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Otherland’s Cozy Candles

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Otherland’s Cozy Candles

You know how people have different love languages? The five established love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Well, the other day, a friend of mine was joking around, saying that my personal love language is coziness. Being cozy. Feeling cozy. Having someone engage in cozy activities with me. Not having someone ask me to get outside of my cozy comfort zone.

Yes, it is true. These are all things that make me feel safe and loved.

I’d rather be cocooned in a blanket on the couch than out drinking cosmos with some characters.

Part of this curation of coziness, for me, relies heavily on the use of candles.

And lucky enough for me, my all-time favorite candle brand, OTHERLAND, just dropped their new fall collection, inspired by “countryside weekends where bonfires blaze, cider gets spiked, and friends become family.” The collection is named Manor House Weekend and Otherland is even branding it as “Hello Cozyland.”

I mean, talk about my literal dream. And the yumminess of the scents live up to the richness of their visual vibes.

Between “Sun Suede,” “Cardamom Milk,” and “Tapestry” (doesn’t that one just make you wanna cue up some Carole King on the record player??), Otherland has me (and you!) covered off on all cozy needs for the season.

And maybe, now with these babies in the oeuvre, my official love language may just shift to “gifts.” ;)

Photo by Nneka Peters

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