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No shampoo?

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Alright, alright, alriiiiighhhhtttt.

Yes, I wash my hair everyday. A lot of you commented on the routine post about how bad it is to wash it everyday…

First let me tell you that I will skip a wash on the weekends, but I would be lying if I told you it was for any other reason than I get lazy (it’s usually Sunday). And also let me tell you that I love showering. I love feeling clean. I love the feeling of clean hair. I’ve tried dry shampoo and it doesn’t always cut it for me.

Okay. Now that that’s over, I’m open to your suggestions for battling my hair drama in another way. Should I try this “no poo” thing? Train my hair to go without a shampoo for a few days…how long does it really take to be “train” your hair? Is it really so bad that I do wash it everyday? Can’t I just be that girl?


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  • C’est vrai que le shampoing tous les jours ce n’est pas l’idéal pour les cheveux, mais je comprends ton envie d’avoir les cheveux propres tous les jours. Moi je les lave une fois tous les deux jours, mais parfois je leur laisse quelques jours de repos en plus surtout lors de weekend cozy à la maison


  • i wash my hair once a week. i believe every day is excessive! :)

  • I totally felt the same way as you, but my hairdresser convinced me to try shampooing every other day for a week. He said it takes about a week to get used to it – and he’s right! You can still shower every day, just invest in a good shower cap. I’m now at the point where my hair actually looks and feels better on the second day, without a shampoo. Try it! Good luck!

  • Don’t worry, you’re not alone – I can’t stand not washing my hair every day:)

  • As far as I know, washing your hair everyday is pretty bad… You’re removing the “oily thing” or your hair too often which, at the end, makes your hair get worse… (+/- that’s what my dermatologist said to me once). Apart from that, the “removing” makes your hair produce more oily substances… and that’s a vicious circle. What you can try is this (example): wash your hair Sunday evening, then wait until Tuesday morning to wash it (before going to work)… that way you will have kept 1+1/2 days (in your head will be 2 days) without washing your hair. This has two advantages: 1. It’s actually “not washing your hair everyday”, 2. This psychological technique will help you to get used to it and stopping this wrong necessity you have (jajajaja)

  • That´s a very good advice!!
    I have the saim dilema and sometimes instead of not washing it at all the 2nd day I just enter in the shower adget it wet, but don´t apply anything. What do you think? Has anyone tried it?

  • Ana, I took your advice and did this– I’ll let you know how it goes :) So far, my brain seems okay with it! x Alex

  • I was going through the same dilemma several months ago and decided to start washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar a la the ‘no poo’ method. I was doubtful as to whether or not it would work, but six months later I am still using it and during a recent trip to the salon, I was told my hair was some of the healthiest mthe stylist had ever seen. I really only wash it once or twice a week. Normally I will wear it down for two or three days and then contrive some sort of braided updo for the rest of the week. It saves so much time and eliminates the greasy hair issue.

  • Hello Sonia! I’m having the same dilemma… Do you only wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar or still shampoo it every other time?

  • try this:

    she has long hair now and based on her blog she’s still practicing it.

    best of luck!

  • Fashionista07 February, 23 2014, 12:36 / Reply

    Moi je fais pareil que toi, je me lave les cheveux tous les jours! Et pareil, plein de gens me disent que c’est mauvais… Mais moi je dis NON :)
    Pour compenser, je ne mets pas beaucoup de shampoing (car ils ne sont pas vraiment sales), je les sèche presque jamais (sauf genre brushing en cas de truc Very Important) et je ne les lave pas le dimanche (ça c’est parce que j’ai la flemme).
    Et ben moi je dis, ils se portent SUPER bien mes cheveux et même mieux que d’autres filles!
    J’aime bien me sentir bien dans mon corps tous les jours et du coup dans mes cheveux ;)

  • +1
    I do shower everyday. Not half shower (!) which doesn’t include washing hair. Hair is my part of body which soaks all the bad smell either from outside (while walking by the fried street food stalls) or from what I eat (garlic and all those strong spices -not that I eat everyday..) In conclusion without washing hair, it is half shower which is not enough to make me feel fresh while my hair still has the traits of yesterday..

  • I used to wash it once a week, on saturdays. Normally on thursday i’d put drye shampoo on and it would hold perfectly until saturday. However,I cut it above my shoulders a month ago and maybe now i feel like washing it a bit earlier as it seems greasier… But just a day or 2, I still like it better on days 3 and 4.

  • No, It’s totally fine to wash your hair everyday! My dermatologist told me that my scalp needed the exfoliation, and I’m inclined to agree with her. Plus, my hair just looks better when it’s clean. Don’t bother with the no poo movement if you like having clean hair. Just keep doing your thing!

  • Albertine,NYC February, 23 2014, 7:29


    God bless your dermatologist!

  • It depends on who you listen to….World renowned British Trichologist Philip Kingsley (who created the Elactizer for Audrey Hepburn) advises washing the hair everyday. I don’t know why people think it’s bad to do this…..they don’t know the real reason why but because it’s something they heard from somewhere..

    Google Philip Kinglsey up and you an read all you need to know

  • eastvillagesiren February, 23 2014, 3:02

    Good reference, Jessica. Thank you.

  • dont worry, that´s ok if you wash your hair everyday…dont listen all the comments,, kiss

  • Been there done that. You can still enjoy your time under the shower, just get a shower cap! Nevertheless, I’m still curious as to what the professionals think of letting your hair get wet everyday while still using shampoo every other day .. didn’t hear anything about that (yet)!


  • I wash my hair everyday for a while I tried the no poo thing and yes my hair looked messier in the high buns wich I loved but with time certainly noticed how my hair was falling, after some research discovered that my type of scalp was too delicate and bacterias was causing my hair loss.

  • Bon, je ne poste jamais mais là, il le fallait : le cheveux secrete le “gras” ou sébum pour protéger la fibre capillaire. Laver ses cheveux tous les jours empêchent le sébum de se former et donc de les protéger ! Et surtout, plus on les lave, plus ils régressent :)
    Bref, je pense que tout le monde sait ça, mais quand même, je tenais à le répéter. Avant, je détestais avoir les cheveux gras (j’avais l’impression que les gens ne voyaient que ça), et au fur et à mesure j’ai appris à espacer, et ils le sont de moins en moins… même si je les laves tous les deux jours quand même parce que faut pas pousser !

    Donc oui, c’est mauvais :) mais chacun fait bien comme il le sent, tant qu’on est bien dans sa tête, c’est le principal !

  • Washing hair every day is bad? Uhm, said WHO? it’s the same story like with taking a shower every mornign and every evening.Of course, you remove protective barrier of the skin, but you also remove dirt, sweat etc. After shower skin feels dry, so we apply body balm! Secon example? face! You wear make up, you remove make up. e-v-e-r-y single day. It makes skin feels dry – that’s why we need a moisturizer! Hair works pretty the same, everyday washing makes them dry? fine, we have hair oils and conditioners. I mean, come on! greasy hair, stinky body and what else? Keep washing your hair whenever you feel you need it! Unhygienic person even in Chanel dress always look disgustig!

  • Hello Alex,

    il faut absolument que tu lises l’article de cette blogueuse:

    Et si tu n’as pas le courage d’aller jusque la, je te conseille aussi d’espacer, moi c’est tous les 3 jours et c’est nickel !
    Good hairs !

  • Super article ! Merci

  • I’m the same – washing my hair way too often! But I just can’t help it, I looooove the fresh feeling after, I almost feel like a new born lol. And I still haven’t tried out the dry shampoo, shame on me, but I just have a feeling I’d freak out if there was anything more in my hair. :) No poo thing? I don’t think I can handle it, seriously. Let us know if you decide to do it :)!


