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Pillow Talk!

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Pillow Talk!

If there’s anyone who can advise on how to scent my pillow, it’s Diana Vreeland.

I remember those small scented sachets, filled with lavender, which you would put under your pillow or near it… or was it in a drawer? I’m not really sure, but truthfully, they were kind of strange and didn’t smell all that great or put you in a more relaxed mood (the intended purpose).

The syringe method however, injecting your favorite scent directly into your favorite pillow, is not only smart but also has an oddly seductive side to it… or is that just me? And although she didn’t design the new collection herself, her grandson Alexander crafted the scents in her honor and the perfume injected pillow tip is all Diana.

Absolutely Vital is my new go to for all future pillow scenting affairs. Thanks, Diana! What’s yours?




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  • Bientôt des seringues de lessives Ariel spéciales taies d’oreiller ;) ?

  • I am not sure that DV herself would have loved this idea..there so many other nice way to do it!!! for me it’s an aggressive idea!!
    Yael Guetta

  • I’ve never heard of this until now

    international giveaway on my blog!

  • Eau ressourçante de Clarins ! :)

  • Oh, j’adore l’idée!

  • Gageons que cette injection nous plongera dans un profond et bienheureux sommeil! J’adorerais tester!;)

  • Ouh la la!!! pas pour moi: j’ai peur des aiguilles!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier January, 14 2015, 3:02 / Reply

    I don’t iron sheets (sorry Mom!) but I do like a nice crisp pillow case. So I spray on a lovely scented linen spray, iron it in, and enjoy the scent as I snuggle into my pillow each night until laundry day. I stick to lavender, ocean breeze, or fresh linen scents, cheap as chips at the nearest HomeGoods.

  • Smart? This seems very impractical and illogical. Spraying or washing with desired scent spreads that scent evenly. Injecting into a pillow makes no sense since the process injection only works if you’re injecting into something that allows the fluid to spread. This will result in a small section of your pillow briefly being scented, while the rest is not. Very gimmicky and ineffective.

  • Looks scary give me an aerosol anytime

  • You want to press your lavender sachet in your hand before going to bed to make the grains crack a little bit – that way you activate the perfume. I think it’s more natural and healthier then a liquid perfume. Just putting the sachets near the pillow stops working after the superficial scent fades away…

  • Jennifer January, 15 2015, 9:02 / Reply

    I find that my perfume finds its way on my pillow from my spraying it in the room or just transfer from my skin to the pillow. I would prefer the calming Lavendar or linen type scent but haven’t found one I like spraying. This Works (Net-A-Porter) has a spray that is supposed to help you sleep, calming scent etc. but I have yet to try it.
    With my young sons in and out of our room my main focus is clean!

  • I wouldn’t inject perfume in my pillow, most of all because nowadays they’re made of new materials so I don’t know if they can be punched :/

  • Make your own linen spray with lavender oil and fabric softener mixed with water.Spray and iron for scented pillowslips. Beautiful sleep will follow. judyxxx

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