cleanses). I eat quite a lot, but stick to small meals and no processed foods. For my workouts, I aim to 5-6 days a week, 1 day Soul Cycle, 3 days 30 min runs, 2 days ballet beautiful (just a quick 15-30 minute video). I am not a gym person and I get bored quick, so switching it up really helps, and you should switch every 4-6 weeks to keep your body in check.
    Hope this helps!! xoxo

  • It’s a really hard thing to fit in your workouts and make them a priority into a busy schedule, so you definitely have my sympathies! I don’t have kids (yet!), so am lucky to have a bit more time on my side. I wake up at 5:30am every morning, do a half hour workout, work from 7:00am-5:00pm, come home and do another half hour. I aim to do this 6 days a week, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I want to sleep in one morning. I do Ballet Beautiful and it is AMAZING, in four weeks I toned up so much, my butt in particular is looking much perkier, and I’ve lost super stubborn cellulite that I thought I would be stuck with forever. What’s so fantastic about her workouts is that they are broken down into short bursts so if you can only fit in 15 minutes or half an hour, you can tailor it to fit in your schedule. Plus Mary Helen Bowers trains VS Angels, so what’s not to love? Check her out, I promise you’ll love her!

  • Yes! Moving half an hour a day and not overdoing it (and throwing in rest days). I really believe it isn’t healthy to work out an hour and a half per day, not to mention impossible. I run, do weights – hard workouts but not too hard. Short and consistent wins every time.

  • I don’t think of myself as being very sporty, but ever since I had a burnout I love going to the gym 2, sometimes 3 times a week. For me the trick is to follow group classes. I really like body pump and the results that it given me: my arms, my legs, my but! If time allows I also do body combat which is really good for your core. First I was always bit hesitant about the gym; the loud stupid music. But that music really helps with doing squats! Also I go to a small gm, because I fund out that I don’t like really large gyms where everything is much more anonymous. So find out what setting you like best. For me the trick is to go after work ‘on my way’ to home. Don’t go home first, then you want to stay on that couch! Also, I have made it a routine to go on monday and wednesday evening, something big needs to happen before I don’t go. I try to plan my work that I finish on time these days, and social dates I plan after work out, not instead of them.

  • I’m lucky to live near the beach so go soft sand running most mornings, but now it’s turned a bit colder here in Australia I’ve started Xtend Barre classes.They are amazing, a mix of pilates and ballet. An intense fun one hour workout that leaves you feeling amazing and sore in the right places…

  • Jillian June, 19 2014, 4:15 / Reply

    Just walk! Even better if you have a little dog that forces you outside every day for 30-60 minutes.

  • marion June, 19 2014, 5:27 / Reply

    moi je fais yoga j’ai un peu mis le pilate de cote mes va le reprendre car sa marche super bien sinon je fais un peu de cardio et muscu

  • I play basketball 2-4x a week basically anytime I can I will go and play pick up at the outdoor courts near my work, but I do miss hatha yoga! I also try to walk as much as I can and fast, occasionally I dance on the weekends ;)

  • J’ai eu un enfant il y a un an dont j’ai décidé de m’occuper à plein temps, et ça, y a pas plus prenant comme job! Je faisais beaucoup de sport (cardio, muscu) avant d’être enceinte. Comme je n’arrive pas à m’organiser pour avoir 2 heures dispo pour aller dans une salle, je viens ENFIN de me décider à investir dans un appareil de fitness que j’adore: l’élliptique. C’est encombrant, moche, mais j’en fais 50 minutes 4 ou 5 fois par semaines pendant la sieste de mon fils, et c’est génial! J’aimerais compléter avec du Pilates en cours DVD ou appli Ipad, mais je ne sais pas laquelle acheter, si tu (ou qui que ce soit) a un conseil à me refiler, je suis preneuse! Le cardio c’est salvateur, ça se sent quand la séance est terminée, alors n’hésite pas, fonce!

