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Pocket PMF: Plastic Surgery

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Pocket PMF: Plastic Surgery

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance chats with Emily, Natalie and Brie about plastic surgery. Listen to them discuss what they think qualifies as plastic surgery, how they felt when they were younger vs. how they feel now that they are older, what, if anything, is wrong with vanity, and so much more!

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Photo by Erik Melvin

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  • You guys are so great with these roundtables!
    I think natural is best and that we shouldn’t fear a few lines or changes. I think of my grandma who was fabulous until age 100. Those lines are earned.
    But I also know two women who have had their frown line botoxed. They aren’t mad or mean and actually rarely frowned, but it’s luck of the draw/genetics where lines dig in. If it’s between your brows you will LOOK mad. So they do it, and leave the rest. You can’t even tell–they can move their eyebrows and everything, just not frown. I think the pressure to do something to stay young is less where I live now, in the country, than it is for women in New York or Paris.

  • I’m saving this for my next long car ride!


  • Samantha McKay October, 7 2016, 12:33 / Reply

    That ‘This American Life’ episode was intense! And also kinda sad when she admitted she still took those diet pills.

  • I really love all the PMF! It was a bit difficult to hear this one, can something be done about the microphone (it was also rather the city noise that was audible)

    Many thanks x

  • Loved this PMF. Such a contentious subject most avoid because it’s so personal but I’m so happy you guys tackled it because it’s important for people of all ages to understand themselves and to think about the effects/repercussions 3-dimensionally in relation to our times. And it was done in a considerate, honest and open manner with, as always, a welcome dash of humor, love, and compassion. Answers may not have been answered at the end but that’ll always be the case. Nothing is ever clear. I gratefully left with more to think about so thanks guys! And I will be sure to listen to that NPR This American Life episode.

  • Great Talk! Bravo Garance et Equipe :-)
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