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There is an interview with Raf Simons in this month’s Numéro that I really liked… Here is a quote…

An individual is now more able to chose what it consumes.

Absolutely. When you watch Rupert Murdoch on TV, you can’t help but realize that his power has diminished because of technology. He knows it too. He tried to buy Myspace so he could control it, but you can’t control the internet! Facebook has a billion members and each one of them is seeing different stuff. If you think about it, the passing period of mass media needs its show-biz personalities. The new systems of communication don’t need them because your friends are the stars today. Here’s what’s going on: celebrities aren’t what they used to be and we live in a world of third-rate personalities. We’re witnessing mass media’s swan song with a last attempt to keep the public’s interest so it can keep its control.

– Raf Simons, in November Numéro


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  • Very true indeed! Rupert Murdoch has been fighting the internet world to no avail. You can no longer make people pay for news because news is supposed to be free and shared. Celebrities and models are no longer your idols. You have editors, stylists, buyers and regular women to look up to in terms of trend and styles. You have to play the game if you want your brand to be successful, not buried and forgotten in this era.

  • Smart man. Could not agree more. Blogs, in particular, made this the case. While I still love magazines, there are so many avenues for getting my fill of fashion…one of them being cruising the streets with my camera and others including devouring the content of my fave blogs. Of course yours tops that list:)

  • Katherine Maxwell November, 4 2012, 7:03 / Reply

    I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it is very true.

  • The internet and the social media has really transformed how people would spend their money. I for one would check out the internet first and see product reviews from common consumers like myself before deciding to buy a product. While big consumer companies still have a huge clout in the market, the prevalence of brands unbeknowst-to-many are also gaining their own niche, and sharing a slice from that market share.

  • DAMN! well, i just got my mind blown this morning. Very well put.

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