  • pauline June, 19 2014, 11:45 / Reply

    I DO NOTHING (and now i feel bad)

  • Kerstin June, 19 2014, 1:08 / Reply

    This 50 year old believes in good old fashioned weightlifting three days per week. One day, arms. One day, legs. One day, chest-back-shoulders. For cardio, long brisk walks. When the weather is nice, I walk outside. When it’s not, I’m on the elliptical. I listen to podcasts outside and watch movies inside. A strong core is possible just through weight lifting. The flab on top of the muscle only comes off with a clean diet and consistent cardio. Do what you love and do it every day. One of my fellow weightlifters is 69 and has been following this regimen for 30 years. The only medication he takes is for glaucoma. Needless to say, he’s in fantastic shape. His advice? Just keep moving.

  • Marge Le Flambeur June, 19 2014, 5:13 / Reply

    I’m finally getting back into a workout routine after putting on 30 pounds in last 8 months or so. Yikes! But, that coincided with falling in love, so I’m not all that concerned since clearly I’m meant to be a bit plusher than I was. I’d just like to fit back into my clothes.

    I don’t run and I don’t like the gym. I’m clueless as to how to use most of the machines and I can’t afford a personal trainer. I have no motivation to do it at home (I’ve tried and I don’t stick with it.) Also, I’m not a morning person: I will never, ever go workout before going to work, so ideally I need group classes in the later evening or later on the weekends. That cuts out a lot of options.

    I’m in New York. I don’t care if I’ve got a 6-pack. I just want slightly slimmer hips (so I fit back into my clothes: I put on all weight in my hips and ass) and, primarily, to feel better. That means, for me, some good stretching and good ab/core work, mostly through yoga and barre classes.

    I’ve subjected myself to Flybarre; most recently I spent the entirely time cursing under my breath and my abs hurt for days. I’m sticking with Todd’s classes because he’s fun and awesome, and I don’t hate everyone and everything as much with him. Physique Mat classes are supposedly easier than regular Physique, but they’re like pilates mat on crack. I don’t hate that class, but I sadly can’t really afford a regular Physique habit, but I wish I could. Core Fusion at Exhale makes me want to kill people.

    I’ve recently returned to Strala Yoga, and really, it strikes the balance of being fun and getting a really good workout. It’s a yoga class with serious abs and core stuff, they play good music, everyone is chill, and it’s fun. Yoga Vida’s restorative and deep/slow flow classes are really nice as well, and they have better (read, later) hours than Strala.

  • Hélène June, 19 2014, 5:13 / Reply

    Je suis un cours de barre au sol jazz par semaine depuis 1 an 1/2 et je vois vraiment la différence !
    Pour avoir des résultats, c’est important d’être régulière. Cette barre au sol comprend beaucoup d’exercices de Pilate, ce cours est génial et j’adore ça. C’est à Paris.

  • Katy Rose June, 20 2014, 12:54 / Reply

    Rowing is fantastic! I rowed for four years on a competitive school team and was in great shape the whole time. People always say they could never row because their arms and backs aren’t strong enough, but in fact using the rowing machine mostly works out your legs because of the sliding seat. So, it’s more likely that rowing would make your legs stronger and not bulk up your shoulders.

    If you’ve never rowed before I would definitely suggest taking a class on the rowing machine because a lot of people injure their backs from rowing with incorrect form, but it is pretty easy to learn. I would start with 5 or 10 minutes pieces on the erg (shorthand for the rowing machine) and then work up to longer 20-30 minute pieces. Anyways, rowing would be great to mix in with yoga/running or any other exercise routine! xx

  • Frances June, 20 2014, 4:50 / Reply

    Exercise itself is the motivation to me. I just love the feeling of sweating from working out.
    I go hiking every morning around 4KMs before work, and luckily we’ve got a gym just on the 5th floor of office building where i can join the class of dancing, yoga, body combat, pilates, and belly at lunch time, making me feeling just great afterwards and refreshed.
    On weekends i always go cycling around 60 KMs on the mountain side to see beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air, by doing so, feeling totally refreshed and relaxed both mentally and physically.

  • I go 2 times in week in gym, and is enough! Is not true must be 3 times or more. If is orderly 2 times per hour is enough. And i also walk much.

