Sending Our Love to California

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Sending Our Love to California

For those of us on the East Coast or elsewhere, the damage and devastation caused by the ongoing California wildfires can be hard to wrap our heads around. But, with part of our team based in Los Angeles and countless other friends and strangers facing unimaginable loss, the people of California have not been far from our minds for one moment these past days. To the thousands of firefights out there saving lives, we thank you and are indebted to your service! With things feeling a bit heartbreaking and overwhelming, we thought the best way to respond would be to suggest little ways we can all be of help! Below you will find a roundup of several organizations whose missions we believe in and whose aid is helping so many…

Baby2baby: This organization works to provide low-income children, year-round, with the essentials they need to live healthy and productive lives! In response to the California wildfires, they have created the Baby2Baby Target Wishlist, a registry that anyone can contribute to where the essential items donated go directly to families affected by the fires.

California Fire Foundation: A statewide organization dedicated to victim relief. Through their Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency program, they provide immediate financial assistance to the most vulnerable victims in need of financial support in order to escape.

American Red Cross: The national organization has worked to set up shelters and disaster relief locations throughout the state of California. Additionally, they have developed a digital tool in order for California residents to mark themselves safe from the fires to notify loved ones.

Caring Choices: Acts as a hub for volunteer organizing–from connecting medical professionals to those in need, to tending to animals, this organization requires funding to get its volunteers into the most vulnerable communities.

Humane Society of Ventura County: The society exclusively works to provide aid for animals. They are currently taking in large numbers of domestic dogs and are in need of extra funding to provide the best care possible.

Entertainment Industry Foundation: Organized by Hollywood starlets, this non-profit is focusing its aid on providing the firefighters with necessities to keep them going! They are currently fundraising to provide hydration backpacks and night-vision goggles to the LAFD.

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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 16 2018, 3:35 / Reply

    That’s one of the Many Reasons that i Truly Admire and Respect the Atelier Doré and Team…
    The Concern for People!!!
    Fiquem com Deus!!!
    From Lisbon with Love

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