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Our lovely photographer, Bogdana, introduced me to oat milk lattes about three weeks ago. I’ve had about five thousand and three hundred of them since then. I don’t even sleep anymore. Oat milk lattes make sleeping not necessary. It’s a brilliant life hack.


But seriously, Bogdana’s oat milk enabling has created an addiction I’m not proud of.

So when I heard that Rise Coffee‘s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk Latte (try saying that five times fast) won an award for Best New Organic Beverage and they just opened up a cafe a ten minute walk from our studio… well… I’M NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN.

More kidding


But seriously, if you’re in the Lower East Side and have my same obsession, you should check out Rise. And even better, if you’re not in the Lower East Side, you can have Rise shipped to you via Amazon! It’s like coffee of the future.

While their oat milk latte did blow me away, please please try the Nitro Cold Brew Lemonade. I know. Does it sound weird and like two opposite things that shouldn’t belong together? Yes. But guess what, they do. The sweetness of the lemonade pairs perfectly with the cold brew and it’s low in sugar.

Okay. I’ll be doing cartwheels over here to get my energy out so I can drink more delicious caffeine. I know, a really vicious cycle I love to put myself through :)


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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 7 2018, 7:10 / Reply

    i could take one right now , believe me !!!
    And how about this ?
    Say Fast : Um Tigre, Dois Tigres ,Três Tigres !!!

    (In Portuguese for: one tiger , two tigers , three tigers )

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