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S#*t, The Gift!

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S#*t, The Gift!

S#*t. I am in serious gift stress overload right now.

We’re wrapping everything up for the year here in the studio (so we’re working at full speed all day!), there are holiday events every night, and then I fly out this weekend to Sydney !!! Ok, so too many things to be excited, grateful, happy about… But. You see, I’m trying to work out the perfect gift for my guy.

First, I have to say it feels like he’s the man who has everything (aside from that jet boat that seems a little out of my price range…). Second, I made it worse for myself.

I made a complete bluff and said to him, out of nowhere, “I have the perfect gift for you!” At the time, I really did think it was the best thing, but now it’s too late to organize and arghhhh!!! There are a million things that could go wrong. They could ask me to empty my suitcase at the airport, and then voila, he sees it. I could order it online and it never arrives. I started to freak out so much, I declared to everyone in the studio that I was getting him a pinky ring!! Yes, an AMAZING idea. For someone who (a) wears jewelry, and (b) you can see being excited about a pinky ring. He’s neither of those.

And then Steven gave me some great ideas, but then I was all like, “How the hell am I going to pack a Bonsai plant in a bag to Sydney?!! And then bring it back?” (Maybe I can just get one and leave it here and then get him something small as well to give him on Christmas day..? Oh ah eesh. I don’t know!!!)

So, please. I need your help. And I need your suggestions to be something I could easily hide from someone I live with and that will also fit into a suitcase that is bound to be overweight anyway. Easy, right?



p.s. I really hope he’s not reading this and finds out I was completely bluffing, haha…


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  • I’d love to suggest something, but…. It’s really hard to find the perfect gift for guys. It really is.
    Even if it’s someone you know. And your budget does have limits.

    I guess you can’t worry about the airport – that gives you even more limits.
    I think that best gifts are personal and therefore you have to know the person. So that puts all the pressure of finding the perfect gift back to your shoulders. :) Sorry! :)

    When I totally run out of ideas for gifts, I usually go to the bookstore. That usually helps. They always have something.

    Good luck! :)


  • Ziplining Adventure!

  • As it happens, I am working on a post about this sort of thing — how to celebrate Xmas in an eco-conscious way. In my family, we recently talked about giving “experiences” rather than stuff. For example, for my last birthday, my Brooklyn son booked an Air BnB weekend near him for my husband and me. The place was fabulous and what a treat to have my son just a bike ride away all weekend. So, in that vein, I’d suggest things like a museum membership; tickets to an upcoming performance — son likes to go to comedy shows; a planned romantic weekend away — up in Maine, perhaps; a botanical walk right in New York with plant foraging expert Marie Viljoen (http://66squarefeet.blogspot.com/p/wild-food-walks.html); or, if he’s socially conscious, a donation to his favorite charity.

    The point is, none of these will take up any space in your suitcase other than the fabulous certificate you make yourself and present to him on the day. One other thought: A beautifully framed photo of a place or person significant to him. (My younger son was incredibly touched when I gave him a photo that I took of him chatting with an elderly friend in Morocco that I’d had Mpix mount on aluminum backing — it was light and easy for him to carry back in his suitcase — and I see it hanging in place of pride behind him whenever we Skype.)

    Good luck, happy holidays and I hope you opted for a seat with extra legroom for your flight to Sydney!

  • I second the experiences over objects idea, but if you do get him an object, why lug it all the way there and back?! Take a photo of it, give him the photo and give him the real thing when he gets back.

  • I understand men can be difficult.
    Hue by Philips has that cool light package that can be worked by an iPhone or iPad. Some even have coloured lights if he’s a tech guy it’s fun.
    New luggage? Hartmann has great stuff right now.
    Jcrew has a whole set of bags too. These canvas type in green or navy that are great too.
    Nordstrom’s has some very comfy lounge wear. Michael Kors, Tommy Bahama that my guy loves.
    Does he like to cook? Maybe some fun salts or spices.
    Wall Street journal wine club?
    Maybe an experience or trip?
    Xbox ( you may regret that though)
    Skincare Anthony, Clinique and Jack Black have real good stuff out.
    New coat?
    Something he won’t buy himself.
    Books my all time favorite to give and write a great note in it.
    Hope that helps. Good luck and Merry merry Christmas!

