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Return of the Teva

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Return of the Teva

I don’t know about you, but my memory of Teva sandals stretches back to elementary school in the 90s when the strappy sandal was popular amongst…well, dads.

Honestly, I all but forgot the shoe existed until last Christmas when I was in the Florida Keys and my then-boyfriend busted out a chunky, tan variation of the sandal. I made fun of him for a solid 5 days. A couple of years ago, Brie had a Teva revolution too, after Marc Jacobs put them on the runway. And if Brie likes something, you know it’s cool.

This year, as the summer months roll in, I’m seeing Teva’s everyyyywhere (on Instagram). Seriously, bloggers, musicians, and brands like Opening Ceremony are in collab with them. Even their Instagram is cool! Teva’s are making a serious comeback. Such a prime example of how fashion really recycles itself throughout the years!

Part of me wants to grab myself a pair. What do you think? Are you on board with Teva again?

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  • I think they’re ugly and always have been. That said, I am in favor of shoes that don’t hurt or deform one’s feet, because stilettos might not be ugly but they are just stupid. They ruin your feet, your back…. I wish somebody would design some shoes and sandals that are aesthetic and also comfortable and healthy. Is it really so hard?

  • i love sandals and i’m ok with super cheap, but these are… no, just no. sorry! :(


  • My sentiments exactly. It’s not hard. Back in my youth there were such things, and they were inexpensive!
    Buckles placed right on the ankle bone. Straps hitting the tenderest part of the foot. Too narrow toe block so baby toe becomes blistered.. Too wide heel arc so that the shoe flops off.

    I wish I had pictures of the gorgeous shoes I have owned. You would go mad. One pair (my favourite shoe memory): silver pumps with a little block heel and a longish toe block with that long oval toe that is the prettiest shape. And a small embellishment of a matching silver leather. I should have bought 40 pairs to see me through my life. How was I to know what would come to pass in shoeland? I could walk miles in those silver shoes.

    We should have chosen shoe design for a career. I see trainees still in some shoe shops in Florence where the shoes are made by hand.

  • Jennifer June, 17 2016, 5:04 / Reply

    I love the tevas! Where can I find the pair in the picture above?

  • Oh non !

  • I use to love the Teva!

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

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  • J’hésite… Point positif: beaucoup de modèles sont vegans. Elles sont moche-mais-cool-ironique-des-90’s. Point négatif: J’en ai légèrement marre de la mode qui exploite le côté moche-mais-cool-ironique-des-90’s en nous sortant des revival toutes les 5 minutes…



  • Charlène June, 20 2016, 8:50

    Tellement d’accord ! c’est drôle, ça rappelle des souvenirs, mais en soit…c’est un peu laid ! Donnez nous du neuf, de la créativité un peu !

  • Sabine June, 18 2016, 8:48 / Reply

    Living in Ontario within a short jump of “cottage country”, I don’t think they’ve ever gone out of style.
    They are perfect for water sports, canoeing and kayaking. Some “ugly” fashions are just to good to let go, when they are functional and comfortable.

  • Tevas aren’t the prettiest sandal. But they’re super comfortable, they’re long lasting, and they’re really practical (walking long distances, hiking, being in mud, being in water and protecting your feet from rocks etc.). I have a pair from 10 years ago, and I don’t think they look too bad. Not much sign of wear- the colors have dulled a little because I’ve worn them in ocean water. They’re a simple black base with teal straps. I still wear them in summer when I need extra support, or I have some sort of outdoor activity!

    Fashion tends to worry about beauty and aesthetics. But real life corresponds better to function and comfort. Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance, and you have to go for comfort first!

  • Courtney June, 18 2016, 6:07 / Reply

    Nope. Definitely not. One would never see such a thing on my feet.

  • I started seeing these again last summer. They’re a simple, classic style. Comfort and practicality are empowering. People wear them to do cool stuff. I think they’re cool.

  • Despite that my favorite thing to wear on my feet for everyday at summer are Birkenstocks and I particularly love the slides from it and love to transform any slides like this one I wear here: http://www.fashionparadoxes.com/2016/06/18/dream/ , I can see myself in Tevas But just around the beach if I’m doing adventurous stuff and need them, other than that, I go with slides even if most people don’t…

  • Love it!

  • chris zc June, 19 2016, 11:57 / Reply

    non c’est moche

  • Man Tevas are so ugly. Which is not to say that no one should ever wear them, but do we really have to pretend they’re attractive and/or stylish? Sometimes things can be hideous but worth it because they’re functional. Tevas, like Crocs, have nothing to do with fashion, which is fine.

  • You said it! Tevas are hideous–they might be practical, but there is nothing “fashionable” about them (to people outside of the industry), and there never will be.

    I think within the industry, a lot of ugly things become trendy just because there is a need to drive the market and have something be “in,” and then lots of people who work in fashion start wearing them because they see their friends/coworkers wearing them. But outside of the industry bubble, other people see street-style snaps and laugh at how dorky and crazy it looks. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take risks with style, and everyone has their own taste, but I really can’t imagine a world in which I would ever find Tevas aesthetically pleasing on any level. To go kayaking, sure! But to walk around the city, a pair of pretty flats will do just the same. To each their own, though!

  • Yep, I still wear my old pair. And you can wash them with a hose.

  • I’m in Portland, OR. So, Teva’s never left here. I just see them as summer hiking / water sport shoes. Hard to see them as anything beyond “norm core” in fashion…which I have a hard time getting behind. If you’re new to them, beware of the smell. They are the stinkiest sandals ever. The “foam” sole absorbs all your summer sweat and they are just AWFUL. The definition of swamp foot. YUCK.

  • mademoiselle mauve June, 21 2016, 4:25 / Reply

    je dis oui si elles sont sobres et faites de beaux matériaux (cuir ?)
    c’est confortable pour la balade, après pas pour un cocktail of course ;)
    en France elles ne sont pas encore si connues non ?

  • Claire Taltas June, 21 2016, 11:14 / Reply

    don’t you even consider!!! They are ugly, and will always be. You can’t be chic or stylish wearing these, no way!!! If the purpose is to be confortable, it could be an option for the beach only, but even in the sand i prefer Havaianas!!

  • Lisa Walker June, 21 2016, 12:45 / Reply

    This is just Burning Man/River Rafting Guide Chic. I felt pretty hot in my bathing suit and Chacos, after a 10 mile backpack-hike-in to Gold Lake with my boyfriend… but when we got back to the city boyfriend expressed- keep those for the lake. He was probably right. Lol.

  • I recently joined a FB group of about 900 people, mostly women, who have arthritis in their big toes. It’s a support group for a condition that affects, cripples, a lot of people, 90% women, and plenty in their 30’s. Most, especially the younger ones, are in complete denial for the first few months after diagnosis. We couldn’t believe we’d never wear beautiful shoes again. Desperate to be pain free, we gladly wear “Teva’s”. For some, regular Teva’s don’t work. We have to buy the platform Teva (do you WANNA talk ugly?). In my life, I never, ever thought I would voluntarily wear such hideous sandals.

  • I am a born and bred Parisian. I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks for 23 years now, if I remember correctly. I will never evee get close to a pair of Teva. They say “American tourists ahead. No sense of style whatsoever” to me. A clear fashion no-no, even worse than flipfops (which are strictly forbidden also, outside of Brazil, that is).

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