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Selfie Beware

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Selfie Beware

Yep, beware of the selfie.
It’s a thing, a dangerous thing – and the Russian government is stepping in to protect it’s citizens.

This year so far, over 100 Russians have been injured (some fatally) in pursuit of the perfect selfie (also a thing). It’s kind of crazy and definitely scary to hear those statistics, but so many people have been taking selfies in high-risk areas (in front of oncoming traffic, near electrical wires) that there’s a new campaign in Russia to educate citizens. Their hope is to educate people on the risks with instructional pamphlets and videos, including one tagline “A selfie could cost you your life.”

But seriously, is this selfie situation getting out of control?


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  • This is hilarious! OK, but seriously, people are nuts and risk their lives for a photo which will get likes today and be forgotten tommorow. What for?



  • that’s insanity

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  • I wasn’t aware of the statistics, which are kind of scary, but these days people in general are obsessed with intenet fame, so I’m willing to believe it.


  • Was in Yellowstone National Park where this girl was gored to fatal injury. She was trying to take a selfie with a bison. The stupidest thing I have ever heard.

  • I am not a selfie kind of person, I think is really getting out of control, specially with the younger generations.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  • Hey, why underlining Russia here? Were Russians the first people on this Earth to make extraordinary selfies? Nah, don’t think so. So what’s so bad in pointing people to take care of themselves? No need to propose this as some striking news, you know.

  • I read that they were banning the selfie stick in Disneyland since people were trying to take photos of themselves on the rides….duh…that’s obviously an accident waiting to happen! Hahahaha.

  • Murielle July, 14 2015, 4:28 / Reply

    Aux infos la semaine passée, un homme electrocuté en faisant un selfie, pendant un orage, sa perche a attiré la foudre sur lui…

  • Ouch! Who knew such a thing existed but I can see why. With the explosion of selfie sticks and apps to ‘perfect’ the selfie it’s no surprise. Yes I do think that the selfie situation has gotten out of control especially if a government has to issue safety warnings!

  • Jennifer July, 14 2015, 8:15 / Reply

    Terribly sad and depresssing, people now risk lives for a photo of themselves for what?

  • Being Russian and having lived in the country for quarter of a century, I can see why this became a problem (and the reason for the new rule). Frankly, I do believe that the hype over the rule is just something related to media response – again, I am pretty sure most Russians would find it pretty amusing (and ignore – a culture habit). :D

  • Selfies are stupid. It boggles me how this trend escalated from 12-year-olds (at least I hope it originated in that age-group) to people of all ages. Why would I want to see a picture of your face obscuring the view of something? You probably look the same in all of them, so I think once a year would be enough to make a selfie. And while at it, you can keep it to yourself.

  • Yes I have heard about this, that is crazy and taking the selfie thing way to far.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  • I agree it’s a little extreme to launch a full out campaign but people are becoming very ruthless and inconsiderate to take selfies. I just returned back from a weekend trip in Venice where some people would go so far as to encroach upon a local’s property for a picture, or push children and mom’s with strollers out of their way. It’s a bit insane

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