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One Year as Atelier Doré!

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One Year as Atelier Doré!

Guys! It’s officially been one year to the day since we re-branded as Atelier Doré. It feels both weird and not weird to include myself in that “we.”

I mean, I’ve only been part of this team since January, but I feel like I’ve been part of the conversation for so much longer than that thanks to the community that surrounds the Atelier.

I definitely feel like I’ve known this team of extraordinary women (and some male freelancers!) for much longer than a few short months.

We wanted to take a moment to re-introduce our team (you might remember The Atelier is… mini-series, but we’ve still gotten some questions about who is behind the scenes these days) and I saw it as an opportunity to gush about the team. We gush about so many other women on this site, you should all know that the women who run this place are just as cool ;)

But let’s run it back just so we all know who’s who…

Emily, our trailblazing COO, has a encyclopedic knowledge of the site, everyone she’s ever met with or admired from afar. The fact that she can juggle that rolodex and our finances, boggles my mind as someone who always forgets to buy something at the grocery store (the last time I forgot to buy chicken… for my roast chicken…)

Caitlin, our VP of Business, hails from my hometown of Los Angeles and not only does she properly put “the” in front of every freeway (yes, you take THE 101 to THE 110 to THE 5…) but she also made me feel apart of this team and appreciated from day one, and as someone who always feels like the perpetual new girl, that meant a lot.

Mary spearheads Brand Partnerships and business development. But more importantly she has a personality that could not only win over Scrooge but probably get him to part with all those gold coins. Somehow she’s able to juggle a bazillion things and maintain high happiness levels with all clients and just watching what she does makes me want to take a nap from exhaustion.

Vanessa, our Art Director, is one of the most delightful and also neurotic people I’ve ever met and I love that both sides of her personality blend to form a delightful human who over thinks a lot of things and rarely eats vegetables. She is someone I would write into a character to be enjoyed by all in a heartbeat.

Pia, our photo producer, is the kind of person you meet and would actually agree to go on a cross country road-trip with the day after. She is kind, funny, and will always share the snacks with you. She’s one of the few people whose company I would never tire.

Sometimes all I have to do is look at our Associate Content Editor, Tori, and I find myself laughing about what I don’t even know. She just gets my humor and my need for very specific home decor. She reminds me of another young woman I worked with almost eight years ago and that woman is one job away from running an entire broadcasting company, and I think Tori is destined for similar greatness.

I only got to meet our Special Projects Coordinator, Carie, once in person before she DESERTED US ALL for sunny LA. But it’s fine, I can harass her on slack to proofread things because she’s the most thorough worker I have ever encountered and because of the time difference she’s always still around when everyone else has left and thus keeps me company when I’m tip tapping away on the keyboard into the night.

Brittany, our Social Media Editor, is the friend who shows up with soup when you’re sick. She’s the friend you call in the middle of the night when he dumped you again and you just need someone to listen. She will always be there to listen.

Gabby, our Studio Coordinator, only comes in twice a week and that bums us all out because you might have noticed her photographs popping up in some of our minis because we quickly learned this is one multi-talented lady and we shouldn’t squander that.

And Garance is well… Garance! She is as honest and forthright as her writing implies. And I couldn’t be more excited to continue to learn from her and help spur this conversation onward!

Any questions? We’d love to hear them!


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  • Congrats!! And more years full of creativity, inspirations, friendship and awesome stuff! This is how I imagine Atelier Doré’s office! xx

  • I can’t believe Atelier is built by so many amazing people. You make it look so easy as if it was run by one person. Hahaha. Just a question, do contributors pay to be on the website or vice versa?

  • Vanessa April, 4 2018, 11:32 / Reply

    Note to our lovely editor: I DO eat vegetables! LOVE vegetables. I mean I’m having spinach for lunch!! xx

  • Veronica April, 4 2018, 3:23

    only someone this neurotic would dwell on the percentage of vegetables she consumes ;) ;) can’t wait to write a movie about you <3 <3

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira April, 5 2018, 2:21 / Reply


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