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Pocket PMF: Sex

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Pocket PMF: Sex

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance sits down with Erik, Emily and Natalie to discuss everyone’s favorite topic…sex! They chat about initiating sex and keeping it interesting, porn, casual sex and much, much more!

Photo by Keith Morrison

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  • Natalie has instagram? Love her style!

  • You did great on this highly requested (by me) topic! Part 2 is needed ;) I laughed when Natalie mentioned anal and being high lmao. I also enjoyed when Erik talked about the beach and of course I loved the porn, what you wouldn’t do, and initiating.


  • This is so wonderful. So frank! Love it!
    I’m not too sure about porn. Most is the male view. Not enough porn is done by women. Too much is degrading and subjugating women and I think there’s something a little sick about that. Sex should be about mutual enjoyment, not making the woman feel bad.

  • I didn’t yet listen to this one, but based on previous: I prefer one on one PMFs, with more in depth approach, than these with lots of (loud) laughing at the same time etc. I’m big fan of Garance and would listen to most of these anyway, but just saying…

  • great conversation. After Garance, your pod, with Esther Perel, my husband and I have taken a radical and deep dive. We are hooked on her books and exploring eroticism and intimacy in new ways.
    I think conversations like this are so essential. Real and raw and important to share.
    Yes a longer conversation is in order and that last request of having guests on the pod, I’d love to!
    I look forward to Thursdays, having you all be a part of my work day narrative.

  • I strongly disagree with the ‘men being more visual’ comment. I think women are just as easily visually triggered as men, but society judges women much more on watching porn or looking very directly at men. I would say it’s much more nurture than nature, and when it comes down to it we are all visually triggered.

  • Agreed! There was actually some study where women got turned on watching literally any kind of sex, even animals, whereas for men it was less.

  • This was a great Pocket PMF. I liked that everyone was so frank and open. Keep it up!

  • I am ready to jump in a plane and join your team for one of the next PMF !!!
    Love your way of speaking about everything, so simple, fresh and true :)

  • The double standards related to women and sex versus men and sex are so so annoying. We are so past that. Was sent this by a friend this morning: http://www.vice.com/read/this-woman-logged-every-detail-of-every-date-she-went-on-for-two-years Not necessarily revolutionary, but I thought this quote was important: “Maybe the only surprise was that I once thought that if I slept with someone I’d become more attached to them. But if I look at the data I realize that isn’t true.” Probably one of the BIGGEST misconceptions. As a late 20 year old the number of times guys around my age have had this fear and vocalized it is absurd. If someone is attached to you after sex its probably because they actually LIKE you. Thanks for this!

  • Such a mood booster to listen to you, guys :) Always.

    Was wondering- do you ever get jealous or has jealousy ever been a phase in your relationship(s)? If so, are you super open about it with your partner or do you deal with it internally?

    Just wondering, because in my almost 5 year relationship, I used to get crazy jealous in the first years, but now we have such a level of confidence in each other, that jealousy seems like ridiculous though and an energy-waster. I also feel like, there is a correlation between being confident in yourself and not needing to make scenes.

    Also – do you ever fantasize or imagine having sex with a person you could have been together, but never were?

    Lots of Love,

  • Wondering what you guys’ first times were like! Were they terrible or what? Did it take you a while to start enjoying sex?

  • Enjoying these podcasts SO much!! And talking openly about sex here in North America is often a little more reserved than in France, so it’s incredibly liberating to hear such a witty and frank round-table conversation. Bring it on! I absolutely appreciate the frankness; it contributes to happier humans! :D Emily (I think? hard to distinguish the voices) & Erik especially are so generous and hilarious too with their shares. Haha, so thanks guys! Oh, and totally interesting for me as a woman to get Erik’s male insights- hearing that porn is just total fantasy helped me to understand not to judge my man’s taste in that! Hug from Vancouver! xo

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