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Oui ou Non : Sunglasses Inside

6 years ago by

Oui ou Non : Sunglasses Inside

Do you ever wear sunglasses inside?

I have personally never been one for throwing them on indoors, but I’ve been noticing people doing so more and more… And, for some people, it seems to be their “thing”.

I used to think it was a too cool approach, almost as though eye contact was beneath them… But maybe it’s more about feeling so comfortable in your skin that you wear (and do) what you want, when you want (even if that means wearing sunglasses in a dark restaurant late at night).

Or maybe it’s more about where and when — are there times and places where it’s more acceptable to wear them? I grew up on the beach in Sydney, so sunglasses are important. It’s more about protecting your eyes than looking cool, even though a chic pair is always better.

How do you feel about wearing sunglasses inside? Is it acceptable, or should it be reserved for outdoors where there’s actual sunlight…?


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  • I have another reason for you: They are prescription and I am blind as the proverbial bat without them. AND, for a brief dash out of the sun I sometimes leave ’em on because I’m tired of swapping them out with my indoor glasses. On the bright (but 100% UV filtered scary expensive high index progressive lens side), they’re PRETTY! At least, that’s what my optician told me.

  • I would normally say ‘non’, no sunglasses inside unless if required for medical reasons. However, I recently acquired my first pair of prescription sunglasses (woo hoo! I no longer have to wear contacts just to be able to wear sunglasses), and the downfall is I often forget I’m wearing them and leave my glasses in the car, which leaves me wandering indoors with sunglasses, feeling self-conscious and apologizing to anyone I speak to, and also finding it hard to see (although not as hard as if I were not wearing them – I’d be as blind as a bat too).

  • catherine May, 6 2015, 12:59

    Same here. I can’t see a thing without glasses. If my hands are full, I don’t want to risk bending or scratching my regular glasses trying to get them on and my prescription sunglasses off (my last pair –regular glasses, not sunglasses–cost €1200, with only €300 going to the non-designer frames. My special lenses are expensive). Safer to stay in the penumbra.

  • Catherine May, 6 2015, 1:38

    Actually this makes me think of a sad tale from a friend. She’s young and has ALS. Very pretty, so at first you don’t notice that she walks a bit off and is a bit hunched. She was at Ikea and was just exhausted by the place, so at the checkout she went to the priority line and showed her handicap card. She said she was treated like a criminal by the other shoppers. People yelled at her for cutting in line and said she was faking being ill. She broke down telling me the story. She has to live with this terrible disease but also with strangers who are skeptical that she has disabilities, because she isn’t yet in a wheelchair. I’ve given stink-eye to plenty of people who take handicapped parking places but who don’t seem handicapped, but now I kind of regret it.

  • I think no, it just seems rude to me :) but I’m sure the people that do it have their reasons!

  • Tammy May, 5 2015, 3:38 / Reply

    Personally, I think it looks dumb, unless you’re only inside for a few minutes. Aside from the impracticality of it, I’ve always found it to be a little impolite, like “I can’t be bothered with you”, but maybe I’m old fashioned. People used to remove their hats indoors (or when a woman was present), which has obviously changed.

  • I’m one of those who sometimes wear prescribed sunglasses inside only because I can’t be bothered switching back and forth. My eyesight’s pretty shocking so without glasses, everything’s a blur.

  • Yes. Same for me!

  • Je penche pour le non. Déjà, ça paraît stupide et évident, porter dans lunettes à l’intérieur dans un endroit sombre … ben on y voit encore moins bien non ? C’est vraiment inutile dans ce genre de situations. Y’a plein d’autres accessoires cool à utiliser, donc les lunettes de soleil, c’est quand on en a besoin :)


  • Je trouve ça tellement nul de porter des lunettes de soleil à l’interieur, dans lunette de soleil il y’a le mot “soleil” donc forcement c’est quand il y a du soleil. Peut etres que ces personnes pensent briller au point où elles ont besoin de lunettes…


  • Anceeta May, 5 2015, 4:12 / Reply

    I think non. It seems like with sunglasses on you can look at anyone and be closing your eyes for all we know. It’s just common courtesy that if others are not wearing it, you shouldn’t either. (This applies to indoors only.)


