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Carte Blanche: Relationships

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Carte Blanche: Relationships

You might have noticed that Pardon My French is back for a new season! You can find the first two episodes here and here.

We spent the summer thinking what else we wanted to with Pardon My French, how do we want to expand it? The ideas ranged so much from reading essays, reading plays, to talking to people on the street that we thought — damnit — we don’t want to be pigeonholed! Give us carte blanche to do what we want!

Carte Blanche! That’s it!

So now once a month we will be releasing a Carte Blanche episode that is just that, the freedom to do whatever we want with it. We may even tap you, our fabulous fans, to participate in some way!

In celebration of Relationships Month, for our first Carte Blanche episode we’re tackling three different, somewhat non-traditional relationships. From friends Linda Rodin and David Moltz’s friendship with decades between them, to a woman grappling with a long-term affair, to two exes hashing out what it takes to be exes (okay, disclaimer, it’s me and my ex hashing it out), we wanted to look at the complexities and joys of various relationships.

We also wanted to bring your attention to the fact that we will not always do a full post on the site to accompany every podcast, some will only be released via iTunes so please make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss an episode.

You can subscribe here.

And please either comment or submit any ideas for future Carte Blanche episodes to [email protected]


Thanks to Linda Rodin and David Moltz for having such an intimate and candid conversation in our presence.

Linda has recently launched a new business, Linda and Winks and it’s her segue from beauty to beast :) You can find out more here, but if you have a pooch, I highly recommend checking it out.

David is the perfumer and co-owner D.S.& Durga. You also might remember him and his wife, Kavi, from this Studio Visit. A trained musician, Moltz taught himself to make perfume as his dreams of music began to crumble in New York City around 2007. His unique approach to perfume making has allowed David to create scents, lines and fragrant products for companies and fashion labels like Rodin-Estee Lauder, Barneys, and Liberty.

Thanks to the always hilarious and wise Jeff Galante (hi Jeff!) You can follow him on Instagram here, and if you’re in LA, you can even see him do the damn comedy thing live.

Finally! Special thanks to The Smile Radio for letting us record the Exes segment in their studio.


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  • I loved this first Carte Blanche so much – I even listened to some of it on repeat. It’s super natural, interesting, diverse, and Garance’s reading of the letter is so, so good

  • This gentleman’s way of speaking has almost completely overtaken Linda’s talking. I felt it was a shame as I think she has so much more to share.

  • I love Pocket PDF so much. With all the horrible things happening in the news, it’s a welcome break to hear you inspirational ladies on Monday mornings. Thank you thank you, and if you want to do a Wedding Planning Part 3, I’m all ears :)

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