Reader Comments Re: Relationships With Boobs

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Reader Comments Re: Relationships With Boobs

In celebration of Relationships Month and the fact that not all relationships require another person, we decided to talk about our relationship with our own boobs! Last week we published a story where we did just that–we shared how our feelings towards our boobs have changed over time, with age, and with new perspectives. On Instagram, we asked readers to share their own boob stories! As a testament to the love of our community, we thought we had to share some of their responses as well! Read on for a sampling of our readers’ boob journeys!

“Girls, give your boobs a chance – love and body acceptance sometimes needs time to grow.” [email protected] // What’s your relationship with your boobs? Has it changed throughout your life?

Currently finishing breastfeeding and praying they go back to the same size! I love them no matter what

Well, the boobs sure changed after two kids

J’aime bien l’air d’insouciance qu’elle dégage.

I grew up having a bad relationship with the size of my boobs. They’re small and I wanted them to be bigger more proportional (etc), but now I’m quite attached to them and their size.

It’s a love/hate relationship. They’re great, but they make fitting into clothing so hard

I love my breasts! I’ve realized a long time ago that I would ignore them, always hope all was healthy but I never paid attention or sent them love or thank them for being a part of my body one that made me feel lovely and feminine and sexy! ? So I switched it up, I have my own practice to feel like I don’t just send them fear when I notice a tender area but I do what I can to take care, special treatments and prevent illness just like I do my skin! Why not!! Who doesn’t love breasts! Babies, women and men all do!?

I had never really paid attention to them, neither found them especially attractive. They were… breasts. I had always considered them rather small in proportion with my body (as I’m 1m80) but very comfy when you’re a runner ? and then, once I started dating, my partners taught me to love them as much as they did and now i can say I love them too!

I used to hate them. I developed early and was teased by everyone because they were so much bigger than everyone else’s. In college and throughout my 20s they were great! Now, after breastfeeding my two littles they’re not as perky as they were ten years ago, but love that I got to nurture the bond with my children because of them. #momlife

Love them. But jeeez, two pregnancies have made them suffer a LOT.

I hated them when I was younger!!! Now that I m 49 , gave birth to a beautiful girl… I love them …. wouldn’t change a thing ( not that I don’t approve size changing.. who am I to judge) …

Always wished they were smaller. It’s frustrating that most clothes and lingerie are made for fake breasts.

Changed a lot for the better. Mine are really small and I breastfed my daughter exclusively up to 6 months old and she is super healthy (now she’s 10 yrs). Since then, I no longer care about them being tiny because they served their best purpose <3

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