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Parachute Home

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Parachute Home

As some of you may know, I recently graduated from college and moved to New York City. When I moved into my apartment, my mom and I made several dreaded trips to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target, searching for the items that would turn my 400 sq. ft. cube into a home. On one of these late-night Target outings, we threw a set of Jersey sheets into our cart as the store was preparing to close. I remember my mom saying something along the lines of, “we just need to get you sheets so you can start sleeping at your own apartment! You can find a second set that you love later and these will become your backup.”

Flash forward to several months later, I’m all settled into the apartment, the job, things are good. Obviously, finding that second set of sheets lost priority and trailed along on my to-do list. And then, one night I was walking home from work and stumbled upon the Parachute store in Soho. I remembered reading about the company before and several of my friends SWEAR by their sheets. Plus, the windows looked so full of fresh linen, warm light, and soft things; they were beckoning to me. In under five minutes (and with the help of the sweetest sales associate!), I found my perfect set of sheets! Washed Sateen in a cozy and subtle rose color. I finished my walk home, new sheets in hand, and washed and made my bed with them that night. My mom was right–not only have the crummy Target sheets become my backup, they haven’t even seen the light of day because I go out of my way to wash and remake the bed with my Parachute sheets in the same day.


Anyways, all of this is to say that we recently had the opportunity to meet with Ariel Kaye, Founder of Parachute, and visit her home in L.A. Beyond Ariel being a complete and utter doll, her home is a sunny and charming oasis where I would love to curl up with a book and…I don’t know…move in? It’s the epitome of the interior I imagine when I picture the perfect beach house. Her vision for Parachute–European-inspired, high-quality, all-natural linen home-goods–is gorgeously represented throughout the space. And though my tiny, messy, NYC apartment is a far cry from the casual serenity of Ariel’s home, I’m so glad that my Parachute bed sheets offer me a little piece of that comfy luxury.


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  • There’s nothing better than the feeling and smell of fresh new sheets when you get to bed at the end of a long tiring day. Ahhh the little pleasures :)

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