  • Alors, moi c’est yoga trois fois semaine (1 fois chez moi et deux fois au studio)
    Tôt le matin parce que cela me donne l’énergie pour toute la journée … je suis du style à me réveiller avec les oiseaux … vivant sur l’Equateur c’est 6 am toute l’année.
    Une fois par semaine : 5 km de marche rapide
    Les wend : rando en famille dans les montagnes
    Bisou Garance

  • Chtoune June, 21 2014, 3:31 / Reply

    Ca fait beaucoup de commentaires donc beaucoup de conseils, mais je laisse quand même le mien : LE VELO ! J’ai eu une année très chargée pendant laquelle j’ai peu fait de sport ; mais en réalité, depuis 1 an j’utilise mon vélo pour le moindre trajet (ou alors à pied quand j’ai envie d’une balade et que j’ai du temps) : plus rapide que les transports en commun (à paris en tous cas) (!), on arrive non pas crevée mais en forme !, et mine de rien, ça met vraiment “en forme” ! Je me suis musclée des jambes, et c’est assez joli ; les ados aussi un peu. Du coup je suis devenue assez sportive, faisant entre 5 kilomètres et 25 kilomètres par jour, sans que ça ne me coûte en temps, ni que ça me paraisse trop gros : c’était juste un style de vie.
    Bref, au début on se dit qu’on utilisera jamais son vélo tous les jours, tout le temps, mais on y prend vraiment goût (j’ai commencé au printemps, ça aide) et ça devient une habitude.
    Et on se sent vachement plus en forme !

  • Aurélie June, 22 2014, 9:59 / Reply

    Avant je n’étais pas du tout sport, je dirais même que je détestais ça! Encore plus en hiver (!!!) Mais depuis que je me suis “forcée”, j’y prends plaisir et remarque la différence. Tous les jours je fais 10 minutes (ça va c’est court!) d’entraînement avec une vidéo Nike (je l’ai trouvé sur la chaîne Youtube de Birchbox France) et c’est vraiment génial, ça passe relativement vite et la coach est vraiment encourageante! Ensuite je fais la planche, en augmentant tous les jours de 15 secondes. Je vais courir une fois de temps en temps et vais à la natation 2-3 fois par mois. Pour finir, je me repose un jour sur la semaine selon mon emploi du temps.. Voilà, c’est relativement simple et on voit les résultats alors que concrètement, je ne me fais pas crevée! ;-)

  • I’m all about cross training! Pilates, swimming, walking, Nia. I can’t do anything at home. I ran for over 20 years but now I am pushing 60 (as in 60 in November) and it’s just not working so I’m doing everything else!

  • Hi Garance! I’m the girl who ran into you after yoga class last saturday :) I was so shy talking to you :)
    Want to share my experience with balance. I’ve tried different kinds of exercises and have been looking for some form of a workout which gives a good tone for the whole body and trains equally all the muscles. At the same time I’m getting bored with training just alone at home and it’s hard to push myself to mat whenI’, at home and can drink a cup of coffee while reading your blog instead of exercising :D
    But when I tried yoga it has changed my life and attitude. The teacher in yoga is very important, at lest for a first time until you gonna be ready to roll out a mat in the morning and will be desperate to stretch your body every day :) I’m addicted to yoga right now, I can see how my body has changed in a good way and I feel better emotionally and physically :)
    Pilates is another favorite thing :)
    Wish you luck in looking for a balance and was nice talking to you!
    You’re gorgeous and interesting woman!

  • Pilates twice a week, walk 3 times a week for 40 minutes

  • blackstones June, 25 2014, 2:27 / Reply

    Dès petite mes parents m’ont mis au sport (danse classique).

    J’ai fais pas mal de trucs (arrêter et repris la danse classique, basket pendant pas très longtemps, hip-hop, tae kwon do, volley-ball), mais ce qui m’a le plus plu, c’est la natation et un sport qu’on faisait avec ma tante : le Tae Bo !

    C’était génial parce que c’est un mélange de mouvements de tae kwon do, de boxe thai et de gym, du coup tu as l’impression que tu t’amuses mais en fait tu travailles beaucoup, et si tu rajoutes ses espèces de “poids” qu’on mets autour des poignets et/ou des chevilles (je ne sais plus du tout comment ça s’appel), c’est encore mieux !

