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Read But No Reply?!

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Read But No Reply?!

There can be a lot of anxiety around texting. I mean, how frustrating is it when you send a time-sensitive text to someone but you don’t get a response for hours days??

When someone doesn’t reply, I assume that they’re busy but will get back to me soon. If I really need to hear from them, I follow up with a call… plus I’m guilty of this too (…like right now because I have, um, 22 unread texts).

But at least they are unread. Promise that I’ll get back to those soon :)

What takes it to a whole new level is when people enable the ‘read’ function on their phone so there is no doubt in your mind whether they have read it. We all know they have.

Bottom line here is: if you’re someone who reads but doesn’t reply right away, it’s probably a good idea to disable this on your phone… I know, I know #firstworldproblems but it just doesn’t make sense! Why use it??

And don’t even get me started on when you see the three little bubbles of someone typing a message back to you but then they go away and you never get a response…

This is my biggest texting gripe!! What’s yours?


Add yours
  • Aussitôt lu, aussitôt oublié !


  • In this situations I wait…then wait…then I begin to resend the message…weird, but I can’t wait more!
    XOX, Gap.

  • the biggest problem is receiving texts from someone who doesn’t know (or care about) ur time zone…


  • So true your post! My biggest texting gripe is when I receive them really early in the morning and I’m still sleeping! I use my phone as an alarm so I can’t keep it on silent. I’m sure I can make my texts silent… but really who needs to text at 6 am?!


  • I think most phones will play the alarm (is it “play”?) when the phone is on silent. I know that my phone will wake me up if I have an alarm on but even if my phone is SWITCHED OFF. So do check.


  • the worst is when you text a guy you have a crush on!

    giveaway on my blog!


  • Ah mais tout à fait! C’est exactement ça, les points de suspension qui nous laissent un suspense insoutenable et pouf qui disparaissent (c’est vécu comme une panne de batterie en plein milieu d’un jeu addictif! LA frustration!), les gens qui mettent 3 jours à répondre (ma vie et celles de mes amis n’étant pas aussi chargées que les votres, je sais très bien qu’ils ne laissent pas un message en “non lu”)…. Ca vient juste de m’arriver à l’instant pour les points de suspension, j’attends.

  • Seriously i love SMS i love to know if the person got my message…and at the same time we are not obliged to answer
    or to be with our phone all the time…i give my self silence time and it’s great…enjoy the new technology but don’t become a slave that my Mantra:)
    Yael Guetta


  • GROUP TEXTS are the worst! Personally, I think they are meant to be inclusive but rather rude! I can’t stand getting 30 continuous messages, half from people I don’t even know – all day long. Plus, not everyone has unlimited texting and could be getting billed for this idiocy. Love to be EXCLUDED from those!

  • Teresa Cesario November, 20 2014, 3:13 / Reply

    My worst texting situation is accidently sending text to WRONG person. Dangerous! Also group text are no fun.

  • Ugh, YES, the three bubbles. How annoying.

  • Bravo! So true Garance, I do hate it when friends fail to respond to your text for days. Just like emails, unless you are quick to respond you should disable you “read receipt” otherwise after a few days it just seems plain rude…

  • If it’s an urgent text (something related to work) I get annoyed if I don’t see an immediate response when they have “read” the message. But if it’s casual, I do not mind. Honestly, I don’t take texting seriously enough for it to bother me.


  • Whoa. They can see if I have read it?…thanks for the heads up. Is it just iphone?! I’m going to check out the settings on my android. Oh goodness, gracious, lol!

  • En majorité, je réponds à tous mes textos. :) Et si je ne réponds de suite, c’est que je suis au travail ou/et en examen.

  • the bubbles are annoying. and 22 unread messages?? you must be popular ..:)))

  • Great post! A part of me likes the feature “read”, but the other part of me absolutely hates it. I hate waiting for a reply of “read” messages for ages because I started to think so much of it…..

  • Guilty as charged on all counts! But I don’t expect people to reply right away, too. If pushed for time, I will call and leave a message (or just call and hit repreat button until someone gives up and answers hahaha but I do it very rarely :)

  • La lecture en diagonale, trop rapide, en train de faire autre chose… j’ai déjà zappé des infos importantes parce que je lisais mes textos en faisant douze mille choses à la fois, voulant répondre et n’ayant pas le temps… bref. Il faut limite organiser une cellule de crise : “Non là je ne fais rien d’autre que lire mes messages.” Le reste, on verra après.

  • C’est effectivement très frustrant et si on est une personne fière… ça peut affecter une relation. Mais il m’arrive de lire et de ne pas répondre en me disant que je le ferai plus tard et résultat j’oublie ce fameux texto!

  • Cannot stand no replies and abbreviated replies. LOL is one thing but now people are too busy to type yes or no it’s now y or n. really!

  • Hi Garance! I’m Sara, a fan of your work and a follower for a long time.
    I’m not sure if you’re going to reply this comment but I wanted to ask you something. More like a little help.So I’m gonna ask you anyway :P
    I LOOOOOOVE your illustrations and I’ve been trying to do some illustrations of my own (shoes, to be precise. There’s a bride waiting for her perfect pair to be designed) but no pen/marker seems to be correct. What kind of drawing material do you use? Do you photoshop your illustrations?
    Hope you can help.
    Thank you *

    xx Sara

  • Je déteste! (surtout quand c’est une bonne copine ou un mec que j’aime bien) mais à force je me détache, je me dis “pas grave”. Et parfois je fais pareil! L’autre jour, un mec (que j’aime bien) m’envoie un texto pour aller boire un verre, je n’ai répondu que bien plus tard dans la journée simplement parce que j’étais vraiment très occupée et aussi que je n’avais quasiment pas de réseau. Quand finalement on est allé boire un verre, il m’a dit “je pensais que ma question t’avais gêné, tu as mis 8 HEURES!!!! à me répondre”. J’ai trouvé ça mignon, et ça m’a fait trop plaisir qu’il me dise ça!!!!

  • Eternal*Voyageur November, 22 2014, 7:13 / Reply

    That’s an #iphoneuserproblem. Android doesn’t tell the other person if you have read their message or if you are typing.

  • I’ve been on the receiving end of much read no reply scenarios, now it’s a whatever kind of perspective for me. If they reply, good, if not, so what. Them not replying doesn’t and shouldn’t affect your self worth, giving them an excuse for not replying is probably the lamest thing you can do, it’s pointless and it just leaves you hanging. (unless it’s someone close to you). So, don’t let it bother you, just continue knowing you are important :)

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