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I have a confession to make…

Lately, my weekend “off-duty” wardrobe consists mostly of gym clothes…

If I’m headed to brunch or have real plans that are outside of my usual two hours at Sephora sampling bronzer followed by the farmer’s market, I put on real clothes. But for the most part, I’m running around in spandex pants and a half-zip (I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to put on a pair of jeans on a Saturday morning, but it is) and looking like I just came from the gym (the chance that I was actually at the gym is about 0.092%). I’m hoping people look at me and assume I’ve just completed a 10-mile run (with total grace and minimal sweating) and there I am, just picking up some bronzer on my way home.

I would like to look a little more put together running errands while still creating the illusion that I am an Olympic track star. My inspiration? The new Theory 38 collection.

I like the clean cuts and sporty vibe of the pieces. It is a solid step above my typical weekend uniform and one I will be adopting for all future Sephora trips.

What is your “off-duty” wardrobe?


Add yours
  • It consists of leggings and a shirt dress with statement jewelry so I look “put” together. =)


  • – Leather shorts from Zara
    – Really cool tshirt from http://www.catchy.fr
    – Aviators sunglasses (even when it’s pitch dark because the sun is on holidays in Paris)

    Paris-New York Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog
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    Xoxo Cory

  • i love it how the sneakers work with the outfit :)


  • Justine D. May, 16 2013, 12:58 / Reply

    Mine is a shirt. An extremely oversized man’s shirt. I wear it around the house all day, and if i need to go out to pick up something at the sweet shop, i just put on a pair of tights and some vintage boots.. It make me look like i’m going for an edgy/i don’t really care that much look.. Not the best, but good enough for me..
    I can’t stand sport wear, to the point where i actually exercise in normal clothing… but then again, i don’t do that much sport, so it might be that i don’t really see the need..

  • I’m quite into the elegant sport dressing, I am mad about shirts right now, so when I’m not in college using shirts I like leggings (black plain) and a huge cardigan kinda eighties chic…

  • Ces looks sont vraiment cool! Quand à moi, mon look of duty c’est un jean boyfriend (j’adore, j’aimerais ne porter que ça) avec un t-shirt et des slippers!


  • My off-dutty wardrobe is boyfriend jeans, white tee and superga sneakers!!


  • Beautiful collection! My off duty look are jeans, sneakers and a comfu shirt. xx


  • thehappieannie May, 16 2013, 1:57 / Reply

    anything white no matter how over sized or wrinkled or borrowed from your boyfriend always conveys chic!! PS: I’m always totally jealous of how cute and perfect those gym clothes wearing people can look.

  • Alors moi le jog j’ai l’impression de pas reussir a me reveiller si je le porte toute la journée ! Jean + Tee quoi qu’il arrive, meme en brunch après j’ajuste les accessoires en fonction…

    J’aime beaucoup Theory 28 !


  • LOL love this. I can so relate. Except sometimes I actually did have a fitness class in the morning and hoped people would assume that. But if you have a great wardrobe, show it off!

  • What’s funny is that good workout gear (I’m talking pants mostly) can double as casual weekend wear – sadly enough. I find myself doing the same sometimes but try to snap out of it and pull myself together with at least a pair of jeans. Just seems lazy otherwise but Sundays……they should be lazy right?

    Unique Active Wear from “Margarita Active” at http://www.intrigueimports.com

    My blog tomorrow will be a review on St. Tropez self tan from Sephora..ha. At:

  • Wahou, qui associe l’élégance même avec une silhouette athlétique !!!!
    D’où viennent les baskets sur la photo ?

  • I like to think that my off-duty wardrobe exudes cool downtown yet uptown Alexander Wang style instead of a rejected Carrie Bradshaw outfit which is what I always fear.


  • une robe lacoste et des sneakers “bateau” armistice pour le coté glam tout en gardant le confort !
    l’austerité chic quoi !

  • Guilty too! I’m always wearing shorts and shirts. Preferably gym shorts and I love wearing sneakers every day. I have this weird hatred towards callused feet so I try to not wear heels or sandals. And I hate it when my feet gets dirty so sneakers or boots are the perfect solution! :)
    P.S. I’m really starting to like the black Nike Frees! I was originally planning on getting the neon colored ones but now I’m seriously gearing towards just plain old black. I just feel guilty for getting black sneakers because I own so many black stuff already. Any thoughts or advice anyone? :P


  • Way too american for me !!!

  • I ask myself the same question not just on weekends, but weekdays too. How to make comfy look stylish and at the same time an outfit that makes me feel good and not guilty that I didn’t dress up. I also like T by Alexander Wang for just this purpose and I just got a pair of black sequin Toms.