    Mais bon c’était des cassettes que ma tante achetait en Angleterre, je ne sais pas si ça existe en DVD.

    J’ai arrêté le sport pendant pas mal d’années, et il y a deux ans, j’avais repris la natation. Je n’en faisais qu’une fois par semaine, une heure par jour. J’ai commencé l’hiver, tôt le matin (pour voir si j’étais “capable” d’y aller et de le refaire toutes les semaines), et j’ai gardé ce rythme-là pendant 4 mois. Je suis fumeuse et je ne te raconte pas comme ça me faisait du bien niveau cardio ! Et puis nager m’a toujours détendue, pas besoin de réfléchir, ni de se concentrer, on progresse à son rythme entouré du silence de l’eau (quand il n’y a presque personne).

    Tu travailles tellement plus dans l’eau, sans avoir besoin de forcer beaucoup (j’ai horreur de ça, je préfère m’amuser et sentir la douleur de l’effort après coup plutôt que sur le moment), et puis j’avais enfin l’occasion de dire “j’peux pas, j’ai piscine !” et que ce soit VRAI (je sais, c’est nul mais ça me fait rire). Sauf que j’ai déménagé depuis et sur Paris si tu veux une piscine de 50 mètres, il faut aller soit dans le ghetto, soit aux halles. Et comme je ne peux y aller que le dimanche soir, du coup bon….je vais me résigner et en trouver une près de chez moi quand j’aurais déménager, parce que ça me manque VRAIMENT !

    Si toutefois, tu sais où je peux trouver des DVD de Tae Bo, je suis preneuse !

  • I do Functional Trainig with a Personal Trainer 5 times a week. Is amazing!

  • roshni July, 8 2014, 7:26 / Reply

    How do you decide which workout best suits you from their long line-up of videos?

  • Mauduit July, 9 2014, 2:21 / Reply

    Moi non plus j’ai pas le temps d’aller en salle de sport, travail, enfant… Mais j’ai trouvé une super application de sport “pop sugar active”. J’en fait tous les jours selon le temps que je dispose et selon mes envies : yoga, workout… À essayer

  • I love working out, I need it to wind down after work and if I don’t I feel unhealthy.
    Exercising at home is best for me as it saves time journeying to the gym and back and I can just get on with it.

    I start the day with 5 Tibetans – which energise me for the whole day.
    After work 3-4x per week I do HIIT cardio, kettlebells and I really love Pavla Perfect Lean Body on youtube. Great ab workouts to finish off a routine.

  • Anne-Lise November, 4 2014, 11:11 / Reply

    J’essaie de me fixer la règle qui consiste à faire trois activités sportives par semaine au moins. Je me suis inscrite à une superbe salle de sport qui propose différents cours, après plusieurs tests, j’ai enfin trouvé mon équilibre à ce niveau. Le lundi ou le mardi (ou les deux!), c’est Pilates. Le mercredi, c’est Zumba. Le jeudi ou le dimanche (ou les deux), c’est “cardio abdos-fesses”.

  • Garance, start dancing! This is the best way to keep beautiful body (it is a combination of cardio, streatching and every workout in gym, even better!) and mind and also you have possiblity to meet new people! I prefer ballroom dancing, 3 times a week. Go to some dance studio and have fun!

  • I run every other day like clockwork, always outside. I started running a few years ago, and to get myself to do it, made it a rule that I would go outside no matter what the weather is. It’s actually really nice to run in the rain sometimes, and in the snow! Running is free, so anyone can do it, and despite a very busy schedule, I always manage to squeeze it in — unlike going to the gym or a class, the only time spent is on the exercise itself, and you can lace up and go straight from home. I’ve felt much less restless, happier, and much healthier since I started running, though I do think that ideally, I’d be mixing it up with some swimming or yoga.

  • Valerie June, 4 2016, 8:20 / Reply

    I alternate jogging on a mini trampoline while wearing ankle weights with heavy bag boxing. 1 song each thing, so 3/4 minutes then switch, for 30 minutes or so. I also bike 2 miles each way to work as often as possible. I to workout 4 days a week. Oh, and I use the DVD that comes with these curved kettle bells, when I have it in me. :)

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