  • Hi Gita! I don’t think I’m quite ready for no poo just yet… but I’m going to try washing every other day and see how my hair feels! x Alex

  • Quelle est cette nouvelle légende urbaine qui voudrait qu’avoir les cheveux qui puent et qui collent est non seulement désirable mais sain??? on croit rêver. Moi, je suis comme Garance, je me lave les cheveux tous les jours. J’ai 49 ans, une masse de cheveux blonds roux épais et ondulés, je n’en perds pas, je n’ai pas de fourches…

  • Mais ces commentaires sont remplies de bêtises! C’est affligeant! Je vous conseillerais chaudement de parcourir ce site qui est une mine d’or pour tous et toutes:

    Quand à se laver les cheveux tous les jours, c’est du grand n’importe quoi. Les shampoings sont remplis de silicones et autres merdes qui bouchent les écailles et assèchent les cheveux et quand je lis certaines qui boivent les paroles d’un dermato comme du petit lait, je suis affligé(surtout que se foutre des tas de saloperies sur le crâne, ça ne va pas rendre votre cuir chevelus plus sain). Un shampoing par semaine, voir 2 sont le nombre maximum qu’il faut se faire, et en dosage très limité. Le sebum est EXCELLENT pour les cheveux, c’est même un soin réparateur d’une efficacité redoutable quand on applique deux trois trucs tout simple pour aérer le cuir chevelus et faire glisser le sebum le long des cheveux(et ce n’est pas sale =_=, c’est la nature). Le reste du temps, il suffit de se rincer les cheveux à l’eau tiède voir froide, en massant DOUCEMENT son cuir chevelus, et en passant DOUCEMENT des coups de peignes sous l’eau pour faire descendre les poussières et impuretés. Et, ô miracle, il n’y a pas d’odeur, vos cheveux sont propres. Comment pensez vous que nos ancêtres faisaient sans le sacrô saint shampoing actuel?

  • I went down the no poo route 5 months ago and I don’t plan to go back. It has been hard, though, as the transition process was about two months and I’m still not there yet where I could wash it once a week without it getting dirty. I was it every 4-5 days. I should wait longer and let the oils from my head absorb more into the hair, so that it doesn’t get dry after washing. I have learnt that baking soda and vinegar are no good for me, so now I use egg, hibiscus flower paste or amla and shikakai powder rinse to wash my hair. On some days I shower and rinse my hair with hot-ish water to help distribute the oils. I like my hair better than I did before (washing every day or every other day, buying really expensive products, but still having hair oily at the roots and dry at the ends), but I’m still learning and sometimes it’s hard. This is my favorite blog on this method.

    I am sure that you would benefit from washing your hair a lot less frequently, and that you shouldn’t try to be perfectly clean and crisp at every moment, because you can’t be. But no poo is hard at first, especially when you have fine and/or thin hair.

  • xa. you are really mot alone. Have a nice day.

  • Alex,
    I wanted so badly to be a no-poo girl. I have tried it many times. I’ve tried the baking soda wash/vinegar rinses, the dry shampoo only (for two weeks!), everything. But I was always left with dull hair and an itchy, flaky and smelly scalp. And funnily enough, it always turned out to be more work than shampooing. My hair’s in the middle of the thin-thick spectrum, so I can get away with a natural shampoo/conditioner every other day, but if I skip more than a day, I have to resort to the dreaded headband/bun combo. Seems like the real hair enemies are elastics, heat styling and processing. I say wash away!

  • vernonlee February, 23 2014, 1:45 / Reply

    I shower every day, but only shampoo my hair 2-3 times per week.

    Perhaps try wetting your hair in the shower, scrubbing your scalp etc., but not actually using shampoo every day.

  • I was told that was a myth and that it is in fact ok to wash your hair everyday! Read somewhere (maybe an interview on Refinery29?) that you’re scalp is better off when you wash daily because otherwise harmful bacteria build up. Something like that.. I don’t know who to believe anymore! haha

  • It has been the L’Oréal motto at the beginning of the 1930s to urge women to have everyday shampoo and shower. Using their products indeed.
    Before that, you were not seen as “dirty” with a thrice a week shampoo !

  • You have short hair- there’s just no reason to worry about this unless you have long hair. For women with long hair that gets damaged from all the washing, I can see how cutting back on shampoo would help. But short hair gets trimmed before it even has a chance to be damaged. And I also had hair loss when I tried to skip shampooing- for those of us with scalp issues, shampooing frequently is a necessity!..

  • Chère Alex,
    J’espère que tu liras attentivement ceci : une excellente dermatologue parisienne, qui a toute ma confiance, m’a expliquée que le fameux “il ne faut suuuuuuuurtout pas se laver les cheveux tous les jours” est une idée recue ! Oui ! La peau du cuir chevelu est de la peau aussi (même si elle a ses particularités) et, comme la peau du reste du corps, c’est très bien de la laver tous les jours (surtout si l’on vit en ville) ! ça ralentit la chute des cheveux et lutte contre le dépot de sebum qui asphyxie les cheveux ! Ainsi le cuir chevelu et les cheveux restent en bonne santé. Voilà ! C’est dit ! Beaucoup de personnes pensent le contraire (idée entretenue par grand nombre de coiffeurs). A bonne(s) entendeuse(s) ! ;) Te voilà rassurée ?

  • I began with washing my hair with one day in between. Than I washed it on monday (two times shampoo, one time conditioner), used only conditioner or water on wednesday and washed it again on friday. Now I wash it with two days in between and sometimes I only use water or conditioner and do I use shampoo again after 1-2 days. I don’t believe in not washing it for a week or a month. This happened to me once when I was in the hospital and I couldn’t use the shower. After 7 days the itch on my head became unbearable. Start slowly, get it in your system and I’m sure it will be okay ;) xx

  • Read this, washing hair with baking soda and cristal vinegar. Economic & Ecologic & gentle with your scalp.

  • I wash my hair everyday except Sunday or Saturday (right Garance, Im lazy too)
    I shampoo every other day.
    I use conditioner everyday.
    I use a different shampoo every 2 weeks.

  • Je pense que c’est une bonne chose d’habituer ses cheveux à ne pas recevoir une dose quotidienne de shampoing. C’est super bizarre au début de se doucher sans mouiller ses cheveux. Et puis on s’y fait, et on passe moins de temps sous la douche.
    Je fais 3 shampoing maximum par semaine, et mes cheveux s’en portent nettement mieux !
    Si la question du “no-poo” t’intéresse, il y a une jolie blogueuse qui en est adepte et qui a fait tout un article dessus : ici et .

    Couleur Spleen.

  • celia pinto February, 23 2014, 2:41 / Reply

    moi je me lave les cheveux tous les jour… mais je crois que l inconvéniant c’est que la racine n a pas le temp de sécher de cette façon, mais les cheveux gras sont plus fragile et tombent beaucoup plus aussi donc je ne sais pas ce qui est pire, la chute ou l humidité.. un cheveu gras est il plus saint qu’ un cheveu propre?…dilemme

  • Screw ’em. I do what works for me (long/colored/wash and it looks, feels and IS fabulous). You do what works for you. Which, BTW, it clearly is given that we’re all flocking to read your every written word/drawing/photo/etc.

  • I think the damage from washing hair every day comes from styling it after washing it. Think about it, if you wash it every day you are probably also brushing, blow drying or curling it as well. If you only wash and air dry every day, most likely you aren’t going to do too much damage. Hair is weakest when it’s wet, so if you are washing and then combing and messing with it every day, you are bound to have more breakage and weakened strands than if you only washed and styled 2-3 times per week.

    Several years ago, I reduced my weekly shampoos to about 2 and it is THE HEALTHIEST it has ever been. I recommend at least giving it a try!

    Megan of Tried-and-True Blog

  • While I’m inclined to agree with “less-poo” from personal experience, everyone is different. I think the shampoo you use is a big factor – I normally wash mine every 3 days (the last day can be a little bit of a push), however I recently ran out of my normal shampoo (N.O.M.) and decided to use up the Dove shampoo someone left in my bathroom – while using it I’ve found that I need to wash my hair every 1 1/2 days (resulting in more oil and less of a healthy glow).
    I would try slowly washing your hair less and choosing a shampoo which doesn’t strip your hair’s natural oils too much. Only condition the ends if necessary and on days when your feeling a little bit oily wear a cute headscarf or turban. Also brushing your hair will distribute the oils down to the tips!
    (This from someone who has: long thick straight hair but with very fine strands, i use little to no product b/c it makes me feel unclean, I often get comments on how healthy my hair looks)

  • I’m the same. Love the feeling of clean hair and so I wash my hair every day to! I don’t think it’s as bad everyone makes out, surely not?!

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  • eastvillagesiren February, 23 2014, 3:01 / Reply

    I think it depends on the state of your scalp, hair length and where you live. I have an oily scalp, which would itch and flake (yuck!) if I went more than 2 days without a shampoo. I have fine, shorter hair, which looks fuller when it’s been washed. And I live in NYC and face a daily onslaught of exhaust fumes, micro-pollution and people sneezing, smoking and coughing in my direction each day, etc.

    So trust your instincts and do what works for you and makes you feel confident. And check with your dermatologist and see if he/she has any research. From what I’ve read of peer-reviewed articles, a light daily shampoo for the scalp on oilier types is safe, and recommended.

    Cheers, Wendy

  • Yes, thank you for having some good common sense! This idea that everyone should wash on some imaginary arbitrary schedule is maddening. Many people would see terrible scalp flaking and burning if they did not wash frequently. People are not all the same, so why would you prescribe everyone do exactly the same thing??

