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Party Etiquette

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It has happened to all of us…

That moment when you see someone you know at a party, lean in to give a polite kiss on the cheek, and almost have an uncomfortable makeout session. Yup, I know. It is a cringefest. You’re thinking “was I supposed to lean the other way?!” while being abruptly confronted with said acquaintance’s chin.

But now our problems are solved thanks to this little video by Eva Michon. Narrated by Jason Schwartzman (and shot at TenOverSix in LA, remember the post Garance did there?) the video gives us all the rules for behaving properly when socializing. He covers the aggressive handshake, the importance of fresh breath, and body language. Just in time for party season…

– Tamar


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  • Ah, party etiquette. This is just what I needed. My worst problems: accidentally kissing someone who I thought was someone else and of course, the Irish exit.
    Your Friend, Jess

  • pay attention to your peers and mirror their behaviour! that should sort you out! :)

  • hahahaha this is exactly my problem! especially when your husband’s family (big family that is) is french and at each gathering you have a huge cheek kissing session and just when I think I did it the right way, I either go for the wrong side or bump my glasses into their nose or…

  • lol.. now way about the sneezing! into someone’s face?

  • Well, apparently, you still have no clue cause kisses, hugs etc. are purely cultural and differ from a country/region to another…

  • florence October, 25 2013, 4:25 / Reply

    Humm les embrassades, les poignées de main, tou ça c’est culturel quand même!
    Pour moi – une poignée de main “molle” – recommandée dans cette vidéo – est signe d’hypocrisie ou du moins de manque de droiture dans les relations..donc à éviter. La poignée de main doit être ferme sans écraser la main de l’autre…Et c’est deux bises (dans le Sud-Ouest et en espagne)! Et la bise n’a rien d”intime”. On fait la bise à tout le monde ou presque!

  • lol, il s’agit bien d’une farce…non?
    Je laisse de côté l’éternuement, mais en ce qui concerne la poignée de main, je trouve que recevoir une main toute molle est très désagréable et me donne une mauvaise image de la personne (bon à l’inverse se faire écraser la main c’est pas top non plus!)
    En tout cas la vidéo est agréable à regarder pour les jolies couleurs et vêtements/ maquillage.

  • Hahah, this is genious.
    So the next time I’ll go ahead and sneeze right into people’s face ;))!


  • My social etiquette is: dance and have fun. In general it’s enough…. when it’s not, then the party is boring ;-))

  • I’m not totally sure about the sneezing party… I don’t really know if here in France it’s really a good way to sneeze into someone’s face in a party… I mean, if somebody would sneeze into my face, I would rather think “this person is really impolite”… anyway, this is a very funny video and thank you for sharing !
    (I love the part when you come and “high-five” a guy, and the next second you’re on his back and you’re becoming the star of the party !!! :))))

  • Catherine October, 25 2013, 6:33 / Reply

    I’m American, my husband is Belgian and we live in France.
    Americans: hugs, no kisses.
    Belgians: air kisses by the cheeks, starting on the right.
    France: air kisses by the cheeks, starting on the left.
    Result: I find kisses, even air kisses to be way too intimate. To me, kissing is what you do with your lover or your children. Not friends, or acquaintances. So I never initiate.
    When I encounter Belgians (they visit us or we visit them), I am so used to the French maneuver that I inevitably collide in the middle, as they are trying to approach from the opposite side than I’m used to.
    Total disaster.
    Of course, my husband loves to tell his friends how great it is to greet my female friends and relatives in the U.S. and get to have their breasts smashed up against him. He finds that way too intimate.

  • HAHAHHAHA helpful and hilarious!!! i love this. note to self: if someone sneezes in your face at a party, just take it. its the polite thing to do.

  • My French teacher taught me how to exchange the bises, one on each cheek. I couldn’t help but notice that she gave me a look of filthy hatred in between each kiss. I liked it better when we hugged.

  • Anonymous October, 25 2013, 12:46 / Reply

    God that was funny .. thanks for the laughs.

  • hahahaahaha…yeah thank you! highly appreciated, cant wait for the next party!


  • Laurène October, 26 2013, 4:49 / Reply

    Pitié! Ne serrez jamais la main de manière molle! C’est tellement désagréable, comme d’avoir un mollusque entre les mains.

    Do not shake hands in a flabby way! It’s like having a mollusk in your hands!

    Je ne sais pas quoi penser de cette vidéo… Est-ce une blague? Si non je crois vraiment que les codes sociaux France/Etats-Unis sont vraiment différents!

    D’accord pour dire que la vidéo est très belle esthétiquement!

  • OMG this is exactly what i need! Thanks for sharing!

  • je crois aussi que cette vidéo est un gag!

  • Très drole et tres ironique également, évidement qu’on ne tend pas une main molle ou qu’on n’éternue a la tete de quelqu’un! (cela dit faire comme si on n’avait pas remarqué quand cela nous arrive reste une politesse de base)

  • Seriously, this is not a troll? Limp handshake, sneezing and breathing into other people’s faces? Yuck.

  • Jeannine October, 29 2013, 8:57 / Reply

    La main molle NOOOOOON. Je deteste quand qqn me tend le ‘poisson mort’. On n’ecrase pas la main de l’autre bien sûr. Et les bises, c’est local / culturel. Nous avons un groupe très mélangé ici, donc, pour eviter des problèmes on fait les ‘négitiations préliminaires’: des qu’on se penche pour faire la bise, voir après la primière on se dit ‘deux ou trois?’ en rigloant bien evidemment :-) ça marche pour tout le monde et évite les faux pas. Après tout, le fondément de toute etiquette c’est de mettre à l’aise les gens, parcequ’ils savent ce qu’on attend d’eux.

  • Katherine October, 29 2013, 11:27 / Reply

    I am totally baffled that there are people leaving comments that do not understand that this is a joke. Who are you people? Where are you from?

  • LAURENT GOMES November, 4 2013, 2:37 / Reply

    “What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.” ~Phyllis Diller

    Thanks for the tips about etiquette at a party Garance. I mix with friends from very mixed backgrounds: I am never quite sure if I have made a blunder. I tend to follow my instincts.
    The worst parties are those that involve people you work with on a daily basis.
    In such cases, I firmly believe that less is more.

    PS : I can’t get over the sneezing tip ha ha. I shall try this with my OCD manager.

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