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Net-A-Porter Live

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Net-A-Porter Live

They ordered what to where??!

Okay, so everyone at the studio is totally intrigued by the Net-a-Porter ads running on the site lately.

First, a disclaimer — Net-à-Porter never asked me to talk about their ads.

It’s just that I find their Net-à-Porter Live program so fascinating that I had to talk to you about it. First, it kind of gives you vertigo about how much people shop around the world (It. Never. Stops.), and then, it also creates funny reactions when you see who’s shopping where.

Christiana even spent a day tracking what was happening on there, or should I say, what was happening in our mind as we were watching the shopping carts pop on there…

“7:03am Someone in L.A. is buying Spanx, maybe I should consider… wait, what time is it there?!!

9:44am A Michael Kors dress was bought in Kalamazoo, Michigan (where could this person be going?). A black dress from The Row and leather Saint Laurent skirt were bought in New York (so predictable).

11:12am So many capes are being bough across the U.S.!!! Is my favorite Chloe cape about to be sold out? Yes, yes it is. Also a gold-plated Dolce & Gabanna crown is trending in Beijing? I won’t even ask.

12:57pm A teddy bear phone case from Moschino in Durham, North Carolina and L’Agent lingerie in Merrick, New York (it’s official, we know too much.)

3:28pm A-line skirts from Marni are trending on the West Coast, should I dust off mine for work tomorrow? Also that black dress from The Row is still popping up for New York, in case you could still distinguish one person dressed in black from another in this city.

3:33pm (5 minutes later…) Additional afternoon thoughts: are those Falke leg warmers only relevant in Michigan? Maybe I’m fit enough to have a Flashdance moment…

6:23pm Australians are buying Zimmerman swimsuits, which has me rethinking my over-excitement about this chilly Fall weather we’re having. Vitamin D > Cute boots.

9:35pm McQueen, Altuzarra and Valentino in the carts (must be a chic hour to shop!).

What shopping trends do you think will stick around for a while? Does seeing what other people are buying impact how you shop?


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  • Je pense qu’en effet, voir les achats d’autres personnes peut nous donner des idées et nous créer des envies ! Dangereuse invention, donc. ;-)


  • i have never shopped online…

  • That’s the future of shopping online! Can you imagine if you could see on Facebook what your girlfriends buy? I think it would totally influence the way we shop… Net A Porter has it all figured out!
    Xoxo! Cory

  • Oh yes… this whole business of who is buying what on NAP is crazy. I always thought NAP was silly to sell leg warmers and unattractive bracelets…till I saw them drop into shopping baskets…but I suppose that’s what people really want!

    I ran into Natalie Massanette (spelling?) once in London…but I wasn’t sure that it’s her. I want to kick myself for not talking to her. NAP is bookmarked on my computer and I check it every single day. Addictive.

    Great shopping and an amazing business!

  • Ça ne m’influence en rien mais cette page est un vrai spectacle. J’adore!

  • Pas forcément influencée mais médusée, ça oui !!! Tellement drôle ! D’ailleurs, j’aimerais bien savoir si ces données sont vraies ou bien si certaines (celles de qui regardent quoi) sont gonflées ! :)

  • Hahaha what a fun post! And super fascinating that you can track the online shopping on NET, didn’t know!

  • Thanks for showing this and I love your sense of humor! It’s quite enchanting to watch and it makes me want to SHOP :) So I guess mission well accomplished, NAP.

  • Curious why you’d think someone in Kalamazoo, Michigan shouldn’t be buying a fabulous dress? You should realize that there are people with money and great taste everywhere who use Net a Porter, Neiman Marcus online, etc. to buy what they need. It’s a big world with lots of fashionable people…believe it or not ! Sometimes it’s good to get outside of your fashion insider bubble and learn more about the big world around you. Companies like Net A Porter survive precisely because people want great fashion everywhere.

  • This sounds so fun!
    I now know what I’ll be doing while in my classes tomorrow….


  • Fascinant! J’avoue que cette innovation de NAP m’avait échappé… J’imagine que c’est très efficace: on s’aperçoit que tout le monde achète, on est moins seule derrière son écran et son clavier… on est confortée dans son envie, rassurée d’avance… Mais seuls les très grands sites peuvent se le permettre! They are really, really good at NAP!

  • C’est pour créer la même bataille à l’achat que pendant le premier jour des soldes? Sauf que là il y a LA TERRE ENTIERE :)
    Perso je préfère faire mon shopping bien tranquille sur mon canap’ sans voir la foule qui se presse

  • Mon Dieu, ce truc est fascinant!!!
    Quand je vois le même objet commandé plus de 3 fois en moins d’une minute, je ne peux pas m’empêcher de me dire qu’il me le faut: ce truc est démoniaque!

  • c’est drôle je me posais cette question récemment. la fille qui vient de tomber dans le tourbillon des video beauté sur youtube 15 ans après. je me demandais pourquoi les gens faisaient des video dece qu’ils ont acheté. qui ça interesse vraiment? finalement ça m’interesse , découvrir des marques, des bons et mauvais commentaires ça influence grandement. surtout quand on voit un même produit passer partout. je suis si faible
    donc pour répondre à la question OUI ça mintéresse de savoir ce que les gens achètent

  • C’est délicieusement dangereux et tentant…

  • I’m mesmerized by all that traffic of clothes. And how much money people spend! I can look at that for hours, though! Givenchy pants to Móstoles, Spain???? I’m from Madrid and I can’t believe it! how is anyone in Móstoles buying Givenchy??? You have to know Móstoles to understand my surprise… Anyway, it’s absolutely fascinating!!!

  • While I’ve never actually bought anything on net a porter (so much $$$!) I love their whole set-up and believe that they are the future of online shopping. Love that they’re more than just clothes- and their magazine is actually good!

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