  • I recently got a pair of sunglasses with a nose piece that gets tangled in my hair everytime I go to put them on my forehead, so now to make things easier I just keep them on if I’m running into a place for only a few minutes :)

    Warm Regards,

  • The sun is so bright here in Los Angeles, sunglasses are requisite starting at breakfast. By the end of the day, they become a headband ;)


  • never too dark to be cool ;-)))))


  • Margot May, 5 2015, 4:51 / Reply

    I don’t really see a real reason why you’d want to wear them inside. Whenever I put my sunglasses on at home before putting on my jacket and shoes and walking out the door, I feel silly because it’s so dark that I can’t really see. However, I’m also over people saying stuff like “if you wear sunglasses inside I know you’re a douche”. I say wear whatever you like, even if I don’t understand it.

  • Barbara May, 5 2015, 5:11 / Reply

    Comment dire … c’est un peu comme mettre de la crème solaire la nuit, dormir avec ses chaussures ou prendre son sac à main pour sortir les poubelles …:-))))))

  • Ahahahhahah! Ça va me faire la journée! Complètement d’accord.

  • I never wear sunglasses indoors — I find it rude also, it gives me headache


  • My vision is terrible and I’m super sensitive to light (actually I’m a vampire, and that ‘dress’ is totally white and gold, people- you know I can’t see freaking colors). So, I wear sunglasses all the time – outside, inside if the place is bright, or if I’m hungover. If people think I’m rude, oh well. Maybe they have pilot eyes and can see without squinting – cool.

  • It depends. If you are meeting someone to speak with them, it would be the proper thing to remove them. A lack of eye contact when conversing with someone is seen as rude or suspicious. Our eyes tend to express the most emotion and some might not want to share that. Hence, the reason why someone might wear them even indoors. However, if you aren’t going to engage with anyone, I think it is fine. Sunglasses are more than protection from the sun, they are protection for the soul.

  • Je trouve que ça donne pas l’air très intelligent, et que ce n’est pas vraiment poli. Et personnellement, ayant les yeux sensibles au soleil, mes lunettes sont très foncées (N3) donc à l’intérieur je ne vois rien .

  • No, it is not acceptable at all to wear sunglasses inside. The exceptions to the rule are: you’re blind, browless (sans makeup), hungover, or have pink eye :)

  • I used to hate it when people wore sunglasses indoors, but then I had to get regular glasses. And that lead to prescription sunglasses. Sometimes I’m just too lazy or my hands are too full to do the glasses change on the subway.

  • Supertomate May, 5 2015, 7:39 / Reply

    Comme d’autres, ce sont aussi des lunettes de vue, donc oui, quand je rentre à l’intérieur, je les garde souvent, jusqu’à me rendre compte que c’est bien sombre, là-dedans. Et donc, je les enlève ^^

  • My cool old friend Walter always wore his sunglasses indoors and out, but Walter was pretty tough and had a lot of attitude and it suited him somehow. Otherwise, I would prefer to look people in the eye.

  • Katherine Fleming May, 5 2015, 9:01 / Reply

    Unless someone has a vision issue, I think that it is just an unnecessary affectation.

  • It depends. I think that if you’re going to be talking to someone indoors, then it’s a bit rude to keep your sunglasses on. If you’re just running in somewhere quick, i.e. to pick up mail or something, then it’s fine. But of course, I’m sure some people have their reasons.

    Samantha Series

  • Caroline May, 6 2015, 2:16 / Reply

    En dehors de Karl Lagerfeld, je ne trouve pas ça très élégant. Il y a d’autres manières de se faire remarquer, en faisant de l’esprit par exemple.

  • Berni May, 6 2015, 2:20 / Reply

    Sunglasses inside? I saw that kind of “style” in Paris sometimes and it’s ridiculous…It’s not polite for everyone. That’s all!

  • A reader commented that long ago, it was custom that one must take their hat off, before entering a building/room, Etc. As a sign of “politeness”. Actually, women were the ones “excused” and men were the ones who had to take their hat off. Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour are “excused”. Or is Karl not excused and Anna is?! LOL =)

  • Ce débat me plonge dans des abimes de perplexité.

  • Flore May, 7 2015, 5:35

    Haha! (Je crois que tes commentaires me font souvent tirer des “haha” chez Titiou d’ailleurs…). Je vais d’ailleurs ce pas mettre mes lunettes de soleil sur ce blog ou ailleurs pour ne plus lire les habituels “et vous vous en pensez quoi?” qui risquent de foutre un sacré bordel dans le monde.