  • Michelle Phan has done a post on that, maybe you’ll find it helpful:

  • until just a few years ago, I washed my hair everyday – I had people asking me all the time about my hair: what shampoo do you use – it’s so shiny! my skin and my hair are not so oily anymore, so I can get away with skipping a day. follow your instincts about your situation – no person has the same hair or complexion.

  • For health conscious freaks, like myself, the one reason why most generic brand shampoos does not appeal to me and the no poo cult is because of the harsh chemicals found in the ingredients such as sulfate and parabens. It adds to dryness and in the long run “lead” to health concerns. So that is my main reason. I actually use apple cider vinegar, and believe me, its better than any shampoo out there. It cleanses the scalp and locks in moisture. The smell is bad at first but trust me when I say it doesn’t follow you out, after a good rinse.

    Second point is length of hair. If one’s hair doesn’t pass shoulders, then washing your hair everyday is a simple task. When your hair runs down your back, there is absolutely no way I will even think of washing it daily. Too much to handle. So I wash my hair thoroughly on Sundays.

  • keroppi107 February, 23 2014, 3:47 / Reply

    Don’t worry about washing your hair every day. I do! Most of my friends do not. I think the oils move from their scalps into their hair making it nice and shiny. The oil in my scalp stays there multiplying and making my hair look horrifically greasy! I also feel like Pigpen from Snoopy, as if I am actually emanating dirt from all around me, if I do not shampoo my hair every day — even if I wet my hair in the shower. I try to take on board most beauty advice, but this one is absolutely not for me and I am OK with it!

  • It is not at all true that it’s bad to wash your hair everyday. That is a beauty myth and I have no idea why it is so strong! No one can answer WHY except to say a vague “something to do with natural oil…” I’m a chemist and I’m here to tell you, that’s not a real reason. Plus, washing your hair is not just about the hair, but also about cleaning the scalp, and the scalp needs to be cleaned just like all the rest of the skin on your body. Please ignore all these pseudo-scientists who hold the idea you should not wash your hair everyday because they read it in a fashion magazine once. This is one of those “beauty truths” that will be laughed at in years because it is total BS! Wash your hair as you like

  • Moi je dis que du moment que tes cheveux sont d’accord…

  • Here’s another website of someone doing baking soda and vinegar – for 3 years now! Her hair is really nice and she says no one thinks it smells funny. She certainly doesn’t have the “dirty hippy” stereotype hair going on.

  • Pour ma part, je suis en train d’expérimenter le no poo depuis bientôt 3 mois et ça me convient bien. Je parle un peu de mon expérience et des avantages/ inconvénients ici :

    Aujourd’hui je les lave tous les 3 ou 4 jours, et j’ai l’impression qu’ils sont plus beaux! Mais je crois aussi qu’il faut faire ce qui convient le mieux à sa nature de cheveux et ça varie certainement d’une personne à l’autre.

  • Try co washing that is scrubbing your scalp with a light conditioner on the second day. I find my hair to feel clean but well hydrated. Better than my shampoo day. Garance give it a go.

  • ta coupe te va super bien !!

  • You don’t have to go to extremes and choose between shampooing everyday or not using shampoo at all. And honestly, I wouldn’t recommend skipping shampoo completely and using some homemade concoction of apple cider vinegar and other stuff. (I’ve tried that before and the smell is seriously rank.) My hairstylist mentioned before that after she works on clients who use a no-poo cleaning method, no matter how healthy or great their hair looks, they always end up having to wash their hands a lot after working on them because their hair is so greasy. So I definitely wouldn’t recommend that.

    Just find a sulphate free shampoo and shampoo every other day. That really is your best bet and this is coming from someone who has thick, naturally wavy, color treated hair. I really like using Pureology Shampoo with Redken conditioner, but there are a lot of great sulphate-free options to choose from these days.

  • Everyone’s hair is different—I don’t wash my hair every day, but I have many friends who do and they also have healthy hair. It depends more on how much oil your scalp produces, and if I feel like my hair is getting oily faster than I would like, I throw in some dry shampoo and suffer for a day, but then we’re good for a while! If you like washing your hair everyday, and it is not dry and breaking, then keep at it!

    The “no-poo” method is kinda intense, it takes about a month (or longer) for your hair to adjust. While I know many people who have had success with this technique, I also know of a failed attempt (she now has dandruff and acne issues that she wasn’t having before!!) which has kept me from attempting it myself!

  • Lina Vilas Boas February, 23 2014, 5:22 / Reply

    What I hear from most dermatologists is that washing your hair everyday is good for the scalp, but can be harmful to the strands of hair. What my dermatologist recommended is that I dilute the shampoo with a little bit of water before applying it to my scalp (avoid shampooing the lenght) and put it in a different spot everyday (for instance, one day at the crown, the other day at the side of my head) and massage it from there to rest of the head. I struggle with hair loss, workout everyday and live in a tropical country (wich makes hair and skin very oily), so I don´t really have the option of not washing my hair everyday.

  • Alex
    I totally get you! I’m exactly the same! wash my hair every day,…if I don’t I swear there’s a load of oil around my brain. And I can’t focus on anything like that!..then Î skip once on sunday because I am being lazy…
    I would say I’m your “hair-mate”…

  • Dear Alex,
    That second day will be your French hair day

  • I think you might be right… I have second day hair today…and it’s not so bad!

  • Je ne suis pas spécialiste mais ça va hein.. Si tu as besoin de te laver les cheveux tous les jours, tu le fait, c’est mieux que d’avoir les cheveux gras 50% de ta vie !!! Moi j’ai un peu le même problème. Mes cheveux ressemblent à rien 24h après un shampoing. Mais rien ! Ils sont fins, c’est comme ça. En hiver je limite les shampoing (4 par semaine) et dès qu’il fait un peu beau, c’est tous les jours.

  • I’ve been washing my hair pretty much every day since I was a kid, and to be honest I’ve never seen any ill effects. Sometimes I don’t put any product in it, to give it a break, and lately I have been using Herbal Essences “naked” shampoo with no coloring or artificial scents. Maybe if I tried no-poo or shampoo with no sulfates or whatever other people do, I would notice a difference, but for now I like the way my hair looks!

  • Laura – I use a liquid mixture of baking soda and water to cleanse it and then a diluted vinegar rinse afterward as conditioner. I don’t use shampoo at all!

  • Ever since I’ve been a teen, I’ve been washing my hair every second day (or third, sometimes forth…), and it gets greasy after 48 hours. I think I use dry shampoo more than regular shampoo, and Batiste is my favourite. It’s a God-send.

  • I think it’s okay to wash your hair everyday. I do it too, since my hair not only get oily very quickly, but they also absorb all the smell of the city etc. so they just aren’t fresh next day. And sorry, but I choose to be clean :) But, my hairdresser told me that it’s okay for me to wash them daily, if my hair take it well and this is what they need. And I don’t have any problems with my hair, they’re healty, don’t fall out, nothing.

    So in the end I think we shouldn’t really get terrorized with the rules like “you can’t wash your hair everyday becuase it’s bad”. Everyone is different and every hair got their own needs and we should listen to them and not the crowd. :)

  • Oh Garance, tu me fais tellement rire!!

    Effectivement, se laver les cheveux tous les jours n’est pas bon, mais je ne sais pas connais les détails scientifiques…peut-être commencer par te laver les cheveux à chaque deux jours?? Parce qu’en fait, ça dépend aussi de tes cheveux…j’ai la chevelure hyper épaisse alors je peux me laver les chauves qu’une fois par semaine si je voulais! Mais je me douche chaque jour parce que j’aime aussi le sentiment d’être propre avant de faire dodo..!!

  • Despite the amount of comments, I’ve to say that it’s not bad to wash your hair everyday if you use a soft shampoo. Even if you have greasy hair, always use a shampoo for normal hair, like a baby one. And if you can use some without parabens, etc it’s even better.
    You’re the only one to know your hair and to live with it! You know what’s good for you or not and you can adjust your method when you feel it.

  • I HAVE to wash my normal hair everyday: it’s long and I hate it when not washing my hair means grime from the day ends up all over my face in bed.

    There’s no such thing as over-washing: only overly energetic rubbing of the hair strands.

    I had the best dermatologist for years, who suggested I wash my hair everyday. He himself washed his hair daily. Even in his late sixties now, he has a full head of hair.

    I do think that shorter hair can make it easier to wash your hair daily… however, there’s also hormones, genetics and a whole lot of other factors related to whether someone can successfully wash their hair daily or not.