  • Carole May, 16 2013, 6:45 / Reply

    So funny lol…i had surgery on one toe on my left foot…..to prepare for this I bought lululemon legging ..jacket…sexy top from H&M….to go with a surgical show and sneaker….all to look like i have a sport injury..lol I love how u think lol

  • Carole! That is hilarious– I love it!! Very smart :)

  • carole May, 16 2013, 6:50 / Reply

    can anyone tell me who’s sneaker is in the photo

  • I have this rule to only wear sportswear when I’m actually working out. No yoga pants if you’re not gonna do yoga. NO NO NO


  • I always wear sports clothes. Usually baggy pants and a fitted tee, dancer’s tee or a tank top, a hoodie and skate shoes.

  • These are most certainly edgy and more fashion forward gym clothes, but I can’t justify these prices for sports-like gear…. :T

    Love + aloha, Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  • VonEckfeld May, 16 2013, 11:17 / Reply

    In private, I end up in James Perse leggings several times repaired because my favorite ring keeps snagging them and ripping a hole, Spanish espadrilles, a soft tee shirt that is so old it’s reincarnated as lace, and my eyeglasses because they rest my eyes from contact lenses! More importantly, loads of moisturizer (I like Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin E Enriching, it smells edible) and a hair clip I can’t find anywhere but one beauty supply in LA. In public I might replace the leggings with jeans and add mascara and conceal what otherwise leads people to believe I’ve been punched in the face. No yoga or workout gear for me unless I’m workout bound. It’s a mental game, I’m not allowed to wear it if I’m not doing it… although the leggings….are leggings…I don’t consider them pants.

  • off duty for me always always include nikes just like those pictured- but with a white check. they are super lightweight with a clean profile that you can clean up.

    and i’m with you on no jeans, as i work for a denim company.

  • I alos love T by Alexander Wang, it fits my style. Plus, I wouldn’t know how to look sporty-cool knowing that..um…I’m not…


  • Leggings are lifesavers
    Just put them on, a basic t-shirt and keds
    This is definitely my off-duty look for months

  • J’aime beaucoup la robe blanche, très sporty et féminine à la fois !

    Des bises !


  • Tu vas adorer la collection Isabel Marant de cet hiver, alors, tout à fait dans cet esprit. Mais gare quand même à la Pyjamite-aigue ! Je dis ça à ma copine qui bosse chez Dior et qui du coup, les jours off reste en jogging toute la journée !

  • fatou2002 May, 17 2013, 6:31 / Reply

    pour moi American vintage fait l’affaire en ce qui concerne casual relax weekend look

  • My off duty clothes are my yoga pants, even though I haven’d done any yoga in 6 months. I now do qigong, but I didn’t think I’d look good in traditional Chinese kung-fu outfit :D

  • off duty includes all black comfy clothes and great lipstick!!!! xoxo

  • I am not a big fan of yoga clothes, unless you’re actually doing yoga, but that is just my personal preference. Off duty outfit? Black leggings, ballet flats, slouchy top and a topknot. Maybe throw on a scarf or cropped jacket, if it’s cool weather. :)

  • Kylie C May, 17 2013, 7:40 / Reply

    I love this. I have a foot injury and other than the recommendation of Birkenstocks (argh) my podiatrist has given me a carbon foot plate to place in my shoes. Its a bit like a splint. The catch – it only fits in my running shoes. So I am spending the next few weeks only in gym gear. I thought I was doing well with the yoga pants until a girlfriend commented that I look like one if those annoying people that go to the gym everyday. I miss my usual off duty, boyfriend jeans, tshirt and bensimon flats.

  • laurine May, 18 2013, 5:36 / Reply

    génial, des billets sponsorisés……………………………

  • hmm…american apparel leggings, a grey wool cardigan and a zadig et voltaire leopard fur hood parka, as it still has a veeeery bad weather in London and I can’t just wear a half-zip or a nice tee..and yes, I need to confess that, a pair of pink Uggs! As it’s freezing and I want some color in my life too finally!


    P.S. apologies for the burst-out! and I pray that at the end of June that I am coming to Paris the weather is going to be slightly better…otherwise…I’ll just bring my UNIFORM!

  • im so obsessed with cute athletic wear right now. the stuff for theory… so cute sigh…


  • t-shirt, jupe très courte, bottes délacées et gros bijoux bizzares (sont des trucs que je ne peux pas mettre on dutty…). ce qui fait que je me demande en tout temps (tétanisée), c’est quand que mes boss ou mes clients tombent sur moi ET me reconnaissent…

  • I don’t wear make up and pretend like I’m letting my face “breathe” from wearing makeup all week. sad…

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