  • Marie May, 6 2015, 4:34 / Reply

    J’évite de les mettre à l’intérieur… mais comme je suis myope comme une taupe, il m’arrive de les garder (elles sont adaptées à ma vue)… parce que je ne tombe pas tout de suite sur mes lunettes de vue dans mon sac (ah ah, le drame du sac qui fait déménagement)… On n’a quand même pas l’air malin avec, non ?

  • Only when terribly hungover, but I have not been terribly hungover for years (aaahhh, the wild university years….), so – no, I don’t. I find it rather peculiar and pretentious.

  • Lily Corall May, 6 2015, 5:42 / Reply

    Sunglasses have 3 function: first for protection second to make cool your look, to give you that anonymous and star look. third because you want hide something.

    If I have not something to hide, I use them only outside.

    sometimes in street when I meet someone who I know and we stop to say hello, if I have sunglasses I take them off, because I think it is a form of respect. I also love to see the eyes of the person with which I’m speaking. So if I take off my sunglasses that means I respect you so you have also to take them off. I think through the eyes we can see and understand many things of a person, if she/he is happy to see us, if she/he has a happy life ecc…

  • MissPimpin May, 6 2015, 6:24 / Reply

    Je suis contre les gens qui utilisent les choses contre leur emploi réel, ce qui inclut (liste non exhaustive) : les lunettes de soleil quand il n’y a pas de soleil (dehors déjà, pire dedans), les bonnets à l’intérieur, les bottes en plein été (là, remarquez, je les plains plus qu’autre chose), les fourrures (vraies ou fausses, c’est pas le débat) en plein été (sauf évidemment si on est une starlette sur le point d’exploser à LA, là je peux tolérer), les sacs à main pour sortir la poubelle (tout à fait d’accord avec Barbara) ou sur la plage (déjà vu, véridique, non mais à quoi elle pensait ??!!???), les chaussures ouvertes l’hiver, particulièrement quand il neige ou pas loin (non mais sérieux, à quoi elle pensait ??!!???) ETC
    La mode et le style oui, mais quand même, restons sur terre, c’est fait pour nous permettre de nous adapter à notre environnement…

  • Being myself a person who can wear sunglasses even during a very cloudy day, a storm etc, sometimes I realize I’m still wearing them even if it’s dark. I can’t help! It has nothing to do with fashion but a lot to do with shyness. But I’m not Anna Wintour, I usually take them off at night or inside a restaurant, I don’t find eating with other people wearing sunnies very polite.

  • Jamais fait et jamais compris! Je trouve que effectivement ça véhicule une image négative vis à vis des autres. Complexe de supériorité ou au contraire quelque chose à cacher par orgueil.

  • Quote in a Woody Allen film I think: “There are two types of people who wear sunglasses inside; blind people and assholes”

  • Yup, totally second that!

  • Sunglasses indoors are a no no! They look a little silly. Although I must confess that the people who do wear sunglasses indoors have a lot of balls. So whatever works if you don’t feel silly then werk it!

  • Musotte May, 6 2015, 7:56 / Reply

    Je trouve ça (sauf en cas de maladie des yeux) terriblement impoli, genre “je préfère ne pas avoir de contact visuel avec vous”. Par ailleurs, je vis dans le sud de la France, et on dirait que les gens d’ici préfèrent attendre le plein été pour mettre leurs lunettes soleil : le reste du temps c’est à cet accessoire qu’on reconnaît les touristes… Moi, fille du nord aux yeux clairs, après quelques années ici, je ne les mets que quand le soleil est vraiment trop éblouissant, sinon je laisse mes yeux gober la vitamine D dont j’ai besoin!

  • Et bien moi je les porte même au cinéma… quand j’ai oublié mes lunettes de vue ;-) en fait je déteste tellement mes lunettes de vue (et je ne supporte pas les verres de contact), que mes lunettes de soleil aux verres correcteurs sont quasi greffées à mon visage été comme hiver, soleil ou pas! Je suis tellement myope que c’est beaucoup plus confortable pour moi comme ça. Et tant pis pour le regard des autres… En plus il paraît que ça préserve des rides du contour de l’œil ;-)

  • J’ai un peu honte, mais je les porte tout le temps, et oui, même à l’intérieur :) Mais c’est plus pour cacher mes cernes qu’autre chose. J’adore, mais c’est vrai que ça a un côté un peu ridicule et snob !