    A hair dresser once told me the biggest mistake a lot of people make is, they tend to use the ends of their fingertips and literally scratch at the scalp while shampooing their hair. He suggested I flatten my hands and very gently massage my hair and scalp with small, gentle, circular movements, and not worry about rubbing the rest of my hair that was away from my scalp – if that makes sense. He said that the shampoo would naturally run down the strands with the force of the water – and, so rubbing the strands themselves didn’t do much except pull hair out. he said that doing this daily meant we do not have to wash so vigorously…. it’s like cleaning your house regularly and often – you don’t have to clean so hard, as if you leave it for a while and there’s all this build-up of dirt.

    he also indicated that many people do that huge back and forth motion from front to back, front to back, when they flatten out their hands, and this is what can over-stimulate the scalp and pull hair out.

    Gentle, daily washing and diluting your shampoo by half on really, really wet hair is fine.

    I condition only the very ends of my hair – the last ten inches or so that are two inches away from the skin on the nape of my back, so I don’t over-rub or over-rinse my scalp, which has the natural oils doing their thing there anyway.

    I’ve gone ten days without washing my hair three or four times in the last twenty years, when I got really, really sick and was unable to stand (the only time I will not wash my hair) – and because of following the above suggestions, I found my once oily hair didn’t have a hint of greasiness even on then ninth day. That, however, didn’t stop me shampooing my hair four times after that!

  • I forgot to add that – for me – working on the inside as well as the outside worked wonders for my hair/skin. I began taking pharmaceutical-grade, 100% toxin-free, high potency supplements that contained all 48 of the usual minerals and antioxidants we need, along with a high quality, no-mercury fish oil, coenzyme Q10.

    Along with my altered hair habits, these made a huge difference to the greasiness of my skin and hair, and – of course – improved my diet and took up yoga. In one year, my skin completely changed from greasy with period(dic :-) ) breakouts, to normal and absolutely clear. A pleasant surprise was that he same thing happened with my hair: greasy -> longed-for normal, and I’ve been so happy with that for the past nine years.

  • Soda and vinegar will dry your hair, it will be so crispy- only shaving will save you. Those girls who recently started – of course, in the beginning it seems good idea, but please stop it! That’s not for everybody!
    About training – yes, it works, but takes long. You have to be patient for smell and greasy hair for 7-10 days, and repeat it several times. While most of us work everyday with other people- that’s mission impossible.
    So, the sane way is to mix shampoo with water well and only then pour it to head and buy only sulfate free/mild/organic/baby shampoos. Ends of hair may demand some leave-in conditioner.

  • i have a friend who never uses shampoo to wash her hair, just hot water. her hair hangs in greasy strings around her face and i can smell it from across the table when we go out for dinner. the smell reminds me of hospital patients who haven’t washed their hair for awhile. i only wash my hair twice a week, but i always, always use shampoo.

  • Je comprend tellement ta nécessité de te laver les cheveux tous les jours !! C’est tentant quand on est sous le jet d’eau de mettre la tête avec ! Moi je fais la même chose que toi : lavage des cheveux tous les jours, en même temps faut dire que je “transpire” de la tête ce qui fais qu’au bout d’une journée sans shampoing j’ai le crâne qui pu la mort (non sans déconner, c’est une horreur ce truc !!) et y’a rien à y faire sauf ce laver les cheveux avec un shampoing tout doux. J’ai essayé d’espacer mais impossible, tous les deux jours, et encore, l’après-midi du deuxième jours c’est vraiment une cata, après avoir essayé cette méthode pendant 6mois je peux te dire que seul le shampoing quotidien me convient :).

  • I wash my hair TWICE DAILY! I use a mild organic shampoo, and my hair is very healthy. A healthy diet helps too.

  • Je ne comprends pas cette mode anti-shampoing ! Les cheveux retiennent toutes les poussières de l’extérieur et toutes les saletés. Mon allergologue m’a conseillé de me laver les cheveux ou au moins de les rincer tous les jours au printemps pour éviter d’éternuer toute la journée / nuit. Et en ce moment je fais du sport presque tous les jours, je me vois mal ne pas me laver les cheveux apres le sport, beurk ! Je pense toutefois qu’il faut bien choisir son shampoing, un sans silicone c’est mieux. Et ne pas frotter ses longueurs comme une dingue… Et bien les hydrater/nourrir… Et tout va bien.

  • Try the Klorane again, it has changed my life and I NEVER thought dry shampoo would be a friend of mine. It really keeps working for me even on day 3! Amazing.

  • Pour moi aussi c’est tous les jours. Tout simplement parce que j’ai une frange et que si je ne le fais pas… yerk!
    Le seul petit problème c’est que mes cheveux sont très longs et que ça prend du temps. J’ai bien essayé de ne laver que la frange mais ça ne fonctionne pas. C’est même pire!

  • Important if you want a no poo life:
    NO silicone in your hair products!

    If you use silicone in your hair, you will have to use sulphate shampoo to clean it out. And it is silicone in most products so check carefully.
    Start your no poo life with a regular sulphate shampoo, to clean all silicone out of your hair once and for all. Now, when your hair is clean and silicone free, continue with sulphate free shampoo, or wash your hair with silicone free conditioner. No shampoo, just conditioner, it works perfectly and you can do your conditioner wash every day if you want, without any damage on your hair.

    I wash my hair twice a week. One time with sulphate free shampoo, and one time with just conditioner. It is never greasy or smelly. I’ve used this methode for 2 years now, and my hairdresser says that my hair is now in perfect condition. Before it was a frizzy mess.

    Good luck!

  • Oooh come on, I wash my hair everyday too and I don’t believe it’s that bad for them. I understand you, I feel dirty with 2-day hair so why make a problem out of it – wash your hair whenevr you feel like it. It’s important to feel comfortable with yourself, no?

  • Bonjour Alex,

    Je ne sais pas si c’est “bien” ou non de se laver les cheveux tous les jours: si tu n’en perds pas, s’ils sont en bonne santé c’est que ce rythme leur convient, non ? Ou en tout cas, ne les abime pas et c’est le plus important.

    En revanche, est-ce-que tu as déjà essayé d’utiliser des shampoings très doux (pour bébés, sans sulfates, sans tensioactifs irritants…) et légers (sans silicones ni dérivés de silicone) ? Peut-être que tes cheveux regraissent vite car le shampoing que tu utilises est trop irritant et que ton cuir chevelu se protège en sécrétant du sébum ? Ou que le shampoing que tu utilises est trop lourd et finit par s’accumuler sur tes cheveux qui te semblent gras alors qu’ils sont peut-être juste saturés ?

    Bonne journée :)


  • Hey, it’s an interesting topic. and it reminds me…. Living in Europe you don’t really hear that much (relatively speaking) about the “morning shower”, “never wearing the same clothes on two consecutive days” and “washing your hair every morning” – to me these are sort of “american standards”. Naturally, people most probably do all of the three, but it’s not such a “normal” part of your daily talk. Yet. When I went to school in the states, it was around early December (not a half of the school year yet) that i caught myself taking morning showers like there is no tommoroow, and planning T- shirts for the entire week, week-ends &night outs including (i had really short hair and washing it wasn’t that much of an issue). Go figure…

  • If you feel good washing it everyday, wash it. When you hair is clean it feels so good – there are far worse daily routines you could have!

  • coucou Alex
    moi aussi je me lave les cheveux tous les jours, et j’ai pas trop de soucis avec ça car j’ai demandé à mon coiffeur de me donner son avis sur l’état de mes cheveux sincèrement – sans lui dire. Verdict : ils sont en super bonne santé, très brillants et pas du tout attaqués. Donc quand je lui ai dit que ma question était lié au fait que je les lavais tous les jours, il m’a dit “ben écoutez, votre nature de cheveux est ok avec, faites comme ça… même si on recommande pas trop, vous ça pose pas de problème”

    La seule chose que je m’astreins à faire : j’ai acheté un shampoo bio en grand container de 1L chez Cattier, pour avoir le moins de sales trucs sur la tête. Et that’s it. Je sèche vaguement et franchement quand je peux éviter je le fais pas (mais on m’a dit que pas se sécher les cheveux favorisait un genre de truc pas propre sur le cuir chevelu, un peu comme une serviette humide qui sèche pas : c’est pas propre).

