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Color? Pfft, who needs it?! Texture? Yes, always. Thank you.

I have a closet full of ribbed tops and fuzzy sweaters. If it’s tactile, I want it. And pleats? Well, they have a special place in my heart (thank you, Issey Miyake). They’re a little niche for some — and fashion definitely retreated from them for a while — but I’ve been seeing them a little more and more recently… like Marion Cotillard in that silver Dior pleated gown…

What do you look for more in your closet, color or texture?


Add yours
  • I went through a pleat obsession once


  • i’m confused: is this marion in dior? if not, who took the pic? :)


  • My closet as well as my post this week is filled with texture. Pleats Please is a favorite because I love how the garments can be sculpted in different ways. You can turn jackets upside down and they turn into a wrap, they billow and swirl. A Miyake piece, the Madame T can be turned into a dress, a skirt, a wrap or anything you are creative enough to imagine. I do love texture in my clothes too.

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  • La matière, j’ai toujours aimais la qualité, j’achète jamais si la matière ne m’attire pas.

  • I’m going through a bit of a transition toward favoring textures more. The older I get, the more I value how things feel to me.

  • texture for main clothes
    color and pattern for scarves and hair accessories

  • bavarian_blue December, 19 2014, 3:19 / Reply

    Color is a mirror of mood at least for me – a emotional and personal thing. Monochrome texture and texture-mix let me play a convincing styling game which is more aloof manner even if the textures are as strikingly as Miyakes pleats.

  • This is the exact feeling I have right now too! Color isn’t as important as the texture. I am obsessed. xo, Amanda

  • I love pleats but find them so difficult to maintain

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  • I love Miyake, whether pleated or not and have several vintage pieces that look as good as new and are very versatile. The stuff is well made and the fabrics are out of this world good!

  • Bon Dieu ! J’ai près de 100 pièces de pleats please, c’est la base de ma garde robe, ça fait plus de 20 ans que je l’habille en pleats (on s’emballe pas, le premier que j’ai acheté était avec mon premier salaire de stagiaire et pleats n’existait pas, c’était encore Issey Miyake, il n’y avait que 5 pièces – le pantalon, le manteau, le tee shirt et la jupe, et que en trois “couleurs” : blanc, noir et gris) ( … je n’ai donc pas 70 ans). Pleats c’est la liberté , les couleurs, l’humour, des vintages incroyables (oui j’ai des pièces qui sont dans le bouquin d’Irvin Penn), ça se lave dans la baignoire des vacances, ça sèche tout seul, ça se coupe, ça se transforme, on porte les même pièces à +-10kg, c’est toujours chic. Bref j’adore !!!

  • Mary Pauline December, 23 2014, 1:05 / Reply

    Cette robe est la réincarnation mode du travail de P. Soulages ! La matière est le plus important, le noir devient alors totalement unique par rapport à une autre pièce noire.

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