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Pocket PMF: Summer Travel

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Pocket PMF: Summer Travel

It’s summer! Not officially, but close enough.

Today Garance is talking with Brie, Erik, and Emily from the team about what they’re planning for vacation, since everyone in the studio gets some time off in July and August (which is very un-American). Turns out, they all have very different dream destinations and different ways they approach travel…

And below, Brie’s highly recommended playlist:

Photo by Keith Morrison

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  • Charlotte June, 16 2016, 1:30 / Reply

    hello! great episode guys, I love when the studio is a part of the podcasts, you’re so funny! quick question– do you mind sharing where the chairs are from that Erik and Emily are sitting in?

  • Hi Charlotte!
    Thanks for the kind note–we love recording these! The chairs are (of course) from an antique store in Upstate New York that Garance grabbed on a weekend trip a few years ago. The best stuff is always like that.
    x Emily

  • a week at the seaside at the beginning of july and two weeks roaming around in between milan and rome at the end of the summer! can’t wait! :)

  • This is so fun. It reminds me of how much fun I had with co-workers. I really loved them, laughing with them, knowing their foibles. That’s the downside of working from home–no co-workers.
    Your vacation plans sound great!

  • laurence June, 16 2016, 3:55 / Reply

    steve mcqueen – voilà ;)

  • Courtney June, 16 2016, 4:03 / Reply

    This episode was hilarious. As someone from the west coast of the US, when I think of Ft. Lauderdale I think of a “budget Florida”. Like you can’t afford to go to Miami or the Keys so you settle with Ft. Lauderdale and make the best of it. But I can definitely see what you mean by vacation and just wanting to relax and not do much. I’d like to know what you all think of “staycations” because you can essentially do the same thing as your idea of a vacation but at a lesser cost.
    PS- Erik I hope you find all the snacks.

  • Ha, thanks Courtney!
    And that’s exactly why we did Ft. Lauderdale — it was SO MUCH cheaper than Miami, but with equally beautiful water (which is all that really matters to me on vacation).

  • Hi ! I just love it !! The whole conversation is so fresh and easy going, really a lot of fun. Why dont you guys came and visit us in Brasil ? really love your site. Love. Carla

  • Elizabeth June, 16 2016, 5:20 / Reply

    Garance I can’t believe you made it to my hometown!!! I couldn’t wait to get out of Jacksonville growing up, but getting older I’m starting to see the charm :) I hope you are talking about Maple Street for those biscuits yummmm.

  • Love it!

  • As boring as you can, you say? Slovakia is it then! But wait, actually there is some pretty awesome communist-brutalist architecture to see, along medieval castles, endless forests and grumpy people..Please come!

  • I really enjoy the Pocket PMF episodes with the studio. Please keep them coming!

  • Melanie Steinemann June, 17 2016, 12:56 / Reply

    I moved to Ponte Vedra (just southeast of Jacksonville) when I got engaged in 2001. My husband had moved his company here. I did not love it at first, but it’s grown on me. There are cool people here from all over the world. I have friends from England, France, Turkey and many other places who live here. I’ve lived in Aspen, Atlanta, Chicago, DC and Nantucket and am now living part-time in Paris, and the Jacksonville area is a nice place to come back to! Laid back, but there is a scene…it’s just not so ‘in-your-face’. I grew up by the water in SC and the beaches here remind me of the beautiful beaches there. Garance…the next time you plan to come down, email me + I will make some suggestions.

  • Eliska June, 17 2016, 1:50 / Reply

    Garance! That was so cute when you were comforting Eric! Your team is so lucky to work with such gentle and caring person. Eric is such a darling with his snackscare. Don’t worry Eric. Italy is full of grocery stores and butcheries and cafes, just buy stuff in advance if you happen to find yourself in a village during Sunday.Than the majority of shop is closed. Or during siesta

  • peu importe June, 17 2016, 10:51 / Reply

    Le virus Zica n’est pas seulement dangeureux pour les femmes. Il est suspecté d’être en lien avec le syndrome de Guillain-barré.

  • Caroline June, 19 2016, 3:32 / Reply

    I really enjoyed listening to that podcast. Also, I don’t know the US that well, but well enough to know that Jacksonville?… Really?…
    Plus, you must always remember that any place looks its best in June, when the hordes of tourists haven’t yet arrived, or in September, during “l’arrière-saison”.

  • Stephanie July, 3 2016, 1:50 / Reply

    @Erik you will have a great time in Italy, get ready for beautiful light, landscapes and people for you to take amazing pictures.
    (I will be visiting Tuscany -again- too this summer!)
    I wish you all a great holiday!

  • Dear all – I just wanted to leave a quick thank you. I listened to this episode yesterday and I had to laugh so much and I genuinely enjoyed myself. Keep up the good work!

    (.. I’d love to meet all of you!
    and Cape Cod made it to my ‘want to go to places’. Jacksonville may happen sooner because my boyfriend’s parents live down there and a Thanksgiving outing may be in order.)

    A great Sunday to all of you,

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