    Et voila. Donc en gros, honnêtement à part vérifier que tu n’inondes pas ta tête avec des produits agressifs, et après vérif de la part d’un pro qui te donne son avis sur ton état capillaire, feel free :)

  • Charlotte February, 24 2014, 4:10 / Reply

    En lisant tous ces commentaires, je me dis que je viens d’une autre planète ou que j’ai des cheveux vraiment bizarres…
    Je me lave les cheveux tous les 6/7 jours. Pas parce que je suis sale, mais mes cheveux ne sont pas du tout gras et si je répète les shampoings tous les 2/3 jours, mon cuir chevelu me démange. De plus, j’ai une tête de Dora le jour de mon lavage (un volume énorme). Mes cheveux sont tellement plus beaux les 3/4 jours qui suivent.

  • Et bien moi c’est tout le contraire, je les lave 2 fois par semaine (2 shampoing, démêlant puis masque) , bien que je me douche tous les jours hein attention !
    Why? ils ne regraissent jamais grâce à ce rythme et les racines restent saines.

  • Well my dermatologist has told me that is ok if you wash your hair 3 times a week. You can also wash it the other days only with water, yes I am serious, do it with only water not any other hair product an you will see :)

  • Damned, J’ai la même obsession que Garance!!! OMG ;-) Ouaip bon le shampoing tous les jours j’avoue c’est ma passion, je préfère être en retard à (cocher la case correspondante): mon boulot, un rendez vous pro hyper important, l’anniversaire de Tatie Danielle, une entrevue romanesque et sauvage avec l’homme de ma vie… plutôt que de zapper ma douche shampouinée! Du coup on sera deux à être flagellée sur l’autel de la santé capillaire!

  • Oula, on lit vraiment trop de choses inexactes ici…
    Pour faire simple: les produits lavants quels qu’ils soient (gel douche, shampoing…) sont faits de tensioactifs décapants (qui attirent le gras: c’est ce qui lave) TOUJOURS agressifs pour la peau – mais plus ou moins selon ton degré de sensibilité + bien souvent d’agents occlusifs (les silicones et cie) qui ont pour but de gainer le cheveu et de le démêler.
    Problème : le sébum (bien méprisé mais précieux allié de notre peau et nos cheveux!) détruit tous les jours par le savon n’a plus le temps d’hydrater peau et fibre capillaire + les silicones s’accumulent sur le cheveu et forment une barrière étanche qui empêche l’hydratation de la fibre. Cela donne: un cuir chevelu éventuellement irrité par les tensioactifs (ce n’était pas mon cas); en manque de sébum – donc des cheveux soit asséchés soit regraissant vite (pour compenser); et alourdis et ternis par les silicones (cette impression de cheveux beaux seulement le 1er jour du shampoing puis étrangement lourds donc vaguement gras mais rêches à la fois). Donc obligé de se laver les cheveux tous les jours… Et de compenser la déshydratation à coup de masques divers et de crèmes nourrissantes pour le corps. C’est un cercle vicieux, et une surenchère de produits destinés à réparer les dégâts du précédent : l’industrie cosmétique a tout compris !
    Sans oublier l’argument écologique : que de dépenses d’eau et de cosmétiques (issus de la pétrochimie natürlich, ahem…), c’est indécent…
    Nous nous lavons de façon générale beaucoup trop, nos conditions de vie ne nécessitent pas un tel récurage, c’est une évidence – coiffeurs et dermatos ont juste tout intérêt à ce que nous continuions à consommer. C’est simplement une habitude à perdre (qui vaut aussi pour ces folies du layering et des brosses nettoyantes pour le visage!).
    Je ne me lave les cheveux que tout les 5 jours, et ne me douche qu’un jour sur deux (l’autre, c’est toilette au lavabo du strict nécessaire comme nos grands parents: mes mollets n’ont pas besoin d’être frictionnés tous les matins!) et ne consomme plus que très peu de produits et d’eau, donc. Et non je ne suis pas sale: je passe autour de moi pour la fille hyper soignée et sophistiquée – mais ma peau et mes cheveux se portent bien mieux.
    Je n’ai plus besoin d’hydrater la peau de mon corps par exemple, ni de me faire des masques pour cheveux (que j’ai pourtant longs).
    Et même si certaines d’entre vous ne rencontrent pas de problème particulier avec cette hygiène de vie, cela vaut le coup de considérer d’une part l’argument écologique, et esthétique d’autre part: un cheveu lavé tous les jours regraisse hyper vite! En espaçant les shampoings, ils regraissent de moins en moins et c’est un gain de confort, de temps et d’argent.

  • I used to have hair down to about my hips, and I would wash it every day purely because I believed it would be unbearable the next day otherwise. A couple months back I got my hair cut to roughly my shoulders, armed myself with some dry shampoo and decided I’d finally commit to the shower cap a couple nights a week. Now I can usually wash my hair on the 2nd day at least, or even 4th if it’s not hot and I don’t really do much. Definitely make the switch, your shampoo/water bills will thank you!

  • I am right there with you. I have been washing my hair every day for the last 30 years. I do skip a day, and it is usually weekend just like you said. My hair is -still- fine. I hate feeling my hair oily, dirty of smelly. I love feeling them squeeky clean. And of course that is why, having short hair gets an additional + for me.

  • Ca me fait rire ces “il ne faut surtout pas” ! A croire qu’on court un grave danger à se laver les cheveux tous les jours…. Ca doit faire 15 ans que je me les lave tous les matins, ils ne sont ni moches, ni fourchus, ni clairsemés depuis !! J’utilise simplement un shampoing bio que j’achète en magasin bio par bidon de 1 litre. Pas d’après-shampoing, juste un peu d’huile de coco 1 heure avant le shampoing, le dimanche quand j’y pense. Chacun fait bien comme il le sent. Et en parlant de sentir, j’ai beaucoup de mal avec l’odeur des cheveux pas très nets. On ne se rend jamais compte de sa propre odeur. Les collègues ou l’entourage, si !!!

  • I understand your dilemma. My hair looks nicer when clean, as it tends to be limp, and I like the clean feeling too. But I have found that washing my hair every day in winter was giving me a terrible case of static. So now I’m back to washing it every other day which is do-able. I might have to try this vinegar/baking soda concoction though…

  • Question existentielle je crois ! J’ai eu exactement le même problème et j’ai profité des vacances pour faire une pause. Je me lave les cheveux tous les deux jours, et au bout d’une semaine mes cheveux avait prit le rythme sans soucis.
    Aussi quelque chose qu’on oublie souvent c’est le rinçage, si on laisse des produits ils re-graissent ou bien deviennent bizarres. Il faut que les cheveux “crissent” pour être sur que c’est bon, pas qu’ils soient tous doux.
    Depuis que je fais attention à ça, j’ai jamais été aussi tranquille !

  • HI,

    i tried it all, and so far, the best, is shampoo every two weeks, and a apple cider vinegar with a splash of lavender essential oil and some vitamin e oil. mix in with water (use an old shampoo bottle to store and mix) shake before use and you will be amazed! you dont even need to condition after this. this way you can still “wash” your hair everyday, and not remove all the good stuff.

    try it y’all! ;)

  • I don’t have any other insight than my own experience, but here goes : I wash my hair twice a week max (i.e. every 4 days) and trust me, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t go that dirty (and when it does, I simply do braids which most people find super cool)!
    Also, I have scalp issues (my skin is highly irritable) and every since I’ve moved to organic shampoo, my hair has become much nicer! And my scalp is doing fine as well.
    So, for those who find it gross not washing your hair everyday, I simply say think twice. And if you’re too afraid to do so, then you can start giving it a try during the holidays, when you’re in a non polluted environment!

  • I can’t help but was my hair everyday, it just doesn’t look good unless its freshly washed. I will never get out of the habit, and because i put a light hair oil in everyday my hair isn’t stripped.
    Lovely blog x

  • ik was mijn haar altijd met moroccanoil. hele fijne shampoo met argan olie. moroccanoil koop ik altijd bij day and night hairdressers in amsterdam

  • Un jour ça passe … la lavationite aigüe j’ai connu aussi, à 20, 30 ans. Fallait que ça décape, que ça brille, que ça shampouine, que ça mousse …
    Puis un jour les cheveux changent, se fragilisent, imperceptiblement. Ils ne tiennent plus aussi bien qu’avant, deviennent électriques, mous, bref on a du mal à les reconnaitre.

    Depuis je les lave beaucoup beaucoup moins : ils se portent mieux et moi pas moins bien.
    A partir du 3ème jour ils sont beaux, la coiffure tient ; au 4ème jour ils sont parfaits, (presque) comme avant et je lance ma crinière de lionne (décatie) au vent.