  • I always get my guy a nice bottle of whiskey (I try to find something new and unique that he hasn’t tried) and one other item (hit items have included a wallet, a dressing gown, British candy/chocolate – a special treat for an expat in the US). Personal touches like the chocolate that didn’t cost too much have been super well appreciated and the whiskey is a gift that keeps on giving!

  • I would run to Incu or Maple as soon as you land and pray they have something. If you buy the gift in Sydney atleast you don’t have to lug it here and it will be easier to hide. Or you could give him a gift voucher for a restaurant like Nomad, Bodega, LP’s meats……. I’m assuming he’s coming with you right??

  • Rose Tree December, 15 2015, 9:33 / Reply

    Google “the stubby strip”. You won’t regret it! :)

  • Anonymous December, 16 2015, 3:07 / Reply

    Buy him a musical instrument…guitar & some guitar/singing lessons. Man has to serenade his lady… =)

  • Stéphanie December, 16 2015, 6:12 / Reply

    tickets to a show / concert / ballet / opera…!
    Almost invisible in a suitcase :-)

  • I kind of agree with the comments above about giving experiences. A subscription to a magazine, a concert ticket, a dinner at a fancy restaurant, a spa session, etc. Are all great gifts, and people remember them years after. This year, my sister received a paragliding training for her birthday and she couldn t be Happier! Have a nice trip !

  • I would say something in leather as it’s my bussiness, but according to the circunstances (going to Australia) I would say..
    NO on line shop. Too risky.

    I’ve the perfect gift for my closest. Personal and not expensive at all. As I’m a photo lover and in theese days everybody has good pictures but not printed, I’ve sent some series of good pictures IN PAPER of them in black and withe made this year by me. And a nice frame that you can buy elsewhere. Simple and nice.

    Bosus de Barcelone!


  • I dont think that Bonsai tree is the good idea…I mean it is a great gift but from other side it needs a lot patience to care about it so my advice is cuff-links))

  • Alexandra December, 16 2015, 6:48 / Reply

    I was recently stuck in the same predicament. My guy is traveling a lot this year for business school and I decided to get him a gift certificate to viator.com. They have excellent activities and tours all over the world. So for example, he can book a day trip to the Taj Mahal from his hotel in New Delhi (…and think of me while I’m ordering Indian take out in ny). It will give him a chance to choose what he wants to do, pick something that works with his crazy schedule, and hopefully contribute to an already life changing trip! I got him a silly board game to go with it so that he still has something to rip open ;). Good luck Neada!

  • Had exactly the same problem a few years ago, with the same destination. I bought a beach towel from Hermès. He won’t see it because they pack it in a box then in a bag that is carry on luggage. Same on the way back.He won’t know who it’s for. Plus he can use it straight away down on Bondai!!
    Enjoy the holidays and Sydney!!

  • I was there with you last week. But, I’m also a broke graduate student, so my budget was about $20 for the love of my life…not a good place to be. I decided to take a page out of your own gifting guide though: something cashmere, something I want.
    So I’m knitting my guy a cashmere beanie. It’s chunky and so soft and will fit his head perfectly (he’s got a larger head and has a very hard time finding hats that don’t just pop off).
    Then I’m taking him around Dallas (where I’m from) and showing him all the sights while he’s in town as the second part of his gift.
    My suggestion then: experiences, something you put a lot of time into, cashmere, and in the future, undersell your presents. That’s my real go to strategy. For about a month in advance I drop comments like, “hmmmm, not sure if your gift is going to work out this year.” Then expectations are nice and low, and I can exceed them.

  • Tickets to a romantic weekend somewhere. Or reservations for a lovely B&B. Experiences together that fit into an envelope! Happy travels!

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