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We’re Hiring!

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We’re hiring!

Guys, we’re growing!! Maybe you’ve noticed? But things are picking up even more over here at Studio Doré and we’re looking for some great, fun, excited people to join our Studio family. And we’ve found that you guys, our readers, always make for the best employees. You’ll find full descriptions for the positions at the below links and you can apply straight through the website.
Excited to meet you!

Social Media Editor
Personal Assistant to Garance
Freelance Positions


Add yours
  • Hey ! Amazing !

    What are the freelance positions ? The link isn’t working…

    A lot of bisous to the Studio !

  • Hi Sophie,
    Here is the link again, let me know if you’re having any problems: https://garance-dore-studio.workable.com/j/DF7A241909
    We are looking for freelance photographers, retouchers and art directors/graphic designers.
    x Emily

  • i’m sorry i can’t apply since i don’t live in nyc! good luck to the applicants! :)


  • Oh le poste d’assistante me correspond parfaitement ! Pas du tout dans mes projets pour le moment, mais un jour qui sait. C’est surement un job épuisant mais si interessant !

  • mademoiselle mauve April, 18 2016, 3:12 / Reply

    wowwww too bad I live in Paris!!! :D

  • Those applying for the social media or personal assistant posts are so lucky I live in Greece and don’t plan leaving the sunniest place on earth ’cause otherwise I’d do anything possible to be hired ????

  • Too bad I love in Canada! Awesome though. Congrats on expanding.


  • Amandine April, 18 2016, 5:59 / Reply

    Oh, to be in NYC!!! I tick every single box, and more, for the role of Garance’s PA. I don’t suppose you’d relocate to Vancouver, BC? C’est le Los Angeles canadien, Garance, je t’assure! No? Haaaaa, domage….

  • submareen April, 18 2016, 7:23 / Reply

    Dream team, dream works.
    C’est incroyablement stimulant de voir un projet personnel se transformer en une réelle entreprise, qui s’agrandit petit à petit, et offre de réelles opportunités à ses collaborateurs. Félicitations!
    Heureux seront vos prochains recrutés!!
    Pas envie de vous délocaliser à Milan? Vous êtes certains? Traduire le site vers l’italien :) ?
    Une (forte et irrévérencieuse) curiosité: vous allez recevoir des milliers et des milliers de candidatures, vous nous communiquerez le nombre? Quel casse-tête la sélection parmi tous vos incroyables candidats-lecteurs : )

  • I wish there was a position in LA


  • Yeaaah congrats :) Too bad I live in Paris or I would apply for the community manager position…
    Good luck for everything !

  • @Theblondpowder April, 19 2016, 3:22 / Reply

    In another life I would live in NYC and would be Garance’s PA because it’s the job that “a million girls would kill for” (and luckily she is not Anna W !)
    Mais dans cette vie, et bien que je suis sûre de posséder les qualités et compétences requises, je vis à Paris et je n’ai pas encore gagné ma Green Card pour travailler aux U.S (bon, ok il faudrait déjà commencer par jouer à la loterie…)
    Bonnes recherches à tout le Studio et j’ai hâte de rencontrer les nouveaux membres de la “famille Doré”.
    Bisous xoxo

  • Wishing best of luck to the candidates! Wish I had already finished my studies and was based in NYC, hehe. But if you’ll be looking for any freelance writers from Russia – do let me know, haha! :p


  • If you ever hire for freelance writers… :)
    For the other positions I am not enough qualified or live too far away… Across the ocean.. :))


  • This is so exciting!

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  • When do we need to apply by?

  • Hi Anna,
    There is no set deadline! We are reviewing applications as they come in and will continue to do so until we find the right candidates!
    x Emily

  • Hello le pense que j’aurais été une exceeeeelente assistante pour Garance ;)

  • Hello la team,
    Je pense que j’aurais été une excelleeeeeente assistante personnelle pour Garance ;)
    Vraiment dommage que je ne sois pas basé sur NY…

  • Hi,
    Is the photographer position relevant to photographers worldwide?

  • Personally I think you should look at hiring a physiotherapist for the office who can also write up on new fitness crazes / health and wellbeing…

  • Cris Bowden April, 21 2016, 10:19 / Reply

    Dear Garance & Studio Team! Came across this post today and cannot think of a more challenging and exiting experience for me than to have the opportunity to be your PA, Garance. Since I live in Argentina and not a US citizen, kind of complicated! However, didn’t want to miss the chance to say I’m a follower of your growth not only as a professional but as seem like, great person to be around! All the best and I’m sure I would be a great PA for you! XOXO Cris

  • Lauren Pipe May, 4 2016, 5:33 / Reply

    Hi Team!

    Has the assistant position already been filled? Which language should the CV be sent in, french or english?

    Merci beaucoup!

  • Emily May, 9 2016, 9:17

    Hi Lauren,
    Yes! The position has been filled, but please send through your resume and we will keep it on file for future positions.

  • Lauren Pipe May, 9 2016, 6:48 / Reply

    Hi there!

    Has the position of Assistant to Garance been filled? would love to send my application in!

    Merci d’avance


  • Emily May, 9 2016, 9:02

    Hi Lauren,
    Yes! The position has been filled at this time, but please feel free to send us your resume and we will keep it on file should any positions open up!

  • Lauren Pipe May, 9 2016, 4:26 / Reply

    Thanks Emily!

  • Laura Minkley October, 27 2016, 3:32 / Reply

    Bonjour je cherche à postuler est ce que j’arrive trop tard ?
    Les liens indiqués ci dessus ne fonctionnent pas…

    Merci pour votre retour!

  • Hi! I am wondering if you have a need for an “intern”. I am based in NYC and have over 7 years of experience in project management/finance and some social media and marketing experience. I am trying to use this experience in a new field as I think I will be a good match. If you guys have a need for some help twice or three times a week – I am very flexible and would love to work with you. Please note I am not looking for compensation – just want to help out and learn. Thanks!

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