    Un jour, ça passe…

  • Me too, unfortunately. I can’t imagine Morning shower without washing hair. What’s actually wrong about it? Thanks for reply:)

  • I’ve been no ‘poo-ing for over 2 years now and I would never ever go back. My curly hair is healthier and doesn’t have that weird halo of frizz that used to happen from product build up.
    To wash my hair, I use very diluted Dr Bronner for shampoo and a basic no ‘cone conditioner from my local supermarket. I wash it twice a week, sometimes 3 times if I want that clean hair feeling. And a silk pillowcase is a MUST, to extend the clean hair feeling.

  • I tried “no ‘poo” and it had a bad effect on my scalp. However, I do use baking soda as “shampoo” and apple cider vinegar as “conditioner” about 50% of the time. (Otherwise using John Masters products from Whole Foods.)

    I told my hairdresser (sheeplishly) what I was doing after he commented that my hair felt great and was really healthy. After I told him, he was all for it — said that baking soda & ACV is a good idea because it helps the pH of my hair. So, it’s hairdresser-endorsed!

    If you don’t like “no ‘poo,” as was the case for me, I’d recommend at least doing baking soda/ACV as shampoo and conditioner.

  • It wouldn’t be so bad that you wash your hair everyday if the shampoo you use was not stripping your hair of everything it needs. If you’re using a chemical shampoo that’s exactly what’s happening. If you want to keep washing your hair everyday (or even if you don’t — chemical shampoo is no one’s friend) you could switch to a natural shampoo. A natural shampoo won’t strip your hair of its natural (and necessary) oil so it can take a while for your hair to get used to it but it’s soooooo much better for your hair so it’s totally worth it! Some of the natural shampoos don’t lather so well and I know that bothers a lot of people but I could suggest you try Rahua shampoo: 100% natural, lathers nicely, smells like heaven (especially the volumizing one). And the bottle looks über luxurious!

  • The whole point is more about to find the right shampoo. One that won’t allow your hair to get greasy too fast. As long hair feels non-greasy/dirty most people also don’t feel the need to wash it. Of course it is an act of balance to find a brand that won’t dry everything out at other hand.
    I have hip long hair and simply would get crazy to wash it more than twice in the week and it took me a really long time to find a shampoo that would meet above said criteria.

  • Do what you want to do.

  • J’entends souvent dire qu’il ne faut pas se laver les cheveux tous les jours, mais je le fais depuis 10 ans maintenant, parce qu’ado mes cheveux sont devenus gras et je n’ai pas eu trop le choix à mon goût. Vivant en région parisienne et maintenant à Paris, on est soumises à la pollution tous les jours ! Donc pour les cheveux qui ont déjà une tendance à regraisser vite, il n’y a pas trop de solution… Je suis libraire et je ne tolèrerais pas d’avoir l’air sale et pour moi il est indispensable d’avoir les cheveux propres à 100% ! J’imagine que pour toi aussi.
    Le truc c’est que je voudrais bien espacer mes shampoings… Mais je crois que ça met plus d’une semaine à s’équilibrer, c’est plutôt un mois ! Et pour moi, impossible de ne pas être présentable pendant plus d’une semaine. Déjà en une semaine, même en vacances, je ne vois pas sortir avec les cheveux crades…
    Bref… le cercle vicieux…

    Je pense que c’est mieux de ne pas les laver tous les jours, mais je ne pense pas que ça soit MAUVAIS MAL BOUH de le faire… Comme je disais, ça fait 10 ans et je vais bien, mes cheveux sont beaux mais ils se salissent vite aux racines… Donc… je les lave.

  • I wash my hair almost every day. I’m almost 60 (yes, sixty!) and my hair looks great. No damage. It’s shiny and bouncy and I love my hair. I have an oily scalp and dry shampoo just doesn’t cut it. If I go a day without shampooing (which I would do if I could because I’m lazy), my hair ends up plastered to my head in greasy clumps and that is just NOT going to happen. Training, schmaining. Doesn’t work for me. If you need to wash it, just wash it for Pete’s sake.

  • I was my hair everyday, too. I can’t help it if my hair/scalp is greasy before the day is over. I go to the gym or run during the week and there is no way I am going to sleep with dirty sweaty hair! I have fine/thin hair and also agree with a previous comment that mentioned how build up in hair follicles can contribute to hairloss. I’d rather have a full head of dry hair than thinning “healthy” hair.

  • Garance, je pense que plus tu laves tes cheveux (donc stimule le cuir chevelu), plus il fabrique de sébum rapidement. Et plus il fabrique de sébum, plus tu les laves, etc… C’est un cercle vicieux.
    Moi je tiens tous les 3 jours. Et tant pis si pendant une journée ils sont légèrement plus brillants.
    Après, je n’ai pas ta texture de cheveux, je ne me rends pas compte. Mais les tiens me semblent plutôt secs, donc c’est étonnant que tu les laves si souvent.
    Mais si tu passes souvent ta main dans les cheveux, cela les graisse inévitablement, donc je comprends que tu les laves tous les jours.

  • I’ve got the same hair problem, and hopefully I discovered than the component that made daily washing bad was the sulfat. So if you manage to find a sulfate free shampoo, it won’t be of any danger for your hair. Mine is a Weleda, I found it in a pharamacy (in France) and most of the time those shampoos are for baby care.
    I hope it will help you, bye! xx

  • I would just recommend sulfate free or baby shampoo, something as delicate as possible. I have also started skipping conditioner and just using a light leave-in conditioner for less greasy build up. I think it works!

  • Je lave aussi mes cheveux tous les jours, sauf quelques fois où je me fais violence histoire de ménager mon cuir chevelu un peu irrité. J’ai déjà essayé de laver mes cheveux juste à l’eau un jour sur deux (et l’autre jour shampoing) mais je ne les sens pas assez propre avec juste de l’eau. J’ai aussi essayé le shampoing sec Klorane… J’ai essayé de les laver tous les 2 jours mais 2 shampoings d’affilé pour bien nettoyer… Je suis toujours revenue au lavage quotidien sauf exception. Je viens de lire le commentaire de Pauline et je vais essayer sa méthode, un shampoing sans sulfate au lieu du René furterer que j’utilise.

  • :-) When I had short hair I washed it every day, without exemption. It is only when you have longer hair that you can go without washing it, short hair stands in all directions in the morning. Now that I have shoulder length I wash it every 3-4 days. No, you can definitely go on washing your short hair every day! :-)

  • I’m so glad you’re thinking about trying out “no poo” (worst name ever), maaaaybe a tiny bit because I said the magic words (~*tim riggins*~). But, if you love the super clean feeling of freshly washed hair, then you might hate the way your hair feels without it. My hair doesn’t feel gross (to me), but it’s definitely more… animal-like… like a cat or something. I definitely think regular applications of the Invati helps keep the greasiness at bay. And regular brushing is super important to distribute the oil. I think it’s worth a try, and winter is perfect because you can always wear a hat, just in case. It’s your head, do whatever ya want!

  • Laurel- You caught me with the Tim Riggins! :)

  • Anne-Sophie February, 24 2014, 1:23 / Reply

    Bah, je me lave les cheveux tous les jours aussi et je n’ai jamais eu de problèmes majeurs. Ma coiffeuse est toujours abasourdie lorsqu’elle regarde mes pointes et constate qu’elles ne sont pas cassées du tout malgré mes lavages quotidiens et le fait que j’ai des mèches plus claires – donc décoloration qui assèche normalement le cheveu.

    Le tout, c’est de bien hydrater! J’utilise une brume hydratante après-soleil comme démêlant plutôt qu’un démêlant ordinaire et c’est magique. Et au final, on se bichonne comme bon nous semble non? Je suis pro-chacun-ses-goûts au niveau des cheveux et des produits de beauté – tant et aussi longtemps qu’on demeure respectueux des gens qui nous entourent… la douche quotidienne + déo, c’est tout de même un must, qu’on se lave les cheveux souvent ou pas.

    Perso, j’adore les cosmétiques, les petits pots de crème, les parfums, etc. J’adore me sentir toute propre de la racine des cheveux aux orteils et puis voilà. Et j’ai les cheveux fins donc ils se coiffent beaucoup mieux propres.

  • Have you ever asked your hairdresser wether your hair is healthy? If so I can’t see why you should change anything. I wash my hair almost every day, too. In oder not to destroy its structure I use a mild baby shampoo.

  • I know exactly what you mean, I also have to wash my hair every day. But since I use l’Occitane shampoo I won’t become greasy, even, and this is what REALLY works, if I only rinse it with warm water the other day. So one day shampoo, the other just water. The hair won’t become too dry when washing every day and still looks gorgeous!

