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Schedule of Success

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Schedule of Success

I’ve often thought not only about the measure of success, but the path to it.

Where to begin? How to dress?
Is there a secret formula to success, well trod by preceding inventors, artists, politicians?

Well, apparently not. When it comes to their schedule at least. Perhaps it was innovation and hard work that propelled these people to influence but, according to this chart, it definitely wasn’t their daily routines. Each was unique in the hours they slept, ate, worked creatively.

Honoré de Balzac was asleep from 6pm until 1am, then would wake up to work through the early hours of the morning. Charles Darwin worked about half as much as Voltaire. So, maybe success is more in the outfit…? Hahaha.

I suppose the conclusion here is that the routine of success is distinctly individual?? I’m not sure yet what my perfect success schedule is… Do you have one?

Mine might just be a good night’s sleep.


Add yours
  • I go to bed and wake up pretty early — right now I just focus on working as much as I can. Also, a few times a week I go to yoga which is really nice


  • Oh, how I wish to have a concrete schedule, and oh, how I’d dread to see my current routine mapped out like this. It has sort of gone like this: wake up, spend a couple of hours on the internet, do my make up, go to the library, pretend to be working, go to the cafe and pretend to work there, while being on the internet and stressing about not following my plan that I have made the day before.

    Now that I think about it, I WILL map out my current routine, look at it, and break my bad habits. It will be painful and useful. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Ughh, this is so recognizable! You are not alone, Margot!
    I’m right with you and gonna try to break the bad habits too! Good luck to us!

  • Night-Owls and Early-Larks actually have slight structural differences in the brain. One downside of being a Night-Owl is a greater risk of depression. Shifting your sleep schedule to be more of a early riser can really help anyone who has more than the ‘blues’.

    Don’t worry, being a Night-Owl isn’t all bad. They say Night-Owls can better maintain focus throughout the day.

    PS: If you are looking at computer screens late at night check out f.lux. It’s a free software that automatically adjusts your screen at sunset to reduce blue light. Blue light is AWFUL for sleep.

  • Pamela April, 1 2015, 1:21

    Wow, Kat, this is great info and a great app. I try to reduce how much I look at screens period. That’s why the appeal of the apple watch is lost on me, I can’t fathom actually strapping a screen to my body. Just me though.

  • A night owl definetly! In the morning I’m rather awful but late in the evening do lots of things! Lately running a blog, following Yours and doing some housework I haven’t done during the whole day!


    I’d better not do my schedule -it’d be too devastating; ) lol

  • No clue… Mais c’est clair, le schéma doit dépendre de chacun, s’il y avait un schéma établi, il serait connu depuis longtemps. C’est intéressant ce petit graphique en tout cas, finalement la seule chose qui marche c’est beaucoup de travail !


  • The book that it is based on is definitely worth a read! It is so interesting to find out the weird and wonderful ways people work and other little peculiarities about their day.

  • So very interesting! I’d love to see one of women I admire today – as they were in their early 20’s or time of hustle xo

    Warm Regards,

  • I think that sometimes you mostly need luck to succeed. At the same time – no luck will find you if you don’t put yourself out there.

  • I recently read about a neat concept called “the ideal day/week” from a productivity leadership blogger – Michael Hyatt. It was an interesting thought exercise. Google it and see what you think. I planned out mine ideal day and week…but I have yet to implement…. :)

  • I was thinking about that recently and I’ve come to a conclusion that the working/sleeping patterns are mostly dependent on our past habits. I’ve always considered myself to be a night owl, because at some stage (somewhere in high school) I started to go to bed really late (1-2 a.m.) and my natural cycle have changed so much that now I find myself more productive at night. Still, my mornings are usually awful and I have a headache. What’s more, I discovered that I don’t feel well-rested even after 9-10 hours of sleep. So I don’t think being a night owl works for me, even if it’s a lifestyle I’m used to. Recently I’ve decided to change things up a bit and gradually try to go to bed and wake up earlier. It’s been really hard, but the feeling that I’m getting more done during the day and have evenings for myself is awesome.


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