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Pigalle Basketball Court

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Pigalle Basketball Court

I play basketball. Okay, I pretend I still play basketball. Okayyy, the last time I played basketball, I broke my cousin’s nose (totally an accident) (he has very poor reflexes) so it’s probably best I don’t play anymore. But the newly designed Paris Duperré basketball court certainly inspires me to give it another shot – literally. The iconic court has been given a new vibrant makeover created in collaboration with the fashion brand Pigalle, design agency Ill-Studio and Nike. So…I’ll meet you on the court? But you should probably wear a helmet.


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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira July, 21 2017, 9:45 / Reply

    Absoluletly Fu**’in Amazing !!! Congrats to all the brands and the people involved
    in the project!!! And Vanessa…Keep shootin’ some hoops but, you know…
    be more careful or do you know what’s gonna happen ? As soon as you walk at the court , people
    will be like:«_ I just remembered i gotta go feed my grandma ‘cats…» or «_ I gotta go pick
    my mother in law at airport!…!!!», You know what i mean ?

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