  • Je suis une adepte du shampoing léger quotidien depuis mon adolescence et je suis une quadra bien avancée et toujours là ! Quel sujet, la tête des gens lorsque l’on évoque le shampoing, qu’il faut éviter, espacer, gagner un jour à tout prix sinon…. ben il doit y avoir une malédiction que je ne connais pas, un risque de mort subite ? J’ai beaucoup de mal à être convaincue par une femme qui me dit l’hyper importance de gagner un jour sans shampoing, fin fière de sa tignasse crade !!!! Je préfère ma tignasse propre, je me sens mieux comme ça et mes cheveux sont plus jolis et plus soignés. Et je le répète, je suis toujours là !!!! Cela me fait penser à tous ces préconçus… par exemple, quand j’étais gamine, j’ai entendu des femmes dire qu’il ne fallait pas prendre de bain pendant ses menstrues, encore moins se baigner pas se laver les cheveux non plus et rebelote !!! Moi, je veux faire ce que je veux, c’est tout.
    Bonne soirée.

  • Hi Alex,

    I have the same hair struggle with second day just looking straight, flat and oily. The spray on dry shampoos just don’t cut it and still leave my hair stringy. However, I just purchased the Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-powder and have used it twice. So far I am really liking the results and my hair is texture and movement instead of flat and stringy. I still wash my hair most days but small steps.

  • I just bought this too and am loving it. It’s funny to me that you feel neurotic about this Alex because I envy girls that can wash their hair every day. It’s just that my hair takes too long to dry and is too wavy. I tried no-poo (Devacurl) and it’s OK but it didn’t seem to remove all my styling product (morrocanoil) so I went to the sulfate-free L’oreal and love it and alternate with Devacurl (washing every 4-6 days only) and will throw in the Pret-a-Powder on off-days.

  • Kim– Baby steps for sure :) I’m going to check this out!

  • I have to say, I’ve been coming out and sharing my hair beauty secret. I haven’t used shampoo in my hair for the past 4 months. It’s taken about 3 months for it to settle and move out of the transition period, but it’s soooooo worth it! Admittedly, it did suck for the first month and I went through a 2nd transition period 2 months into. I could only wear a chic bun at that time. I do water only washing and use a boar bristle brush. My friends were a little surprised because I’m not a hippy (I live in the world of chic), but everyone’s shocked by how good it looks. Definitely recommend it, but do research on the blogs before you try no shampoo of any kind.

  • AHHH!!!!! I just tried the “no poo” thing this weekend for the first time! I washed my hair with a baking soda concoction and loved it. Feels clean and free of build up. Also left my hair with better texture (normally fine and straight).

  • Best tip for dry shampoo is to use it at night!
    1. Use Klorane oat milk (the one with the green cap). It’s soft not crunchy and if you…
    2. BRUSH your hair at night. I never, ever used to do this but it actually distributes oils down the hair, meaning less at the roots and more protection at the ends.
    3. Then after brushing spray with dry shampoo under the roots. I kind of lift various sections. Then muss it through.
    4. Wake up with hair less oily, more voluminous, feeling less dirty but still with that second day effect everyone talks about. Give another top up of dry shampoo if needed.

    I’m brunette with fine hair but a lot of it and it gets oily pretty quickly. I used to wash everyday and didn’t like dry shampoo, but this works. To be honest, my third day hair is even better…

  • Hi Lily– Thank you for this! I’m giving this a shot next time I reach for my dry shampoo!

  • I also wash my hair everyday and I tried training my hair to go without shampoo a while back, but it just felt greasy all the time! I went back to washing it everyday after about a week and a half. Just do what makes your hair feel best!

  • ah! I’m not sure I’ve ever ‘commented’ before, but this topic really struck me as my moment to chime in, ha ha! I truly agree with the chemist who spoke up earlier in the comments — that it is necessary to clean your scalp just as you clean any part of your body. I think maybe some people get mixed up about this topic because of the whole, oil-is-good-for-your-hair-talk, and while this is true for your ends, it is the opposite for your scalp! Your scalp needs to be clean in order to let those follicles have a good space to be healthy and grow. A dermatologist once told me that you should wash your scalp just as you brush your teeth, and that you can never actually wash your scalp too much! controversial, I know :) So maybe you don’t need to wash your hair three times a day, of course, but I do believe it should be thought of as any other part of your body. For as long as I can remember, I’ve washed my scalp with shampoo in the shower everyday, while letting it just rinse through the rest of my hair, then I apply a good amount of conditioner to my ends and rinse that out at the very end.. Anyway, I have found this to be very good for my hair and hope this myth gets debunked someday :) xx

  • Even when I was a child, I always had really oily hair which looks just increbibly ugly when not washing it every day. When I try that 1 1/2 day rule it doesn’t even work for me, because when I wash it in the morning, it looks already quite oily in the evening, and the day after just horrible, like I haven’t washed it for two weeks. So I better wash them every day instead of looking scruffy…

  • I tried, I really tried to wash my hair every other or every two days. It just doesn’t work for me.
    My hair is curly and I’ve recently dyed it blonde (read: oh my, is ot drrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy) so i thought I need to minimalize the potential damadge.
    Here what works for me: I put a bit of conditioner in the evening or if I forget about it I do it in the morning before taking a shower. The important thing here is choosing conditioner that doesn’t contain silicones. Then I wash it with shampoo and put a bit of another (or the same) conditioner for 2-3 minutes.
    In short conditioner-shampoo-conditioner.
    I also try to switch between harsh shampoos with SLS and SLeS and more natural lines with mild detergents.

  • Ok, so I can relate to everything you said. I’d wash mine everyday too. But because I shower in the evening when I get home (can’t stand getting into bed without having showered because well I use public transport…). Anyway, I wasn’t going my hair any favours and also I was too lazy to wait for it to dry naturally and had to blow dry it so that didn’t help it either (I have a mane, think Ella from Lorde kind of hair) so I started skipping washing my hair everyday and doing it every other day. And if I’ve avoided rain I’ll manage to go 2 days and then wash it on the 3rd. It’s been doing my hair wonders to be honest. It also means I’ve have to put it up in a bun or some kind of pony tail on day 3 because, and I have to say it, it won’t look amazing, but it still looks pretty decent (and not like a rats nest). This might have been a pointless comment…

  • hairstylist here…..wash your hair when it’s dirty….and it depends on how u want your hair to look…

  • I don’t think it’s bad to wash it every day. I started using Rahua about two weeks ago, which is super super organic and I feel like my hair is still in the transition phase getting rid of all the silicones and still used to aggressive sulfates. And my hair is generally on the greasy side. I hope that one day I’ll be able to wash it just about 2-3 days, thats the dream. But I also work out every weekday – usually just (power) yoga, which doesnt make you sweat crazy. But those who run everyday for example -> they kinda have to wash their hair every day!

  • As my aunt (hairstylist) say: Wash it when it’s dirty. I have a very oily hair + I live in Brazil (hot) + I work out everyday + I live in the south (absolutely humid)… It’s impossible not to wash it everyday. I just use moisturizing masks once a week to make my hair as flawless as Gisele’s hahaha

  • I used to wash my hair every other day. I recently went from long hair to a mid-length cut. My hair is quite thick and wavy, but the strands are fine. I have done keratin smoothing treatments to help tame my hair, and ended up using sulfate and salt free shampoos. Around the same time I got a shorter cut, I also switched to Wen “cleansing conditioner”. I bought it from Sephora, but if you channel surf on the weekend, you may have seen an infomercial come on TV about it. I didn’t have big expectations, but wanted to try simplifying my wash/condition routine and liked the smell of it. It does NOT lather at all, so it really isn’t a shampoo (a no-poo, I guess). I am amazed at how well it works. I only use this now, and I only wash my hair every third day. My hair is less puffy, smoother, and I really like the texture better as my waves look more defined when I let them air dry. The key is to follow the directions and really massage it into your scalp, let it sit in your hair while showering, then rinse it out REALLY well (especially at the roots to keep from looking oily).
    Going without washing for two days is only difficult if I want to work out on a day when not washing. Otherwise I don’t find the need to until it’s the third day. If I ever need a little refreshing at the roots, the best dry shampoo, in my opinion, is Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic dry shampoo. Very light, doesn’t leave white on my brown hair, and gives just the right amount of texture/volume at the roots.

  • I should mention that it probably took about a week and a half for my scalp/hair to adjust to washing it less and using Wen, but after that, it has been great. I’ve been following this routine for about 4 months now.

