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The opal is a stone close to my heart.

So that’s a bit of an Aussie thing, but sometimes you have to just let yourself be proud of where you come from! Good and, well, less glamorous… (Remember Crocodile Dundee’s “throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate!” ?!!)

Everyone wears them in Australia, and I have a small white one I have worn on a fine gold chain for over a decade now. It’s very subtle and beautiful, and completely timeless. But what I love most about it, is that it’s very similar to one my grandmother wears. When I visit her in Sydney, we always check that the other is wearing theirs – a little like a friendship necklace, but far more special than that.

So when I came across WWAKE, I fell hard.
(Ok, so that was partially my jaw because their prices are a tiiiny bit higher than what my modest opal necklace was years ago)(But they do use diamonds, ooh)

I love that there’s a company making opals (internationally) cool again, and with thoughtful design that speaks to a more modern audience. It’s this very subtle touch of color that you can bring to your everyday jewelry that’s not overwhelming and, for me, it’s a little piece of home… In the form of a really beautiful ring that I want to wear every day.

Are you an opal convert yet? Or what’s your most beloved stone?

Ring 1 and Ring 2, WWAKE.


Add yours
  • Opals are lovely. I’m a sucker for a lot of gemstones — especially coloured ones. I particularly love labradorite (a bit opalescent in the way they reflect light and colour), peridot, sapphires and blue topaz.

  • I don’t have a favorite stone, but I’m dreaming about having a beautiful opal ring, I love this stone and I read that it’s healthy, I mean, it gives you positive energy or something like that.

  • I love this post about you and your grandmother and matching necklaces, so sweet.
    I have sapphires passed from my mom to me, some are from her parents others ones may dad bought her, all so special, so classic and yet different from what is out now. She gives them at random and not every year, so it’s even more special. My most favorite is a sapphire and diamond band that I’ve had for years, it’s so simple and I can wear it everyday, I get tons of compliments on it and when I’m hvaing a really bad day it reminds me that my parents are right there with me.

  • My mother gave me a beautiful opal necklace for my last birthday. We moved to the states from Brisbane 12 years ago and she’d been saving it for me all that time. It feels like it holds a special magic and I love it dearly!

  • these rings are gorgeous

  • Moonstones.

  • So dainty, I love it! It’s still neutral so you can wear it with anything! :)

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is an antique bracelet with opals and diamonds, unfortunately it’s not the kind of thing I get to wear often. That’s why I love the simplicity and elegance of these rings — in too intricate a design I find opals can look a little cheesy. It can also be hard to find ones with great color, since so many opals are artificially made these days.

  • While my mother collects precious and semi-precious stones, my favorite jewellery is silver with turquoise, nothing too fancy. I’m generally a fan of green gems – jade, emerald, moldavit, garnet, but I wouldn’t wear them out of fear of losing or damaging them.

  • Gorgeous. I have always admired opals, though I’ve never owned any jewelry with them. Also a very pretty name :)

  • Ana Domenica Rodà November, 12 2015, 3:29 / Reply

    Love opals! But my favourite gem is a semi-precious one = the humble moonstone.

  • My grandma passed away before I was born but when she did she left all of her opal jewelry in a box and gave it to my mom and with a note that said “Your daughter’s birthstone will be opal too so give her these”. What’s spooky is that I am an opal birthstone!!! It is very near and dear to my heart as well and shopping for opal had to be one of my favorite parts of visiting Sydney! Great post :)

  • Now that there is what they call…………..pure style!

  • Funny as I just felt in love with a Pascale Monvoisin ring with opale and diamond. Got it for my 40s and I know I will wear it until… Love those things that are not trendy and you know you will keep forever. Hard to find. Great post!

  • I own several of Wing’s pieces from WWAKE! We carry her line at OTTE :) it is one of my favorites!

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