A Love Letter To

Peter Lindbergh

1 year ago by

Peter Lindbergh

When I look at your photographs, I feel joy.
I feel I don’t have to put on a mask. I can just be.
When I look at women in your photographs, I sense how loved they are. They’re wholesome, warm, intelligent, and always sophisticated. And that love, that pure state in which they appear in front of the viewer in your images, it’s infectious. One can’t help but love these women, too.
You tapped into something beyond lights, sets and makeup. You’ve inspired thousands of young photographers around the globe, which makes me hopeful that your magic didn’t die with you.
Rest In Peace, Peter Lindbergh.


Peter Lindbergh, 1944 – 2019


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  • Merci pour cette belle lettre.
    Peter Lindbergh aimait les êtres et savait les regarder d’une manière unique. J’aimerais voir le monde et les gens avec ces yeux-là, ils seraient tellement plus beaux. Heureusement il y a ses photos pour continuer à apprendre.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 6 2019, 5:52 / Reply

    Just Beautiful , Bog !!! What an Amazing Artist and , for me , those photos from the 90’s with Naomi , Linda, Christy, Amber… i mean, a Level apart !!!

  • Beautiful words.

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