  • i used to be exactly like you – ALWAYS wash my hair for YEARS, every single day (i hate the look and smell of unwashed hair, and my hair tends to get really oily near the roots), sometimes only skipping on Sunday, And my hair is long, so it was an effort.

    since i started doing this every other day (4 times/week), i have twice as much hair and waay stronger. no joke. TOTALLY worth it. in the end all shampoos are more or less chemical, so looks like giving your hair a break is a good idea.

    i think the TRICK is to have your special “second day” updo, braid or whatever so you will still look nice and pulled together (+perfume, obviously), not to look like “im too lazy to wash my hair” person.

  • I am a great believer in the daily shampoo. However, I skip the wash on hair color day and the next day or so. Instead, I wet it thoroughly in the shower and saturate it with conditioner, then rinse thoroughly. Then it’s back to the routine. I just love the feeling — and the smell — of clean hair!

  • I actually rarely wash my hair, and when I do, I use baking soda and water. To condition I use apple cider vinegar and water OR half an avocado with olive oil. Days I don’t wash, I use dry shampoo, if need be.

    Not to toot my own horn, but my hair is pretty amazing since I started this routine! I get a lot of compliments :)

    Not only is this a inexpensive method, its also a lot better for the environment and your health.

  • Salut, moi j’ai les cheveux crépus. Je me lave les cheveux avec de l’apres shampoing. Très souvent, ils ont une formulation proche du shampoing mais il y a moins de détergents et d’ingrédients aggressifs ou décapant. Mais cheveux sont vachement plus diux apres un co-wash aka conditionner wash. Par contre, ça mousse pas. Sinon tu peux opter pour un shampoing doux sans sulfates.

  • C’est mauvais pour les cheveux et puis aussi pour la planète !!!!! Soyez éco-belle.

  • I’m in the same place as you. I love to wash my hair every day, I love the way it bounces and feels clean! I do use moroccan oil on my tips and any other product I can get my hands on ( I have a slight obsession with hair and face products). My hairdresser recommended me on my last visit to try shampooing every second day, but said I can still wet it on the days I don’t. Apparently the oils in your hair still stay in it. And so far after 5 weeks of doing it my hair has felt good!!

  • I also shower almost every day, just because I go to the gym almost every day and my hair gets pretty wet after my workout. However, I don’t see the big drama. If a person feels like they need to wash their hair every day, big deal let them be.. :) just make sure to do hair mask from time to time

  • I co-wash every 3rd or 4th day. I use L’Oreal cleansing conditioner or Pantene cleansing conditioner. Both are wonderful and only cost about $7.00. My hair feel soft and moisturized and I have shoulder length frizzy curls. I will never go back to shampoo ..Plus you only have to wash and rinse one time per shower so it is less work. Give it a try.

  • I agree with Mell. If you want to wash your hair everyday, then do so. It’s up to you to find your own comfort level.

    I have long hair and was my hair every other day using Organix sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (the coconut one). 1) I’m constantly told how great my hair smells and 2) I’m in the pool sometimes 4 times a week and every stylist I’ve had has been shocked to hear that I’m in the pool that much because my hair is super healthy.

    My current hair-washing-schedule is this:

    Day One: wash and condition using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
    Day Two: hair is put up in a barrette or a ponytail – saves time in shower – not having to shampoo.
    Day Three: Massage a bit of conditioner into my scalp & rinse it out. Then I use conditioner on the ends…getting the tangles out of my wavy/curly hair. Rinse, apply product. Style as usual. It’s on this day that my hair is super soft and has “beachy” looking waves.
    Day Four: I’ve tried repeating Day Three’s conditioning without shampooing but my blonde hair looks darker and I feel it’s not as I wash and condition and start the cycle over again.

  • Chère Garance
    Je suis allé chez une dermatologiste qui a les plus beaux cheveux que jái vu.Elle m”a dis que les cheveux sont comme la peau ,il faut les laver tout les jours.C”a fait dejà plus de 30 ans et mes cheveux sont toujours forts et sains.
    Lavez-les sans peur!

  • i come from a hot, humid, tropical country so i *have* to wash my hair everyday, if not i’d just feel dirty. also, when i did a scalp analysis i have sensitive scalp and was told if i didn’t wash everyday to get rid of the flaking skin, they’d clog my hair follicles and lead to hair loss so…. i think it’s fine to wash your hair everyday. maybe just use a gentler shampoo :)

  • There is no moisturizer/body balm/conditioner or whatever product you use that will ever work as well as the natural oils your body produces.

    people with greasy hair often think that they need to was it more often and use less hydrating products – the opposite is true (in most cases). when your skin produces too much oil this probably because you keep stripping the natural oils away. start washing your hair every other day, and slowly build up the time between wash-sessions. you will see that it works.

    nature is an incredible thing – it often gives you exactly what you need. all we have to do is keep it intact. if you spend less time smearing chemicals on your body and more time on becoming healthy from the inside out (i.e. exercise and healthy food), your body will get a chance to work its own magic and you will see how much prettier you will look!

    instead of trying to control nature, we should see our selves as enablers. give your body what it needs and it will produce wonders no shampoo can ever give you!

  • It’s expensive and I don’t know what possessed me to buy it but the mason pearson junior brush is perfect for my unwashed fine hair. I just brush all the oil that likes to hang out around my forehead back into my hair and it conditions and gives my hair texture. I wash my hair less, use less shampooo and can therefore justify the expense of the brush. I use it on my daughter as well.

  • Rules smules. Everyone’s noggin is different. I wash my hair every day & my stylist says it’s the healthiest head of hair she’s ever seen. Do what feels right for you!

  • I can’t imagine going for a run and soaking my hair in sweat and not washing it. I can only skip a day of washing if I don’t work out and it’s cold outside (which is not often in Miami). Also, the oil from your hair soaks into your pillowcase and is bad for your complexion…another reason to wash daily (or change pillowcases every day)!

  • In Brazil girls use to wash it almost everyday, but since I’m in Italy (and think it is the same in most parts of Europe) I understood that they don’t like/feel the need of bathing everyday, and hairs…I know (young) people that wash their hairs almost only once a week. I think it is awful, I can CLEARLY see their hairs dirty and also feel their bad smells (not all, but lots of them).

    They “defend” their usances saying that having shower everyday makes your skin dry, same for hairs, and for your theeths…OMG, I’ve already heard absurds like: if you wash it everytime you eat the thoof enamel will suffer.

    I have a drier hair so I don’t need to wash it every day, I wash them just when I START to feel any kind of itching, it means every 2 days.

    Shower, everyday, summer, also 2 or 3 times if needed, and teeths…of course, when I wake up and after EACH meal, it means 4 times a day, at least!

    But I agree that if you DON’T feel your hair itching or with an oily appearance, you should try to start washing it one day and the other not, consecutively.



  • Tu a très certainement les cheveux lisses et très fins? C’est normal le shampoing tout les jours dans ce cas.. Ce genre de nature de cheveux ne s’abîme pas du tout ou que très très peu, d’ailleurs c’est car ils graissent beaucoup, tout le monde rabâche qu’il faut pas se les laver tous les jours pour les laisser graisser car ça répare le cheveux, or dans ton cas pas besoin ils se débrouillent très bien tout seul!!! J’ai la même nature de cheveux que toi et je me lave les cheveux tout les jours depuis bien longtemps, et mes cheveux sont très sains, bien plus que ceux de la plupart de mes copines aux cheveux épais ou ondulés qui peuvent se les laver qu’une fois par semaine!

  • Different strokes for different folks, I guess – I’m African American and if I washed my hair daily, it would look like hay. My hair is very coily and benefits greatly from the sebum my scalp produces and straight hair behaves a bit differently since oil travels down the hair shaft. So, I wash my hair it when it tells me to wash it, and it does not stink. I also do not use loads of product in my hair, which might be part of your problem. I do hydrate my hair most days and let it air dry. Even after working out, a rinse under the shower usually does the trick without washing away the natural oil my scalp produces. My product use is pretty much limited to coconut oil, so you might try cutting down on products (especially ones with alcohol in them that overdry your hair and scalp and force it to overproduce oil to compensate). I stopped shampooing regularly (I usually co-wash) long ago and instead of dry, crunchy hair, my curls are soft and springy.

    I fought the texture and colour of my hair for years and have learned to love my hair as it is and that less is actually more. Spritz the scalp with a bit of essential oil (eucalyptus and lavender or Olbas oil is amazing) and water for cooling and get a good scalp massage – it will redistribute the oil in your hair and feel amazing. However, you know your hair best, but I encourage you to listen to what it may be trying to tell you!

  • The best is to invest in a good shampoo ( I just loooove Kerastase because it smells so good and makes a difference) but I stick to the rule of Wednesdays and Sundays only, it gives your hair the second day texture to begin the week with and your hair still smells clean . Good hair guaranteed ;)

  • I co?ld not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well

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