  • Afraid so. I wear sunglasses from March – October, on my eyes outdoors and on my head indoors/in the shade.

  • Unless you have serious vision issues, do not wear sunglasses inside. It is rude.
    People put their feet on chairs and tables while they have their sunglasses on inside and feel so ” cool”. It is not cool at all. Having some manners is cool.

    ” in manners begins morality”


  • Liliana May, 6 2015, 10:29 / Reply

    In Mexico we say: Cuarto cerrado y lente oscuro, naco seguro! (it’s not very polite, but it perfectly describe how tacky is wearing sunglasses inside)

  • Lisa Powers May, 6 2015, 10:36 / Reply

    Unless you have a prescription or you are Anna Wintour (who by the way wears them indoors when there are going to be photography with flash) I find it silly and rude.

  • En vivant en Italie, autant te dire que interieur / exterieur / jour / nuit, on ne fait pas la différence tant la lunette de soleil est parfaitement intégrée à l’outfit, un peu comme le pantalon !! Au debut tu te dis que les gens se prennent trop au sérieux, et puis tu te rends compte que pour eux, ce n’est pas une question d’attitude ou de prétention… mais simplement une habitude !

    Baci, Ali

  • Theresa May, 6 2015, 11:30 / Reply

    I’ll wear sunglasses indoors in certain circumstances. For me, it’s about being incognito. I’ll wear them on the subway, etc. I’m not trying to look like Johnny Depp or like I’m in the Matrix–it’s purely for personal comfort and creating the illusion of a personal space for myself when surrounded by lots of people!

  • Olivia May, 6 2015, 11:58 / Reply

    I remember reading that Joan Didion wore hers inside (and during her wedding!) because she was nervous. I think that makes it more sweet than daring :)

  • karacocoa May, 6 2015, 12:05 / Reply

    I think if you’re just doing it to be “cool” and it’s just an affectation, it’s rude as all get-out.

  • Mes yeux étant très sensibles, il m’arrive d’en porter à l’intérieur dans les lieux éclairés aux néons par exemple, ou très ouverts sur l’extérieur et donc baignés de lumière. Je ne me pose pas la question de savoir si cela se fait ou non ; l’important, c’est le confort.

  • Mêmes raisons, mot pour mot! ;)

  • Timina May, 6 2015, 12:52 / Reply

    My lenses are progressive and transition-type, so I use my glasses in the sun and indoors. Very comfortable but expensive!

  • Yes I do wear them inside sometime… for practical reasons. I have myopia ;)


  • Leslie May, 6 2015, 3:27 / Reply

    Two words: Peggy. Olsen.

  • Sofia May, 6 2015, 6:12 / Reply

    Quand on est triste et/ou contrarié, des lunettes de soleil vissées sur le nez sont un genre de bouclier. Ca permet de faire face, donc j’évite d’y voir systématiquement de l’arrogance ou de la snoberie.
    D’ailleurs, quand je vois des personnes qui gardent leurs lunettes à l’intérieur, je pense le plus souvent à ça : “qu’est ce qu’elle veut cacher ?”

  • Normalement oui, je les porte à l’intérieur, m’en fous de l’opinion des gens qui font une fixation sur les lunettes

  • I don’t mind it so much, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to shop or whatever with your sunglasses on but there are circumstances when respect is due and we should take our sunglasses off. If I am inside and I am making conversation with someone, then I make an effort to take them off. http://milkandvelvet.com/

  • florencia May, 7 2015, 9:53 / Reply

    yeah I do! But because I had my prescription added to them so I forget about them. And when I am in sunny cafés or restaurant it´s the only way I can read…the cellphone.

  • I think it’s plain pretentious; people who wear sunglasses inside seem to me like they want attention. Celebrities wear sunglasses when they don’t want to be recognizable and I guess some people copy them so they look mysterious ;) Most of the time it just brings smile on my face. Besides, I’ve heard it causes fatigue to your eyes.


  • At 68 years of age I tend to please myself. I have always enjoyed “making up” for the day. But as one ages – that pleasure can change. Significantly! I wear bifocals and must do so for reading and distance. Tinted, colored, lightly, darkly, or just the right amount, colored glasses serve well for both sight and my oft un-made up eyes. They are a fashion statement. I have 18 pairs of them and always wear them everywhere. Unequivocally each time I wear a pair – people comment on them. Best fashion purchase I ever made.

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