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While the conversation of climate change escalates, new sustainable clothing companies have risen to the surface while brands we love have revamped their platforms to be more eco-friendly.

One of the most iconic Parisian-girl brands that the Atelier adores, Sézane, launched an incredible philanthropic initiative in 2017 called DEMAIN. As an influential brand and platform, Sézane thought it was necessary to use their customer following, and their love for clothing and the earth, to give back. DEMAIN is the foundation of Sézane’s authentic values surrounding sustainability, quality, and responsibility. DEMAIN donates 100% of the proceeds from clothing items released on the 21st of each month to French charities improving access to “education, culture, and equal opportunities for children all around the world” (charities including La Voix de l’Enfant, Sport dans la Ville, and Pencils of Promise). Sézane also donates 10% of the sales on that day to the DEMAIN initiative.


A Sézane Charity Boutique also lies in the heart of Paris, dedicated to “collecting, recycling, receiving donations, and supporting socially inclusive workshops” as well as donating 100% of the proceeds from this location to DEMAIN. Collecting over 1 million euros in 2018, DEMAIN and the Charity Boutique have helped globalize the conversation of sustainability and commitment to the planet through influential platforms and brands.

It’s incredible to see beautiful brands like Sézane not only creating beautiful, sustainable clothing, but also giving back to the greater community. Sézane’s ability to connect unique French-girl style to eco-friendly community service initiatives aligns perfectly with our values at Atelier Doré, shifting the fast fashion movement to a more honest, sustainable, and beneficial one. So, as you’re searching for your new spring/summer essentials, consider Sézane to find the perfect Parisian-girl summer dress and fun gold dancing shoes to support such a phenomenal initiative.

Shop Sézane (especially on the 21st of each month!!) and the DEMAIN collection online and in Sézane boutiques.


Written by Florence Finkelstein


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  • Anouille May, 17 2019, 4:01 / Reply

    Ce dont la Terre a besoin, et ce dont nous avons tous besoin à un niveau individuel, c’est que nous ralentissions le rythme. Revenons à deux collections par an (ce qui est déjà beaucoup), tout le monde sera plus détendu, la Planète nous remerciera et nous n’aurons plus besoin de donner à des œuvres de charité pour apaiser notre conscience et celle de nos clientes.

  • Marcaggi May, 19 2019, 4:01 / Reply

    Bonne initiative pour Sezane certes. Une jolie idée sur le plan social mais ce n est en rien ecolo ou slow fashion. Appeler ça Demain et le présenter comme un projet lié au développement durable ça ressemble à du Green washing pour une marque qui fabrique maintenant beaucoup en Asie avec ce que ça implique en terme de salaires bas et de coût carbone.

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