Pop Up!!!

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Pop Up!!!

This summer, on a whim and because we felt like sharing, we decided to open a pop up café for three days in New York with the team from Cointreau.  

We had such good memories from our Open Studio two years ago–how nice it was meeting you all and sharing the people and things that inspire us–that we thought it was time we did it again.

So starting tomorrow, you are all invited to come by and see us, have coffee, or even better, drink a cocktail (thanks to Cointreau, we’re going to have the best cocktail bar ever) with us.
Basically, it’s a café that opens at 12pm, and we’ll be serving coffee, cocktails, and some great little things to eat (for free). There will be wifi, and our favorite magazines, so you’re welcome to come hang out at a table.

It’s fashion week, so each day, I’ll hold a little conference with a designer I love. We’ll have Phillip Lim, Paul Andrew, and Aurélie Bidermann. Come! You’re all invited.

For the evening, we’ve organized two parties that will be open to the public (by RSVP only, because we’re a little worried about exploding the café…)
One of them, which I told you about this morning, is dedicated to music, with Chris Norton and Sebastien Perrin. The other is a comedy night with some stand up comedians I adore. I’ve always dreamed of organizing a stand up comedy night, so I’m super excited!!!

I will be there, the whole Studio will be there, all the friends of the Studio will stop by, and there will even be a mini Garance Doré Goods shop!

Anyway, it’s going to be cool, simple, and easy. 
(I say that now, after we’ve spent weeks getting excited about making everything perfect ;))
You can check out the full program here!! See you tomorrow at Union Bar & Kitchen (300 Spring St, NYC)!!


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  • Brooks Roach September, 8 2015, 1:57 / Reply


  • I soooo will miss it! Why don’t I live in NYC…. or even the U.S. :)
    Have fun, guys and please post photos about it!
    Sounds really cool…

  • that’s so cool! wish I was in NY


  • Garance. Geniale idee ! I wish I lived in NYC! Je demenage a Brooklyn l’an prochain. Alors j’espere que ce n’est pas une occasion perdue. Bisous.

  • Quelles jolies fetes et rencontres en perspective ! Garance tu as toujours pleins d’idees “genereuses”. Admirable. Mais quel dommage pour moi qui suis a San Francisco. A regarder et imaginer avec “envie” qu’un jour, peut-etre, tes pas te porteront l instant d’une journee ou plus dans cette ville. Amusez-vous bien.

  • Cool ! Dommage un peu loin :) ( Evian les Bains , ici pas de fashion week mais the Evian championship, compétition internationale de golf :))
    Une bonne Margarita m’aurait bien tentée , j imagine que vous allez avoir droit à de chouettes cocktails , enjoy !

  • Was flying into town from LA to see friends and catch one of the shows, and this has made my year!! Signed up immediately this morning when I saw it on my twitter feed, and I am very excited to be able to attend. I will be filling out the old man demographic (43). A week of bucket list items: my first NYC fashion show and seeing some of the people whose work I have admired for years (and months for the newer members of the studio team) through the blog.

  • Charikleia September, 9 2015, 3:45 / Reply

    This is so awsome! Have fun!

    P.S. I am super jealous for not being able to be there…

  • Anastasia September, 9 2015, 8:03 / Reply

    This is such a great idea! Wish I was in New York. Garance, you’re amazing!..

  • Garance I think you should do one of these at all the fashion weeks. It’s not fair New York gets all the fun! London especially would love to have you here for a pop-up (I am not biased at all!)

  • Which of the evenings will have the stand up comedians?

  • Friday!!! See you there?!

  • Is the café 21+?

  • Yes, since it has an open bar :)


    Because, Australia.

    I don’t even live near a town that has a bar so that I could go there and PRETEND I was at a cool GD pop-up bar in NYC.

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