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Navajo Nation

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Navajo Nation

This week the Navajo Nation became the #1 in the USA for Dikos Ntsaaígíí-19 (COVID-19) positive per capita.

For almost 2 months now, Amy Yeung – a former fast-fashion exec and the founder of Albuquerque-based Orenda Tribe – and her collaborators have been working around the clock on creating solutions to bring critical aid to the Diné? communities dealing with this crisis.

How to be of service?

1. AMPLIFY to get the message out, create connectivity and kinship.

2. DONATE money for masks, PPE and food. In partnership with @ndncollective all proceeds do directly to the Navajo Nation.

3. SHOP Orenda’s SPREAD LOVE + SHINE LIGHT auction. Again, 100% of proceeds are going back to weekly spends on critical aid for those in need.

4. MAKE masks. More info via [email protected]

Words by Alison Beckner

Photo of Amy by Pierre Manning


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  • Leslie May, 24 2020, 1:22 / Reply

    Thank you so much for highlighting how COVID is impacting our indigenous relatives! I just made (another) donation through the Spread Love + Shine Light Auction for an item that will support both Dine and Hopi people. Please also be aware that Hopi are geographically surrounded by Dine and are receiving far less resources during this time, and are extremely at risk as well. If possible, please donate to funds that will support both tribes.
    Please take care of yourselves, and let’s continue to take care of each other in these days. We are all related.

  • This woman is incredible. She’s right down the street from me. She’s doing great things for the community and the Dine and Hopi. Thanks Amy!!

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